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like, in this war russia is fighting russia
cuz like i grew up and gorbachev and reagan were hanging out, fuckin bitches together
like russia wasnt super scary

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what part of russia is your family from?
i have buddy from ukraine
another buddy, theyre like best friends, is from moscow
these are maybe the most politically sane people i know, heheh
its like when im all pissed off because government is fucked up they are like, duh
all bored and shit
yes apparently!
i know =\
i remember that on TV
like i didnt really get it

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like, you live someplace where rent is nothing and there is shootings constantly
and unemployment is like 40% and staying in school is almost pointless because its all fucked up and unfunded
and even if you were there you couldnt think because youre fucking hungry or something random hurts but your family cant afford a doctor
thats poor
my life was nothing like that, it was all sorts of messed up for other reasons but it wasnt fucked up because i was poor
some people, other people just dont go anywhere
do it
put it all into college money
and if they wont go to college, keep it
soon as they move out buy a high end sports car and new furniture, heh

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and thats honestly the least of your problems
my mom made way less than that
and we still grew up in pretty okay neighborhoods and its not like we ever didnt have food
and thats with two kids
ive never been able to do whatever i wanted ever
and sometimes we just got by
but that was when the IRS was jacking my mom for like 50% of her paycheck over some business shit my dad had in her name in the 80s
so like, yeah sure when we were living off maybe $1.3K/mo or whatever in the 90s, it was kinda hard
but we still always had food and we were never homeless
`nico: yeah see going to mcdonalds was never a big deal for us
i dont even feel like we were that poor
so yeah, majority of people prob live better than that and i dont consider that very poor

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ha, 71% of americans make less than $50K/year
ttmustang said this was like, poverty
this is personal income graph
and i dunno my family lived here un way less than that, alot of my buddies families growing up were the same
comfort is a relative thing
no im suburbs, fool
thats why im laughing @ $3k/mo net being poor
yeah fuck kids
if you have kids you are comitted to being poor, thats your damage

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i think hes talking about the redeye in the photo

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