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the coils inside them can burn up if the psu draws too much current
no electrically
like, open circuit
yeah 10A, if theyre not burnt those are prob ok

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stuff like that
power entry module with a little shielded box
kostix: yeah it keeps its noise from getting back into the mains ground
make sure theyre not open

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XY caps and some coils in a little tiny box
omg you didnt see the game?
rhettardo: HAI
look for EMI power entry or something like that

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anyway, ground the avr circuit and see if that changes stuff

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kostix: ground the avr and twist the signal wires
this is where phone operator puts her spare cables
its mexico
prob bigass iron xformers
thats kinda like, starbus, or something
yeah that HV shit is scary
two prong or three prong?

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yeah its the long cables, like having bunch of randomly tuned antenna
kostix: yeah
what are the jacks?
anyway, you could try grounding the avr circuit and then shielding the leads to the jacks
like TS jacks looks like
ha neat
i dont know and im half mexican =\
phone operator game
so maybe buy audio cable coax or something
inittab: naw kostix seems to have blackmoon's luck
like if it were going to happen it prob would have happened already

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laptops at work arent consistent at all, some make noise thru their audio plugged in, some floating, sometimes depends on the system theyre connected to or where
EMI issues sucks, RF is voodoo
try moving the neon cable perpendicular to your signal voltage cables
the magnetic and electrical fields shouldnt couple nearly as much like that as in parallel
yeah that might help
especially for troubleshooting analog circuits
like, when your penis gets rid of undesired effect, throw a 100pf cap in that spot

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prob ground the AVR circuit either at the same socket as the ballast, the ballast itself
if shielding isnt an option, having a common ground might kill or reduce the EMI
like if its ground issues, itll move the common voltage of neons and AVR
hope so
i think it is sometimes
its just really inconsistent

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if you have long or bad grounding, lots of HV/switching circuits can pulse current thru your ground cable
so like you get a voltage drop depending on mains cable resistance/inductance
so like, if its really problematic shielding it might not help because the ground itself might radiate EMI
because of very short duration current pulses on your ground lines
most of the time your power supply deals with current returning from the load, what comes out of it has to go back in
but high speed/high voltage circuits will create current spikes through your grounds
like, thru psu can respond fast enough
*cant cant cant
jezus fuck

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you system is floating so if it pics up EMI, the picked up energy doesnt have anywhere to go, thru the transformer maybe
conductive paint!
yeah so its prob picking up alot of junk
if you have a tiny mains cable or the neons arent earth grounded, it might not help
dunno what kinda of wiring the neons need
its maybe okay

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sure, but if the ballasts ground is fucked up the shielding might radiate EMI
same ground as your AVR?
anyway try it
but i think itd be better to try and shield the AVR
is it grounded at all?
maybe just thru your scope leads
its basically floating then
the system
ha, try and ground it to the ballast
maybe it goes away
measure how?
grounding kinda gives absorbed charge somewhere to go

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why would i be worried
i think you are thinking to hard

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omfg hip pain is painful

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