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they come in 10W too, like 4 series connected w/ less If
wtf @ trying, im going to make arrays of like 4 or 6 or whatever
just using 24V supply and resistors to test LEDs then go with boost switcher led drivers
you point it at plants and they grow
ive tested with random leds and like 10W
on baby plants, and they grow quick
way better than like 15W of flouro tube

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blackmoon: http://mouser.com/ProductDetail/LedEngin/LZ1-10R205/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMvbrKVFTEWTltc%252bRZCRd3XRSJvAIoqtcCA%3d
i found them in 3w, heatsink mounted
according to berkely .edu chlorophyll absorbtion chart, is right in between A and B peaks
it looks like the optimal color blue is actually purple/UV =\

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i dont want a carpet and formica apartment i want a hardwood and tile apartment
they dont seem to have many on the side of the valley im looking =(

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blackmoon: sucks

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they f'd him
and chrome/xp is working for me, new pic, page reload, bosskey
the only somewhat sane explanation i can think of is its inconsistent and crashy on diff hardware
so they are just supporting it on two platforms and blaming it on sales dep

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take what back
power cables that look like speaker cables?
i didnt buy them i just dont like them
this is lolwat on ie6?
works fine in chrome for me

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mouser has totally failed me

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they make these 3 switch TRS jacks
i have a baggie of 1/4" china ones
but the only shit i can find on digikey is like $4
wtf mouser, for 3 contact phono connectors, it returns speakon power connectors
power cables that look like speaker cables ftl

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k that seems pretty sexy
and woah at blowup drawing
trim lever is just a one axis lever!
but yeah they mil, prob use some sort of $1M linear encoder
dude on the left has to fly with his left hand?

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its late 60s build, so prob like late 50s, early 60s design
i wonder how much the little control surface jet system has changed since then
yeah because the vectoring is still a big lever next to the throttle
you think if they were going to fly by wire the little jets, theyd do that too
haha big pot
with some springs and dampers to simulate the mechanical system

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cold ducts are before combustion chamber?
bleed air is prob some same place as cold ducts?
anyway the little jets on the control surfaces are controlled by stick/pedal input
so if that system gets fucked im pretty sure the thing would flip out
compressor is the front turbines i guess?
i dont think the system was computer controlled tho
i didnt know the front nozzles were cold air
makes sense tho i didnt get how they got the exhaust up front

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they use them on little carriers with short runways and ramps
because the british were like SUPERCARRIER IS HOW MUCH!?
but they can go really slow and do close air support, so the marines use them
`nico: this the marines
no im pretty sure if you lose control of it its over, heh
unless they added fly by wire shit
no its one engine
and little control surface jets
they use thrust routed from somewhere in the engine, i dunno if its the exaust tho

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how is it a failure?
nothing else did that
welcome to almost every aerospace project ever
yeah because it was manually controlled thrust vecoring
key word is these days
lockheed JSF ftw
this is like saying the F22 is a failure
because of its insane cost to maintain
and when did we stop using the harrier
The AV-8B is used by the United States Marine Corps.
yes its a british jet

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uploading vid of harrier going from hover to horizontal flight after a vertical takeoff
(i guess they were like, fuck this runway)

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thats a neat looking pedal
mexican stomp switch ftw
fuck china tactiles

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danielson: yeah its not really conflicting
its just a diff standard
you have to decide on one, try and figure out which fits your application/condition
danielson: if its for compliance, contact the compliance testing place you use or the standards organization directly
guys do they make TRS jacks with switched grounds?
get a natsemi datasheet, find out what their human body model is
i remember them noting the RC comination they used
and go with that
you have to
you need to fill the cap with a few KV
the resistor current limits
also the magnetics for the boost circuit
i want to make little speaker tank robots
that can do datacom over speakers at each other
eck0: i could do tath easy

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like half KW, kinda research stage
tap before the rectifier!
and just leave the output rectifier for the feedback loop
oh, 60Hz
well that sucks
eck0: 120vac tho
kevtris: transformer is too heavy?
kevtris need to go like, 120vac -> ?dc -> 24vac
i think
but like it has to go from like 60Hz -> ???KHz -> 60Hz
danielson: human body model is well stardardized
but like, it has several standards
for like, diff conditions and by diff standards organizations
like, we rented an ESD gun, and it had like 5 diff tips with it
diff shapes, diff RC combinations

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so youd be loading a transformer
and before the vreg you still want a .1uF or similar
wtf are you using an offline switchers
because like, youre using a transformer if you are
just a little ones
wtf danielson
you put 120V on one side and AC pops out the other
one voltage loaded, another voltage unloaded
really there is voltages in between too but you dont have to think about those so much
pretty sure it presents a higher impedance load on the primary winding
secondary open
output impedance can be calculated from loaded voltage sag
i think so
kevtris: ha sounds smelly
blowing up smps debugging stuff
were doing offline smps at work

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oh i seen that pic
yeah good shit
i seen china copy of neutrik connectors like NEWTIDE
and they put NEWTIDE in the same place neutrik puts NEUTRIK
so if you quick glance you think theyre neutrik jacks
sure why not
space them out by like two orders of magnitude or whatevers
100uF 1uF .01uF
hey i dunno what youre decoupling
avr supply pins?
vregs are current limited
its another reason to use them over crap like pass BJT buffered zeners
anyway the 100uF would go before the vreg

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oh no shit
very gl with that
danielson: also i learned a ton from helping peoples help peoples in #electronics
and from the peoples like blackmoon and rab
blackmoon got his nick stole again?
danielson: sadly china feel the same way
at some point they removed these caps from the circuit and it still worked
so like china is like fuck sprinkling 0.1uF on PCB like its crack dust, this too much pennies on the bom!
*sadly china doesnt feel the same way
i rab'd

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prereq was just algebra, really, so they couldnt get ridiculous deep into theaory
so i had like, 3 solid years of just practical electronics
dc, ac, semiconductors, 3 project classes, electronics CAD/EDA, discrete digital, microprocessors, discrete analog circuits, opamp circuits, transmission lines, rf circuits
at a university, all that shit would prob be stuffed into like 2 or 3 classes
eck0: hi
as awesome as that is...
like, i want to know how to built stuff with parts
not how to, like, build the parts themselves
figure you gotta know wtf to do with them before you start making them
eck0: gl!

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and i hate non-applied math
i wish i didn't but I do, its like some childhood embedded feeling
i <3 the word problems
weve had this asscones convo before
whats tool academy
thats cool
anyway i didn't have to work while i was in school
like, id go to school, learn about electronics and CNC shit, then go home and do the shit
thats all i did
this was the biggest diff between me and most the other students
also, yeah my program was pretty focused

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and im basically doing electronics consulting for all the 'engineers' except my buddy who is actually a BSEE
so anyway, im waiting a couple weeks or whatever then asking for more dollars
yeah but im a math gimp
i dont suck at math i just havent learned shit past trig

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haha wtf
i bitched in an email about how they didnt pay me for a job i did at home for them
and copied HR
and even used bad words (i said i felt fucked over)
so im all worried theyre gonna be miffed
instead they have me taking over someone elses analog evaluation task
and stuck me as electronics lead on a high priority project
yeah meanwhile im doing *all* manual labor
doing like 90% of the electronics tech work

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maybe its broken on everything else so they just kludged it to work on those two systems
are they gonna give you monies back or what?

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eck0`: broked
sculptor: hi

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