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no freedfm is 4pcb online DRC/quote bot
4pcb = douchebags
ive had experiences with them fucking up orders, sending my shit to someone else, sending their shit to me
this was some student deal so i got popcorn and pizza coupon
i ate pizza while on the phone with them like WTF
anyway their emails are annoying, they seem like assholes

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dx^: ice seems to make badhip less bad

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eggsalad: eggsalad in the hand is worth two in the temperature coefficient of snails
eggsalad: snails
eggsalad: i did not know
eggsalad: sucks

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sign flipper

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eggsalad: bacon sim
ha my balls are so awesome you have to pay for me in installments
i guess im buying stuff and getting a chinapcb quote
did you get ripped by a cabbie in vegas or what

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anyway hopefully we dont fuck this one all up and i get to spin the design into a family of products

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we might not even be using that factory tho
who knows by then, decision prob wont be made for 3 or 4 more months
my BSEE friend at work
he lived there a few years hes says when schools let out
kids flood the district where you buy electronics parts\
and that they have everything there
like, backwards electronics geeker paradise
our factories are likely low end of the capabilities
like, some of them have floors where they do LCD panels and laptops and shit
but thats not our floor, heh
tekrad: haha i think i recognize the dong guan from shipping labels

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the big factory city that isnt bejing
i think its south
we are doing work with a few factories
so yeah
hopefully the mechanicals people can keep up
dude if im not there a month ill be lucky
i think the shortest trip has been like two weeks
in two weeks to a month?
by the time im there the shit should be done
yeah im going to push for them letting me kick it to babysit at least first delivery
that sounds kinda familiar
i think maybe coworkers stayed there
that sounds about tight

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like i dont even get little razor bumps
longcat: yeah i used to just do that
i have rotary electric razor thing
its ok i think im going to buy a microscreen one
i usually dont shave for a week or two
some weeks ill be extra suave and shave like twice
i need to fins more of the china switchblades
unfortunately yes
my guess is may
rab: no like, my neck
like if you did that, you know where it creases
not my jawline like the neck dealie
but yeah lectric shave helps
maybe i just have to shave more =(
i thought that was done
tekrad: im going to insist, basically
like they decided to put me on electronics for some high priority thing
so the electronics wont be a problem, hopefully the woofer aans tweeters wont be an issue
but thats likely out of my hands
i think um
shenzin or something?

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like, manually scrape?
ha you need instructions?
machine ways flat
tekrad: you just need a .0001" reference
and alot of dykem
you can also make a reference by scraping 3 diff surfaces against each other
i guess so
if its a hands on thing where the bulk of the class is practice, thats cool
i hate shaving
this lectric shave stuff is pretty ok
i dont get pimples i just get rashy like where my neck and lower jaw meet
like, skin crease

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it already exists? ed
it doesnt have avrfreak and flyback tho =\
why not you

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its usually a cable and some sort of buffer or controller for pc interface stuff

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i dont know
probably but whatever youre using to interface the chip might not like random jtag adapter
like, you could maybe take one like mine, make a little adapter to swap around the pins on the ribbon cables
and access jtag stuff directly
but the software youre using to program/debug the chip might have no clue how to use your dongle

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i was doing alot of direct access stuff by actual address from a console anyway
are those excelites?
someone ay work bought some hakko branded ones, that shit is made in italy, heh
oh they are
wf its hard to get the exact size
shes gonna fuck up the cutters on those female ones like that
she said head

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oh this is for arms
i wonder how much drama it is to use this adapter to do other jtag stuff

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sante fe bacon sim is done?
i have that olimex usb thing
i have the parport one too
i actually typed that and expected to get to the right site
i have the tiny usb one
havent used it other than to see it worked

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macegr: is done?

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maybe he got netsplit
efnet = cowboy shit
macegr: and not really we have that bastard chanfix

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haha not tell you what movie on purpose

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macegr: because #electronics sucks

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i think theyre pretty much the same
theres maybe an extra little preamp board but i might be thinking of VXT
rab: i can find out pretty easily
whats that

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like, they just happened to be sitting where we stacked the subs
rab: are you looking for new rockits or old or dont care?
tinfawn: fan
which do you like better in terms of looks
careful i am doing market research
tinfawn: we have mics
rab: k ive found out how many of these things we actually sell, you prob make up a decent part of it
theyre going into bestbuy pro audio ministores soon
i guess bestbuy is doing store in a store thing
yeah totally
im not even sure if theyre the same electrically

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you guys are listening to radiohead?
macegr: your music is having no energy
you make it sound like i dont like radiohead
when you do my voice
rab: hi!
rab: did you get KRKs yet?
if you wait a year you can maybe buy ones i did
8mo if they can keep up
hey those arent bad
weve actually been using a pair of maudio 5 or 6 monitors to test a sub with

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rework time
macegr: end of the line QA ftw!

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i need to make sockets for my 7seg vfd
in the sexy little preamp size envelopes
hey those reflow really well
i do boards in eagle with the standard library parts
and im done with the board i look at it and the silk looks all assy
so i wanna spend the extra time do custom libs anyway
red leds are red

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heh morning
china new years
everything stops for a week
they didnt get his assembled PCBs shipped on time, got stuck in china
no its over
so now work is behind schedule again and i have to earn my paycheck
macegr: sweet
im listening!
stop IRC'ing you will fail!

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