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mil is all puke beige now =(

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k im test mty chipamp PCBs at work today
no the spindle gearing
speed controlled spindles will have a high and low range alot
like, one for power and one for go
well belt is still gearing
and on big shit i think it might be an actual gear transmission
they clunk around like it is
on the old bridgeport it was actually a lever
kinda likt e bigass rotary knob
yeah thats how most big machine centers are
because spindle assembly is this big box that flys around fast enough to kill you on the cieling
it doesnt really matter if its a belt or actual sprocket gearing
its broken
forest green military is old school
like when we were prepared for a war in western europe that was never going to happen

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or just do them really tight at the ends of travel
just enough so they dont stick, see how bad it is in the middle
(open loop stepper machine will fail at ends if sticky)
feel it
thats how i do it
you can get out a linear dial indicator if you want
thats not the machine table
.001 ftw

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whatever that is i bet i couldnt get it to work
chipamp pcbs almost done just need to cut them out
no they broke off like clean
hmm what
i need a youtube or something i dont get it
superfingers ftw

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anyway my machine is little
its not super representative
its holding up pretty okay
because its 80 lbs
this is true
but im not really going shit at production pace

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normal threads, like 1/2"-20
with 200 step motors doing like 1/4 microstepping
consumable brass backlash nut, have to tighten it a bit every once in awhile
like moons?
that thing looks pretty neat
you guys should figure out how to CNC it
is there already kits?

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its really good at 6061 i was pretty surprised
like itll eat tools
hmm sec
hehe doing circles around broken taps
he was prob pushing it
thats like, nothing depth finish cut with a .125" endmill and alot of overlap
thats what im cutting PCB on right now
i got like 100 double sided FR4 blanks
no not on that at all
you can see it in reflections you cant feel it
it can do PCB, down to .008 if im careful
and you need like .002 resolution to pull that off, with backlash
this is open loop stepper mill too

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its 6 ft from me drilling FR4 as we type
i smoke cigs too
im moving soon, i prob going to take the mill to work
use the shit out of it
yeah its doing okay
yeh its a little guy
its frame is basically two big piece of square iron
angle iron feet welded on
no its fine thru aluminum
ill do like 10ipm like whatever
up to 20ipm with 3/8", i dont cut deep tho
i dunno i cut like .01 maybe

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i need some new calipers
heh this SPI one is all beat up but it still works =\

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or actually it was maybe mexico pot, big guitar pot
watch out
time to make some mfkn pcbs
i really need to edit pcb-gcode so it generates usable drill files
whatever machine this file works on is either really tolerant about fucked up rs274 or its just retarded

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yes exactly
yeah uneven wear is just bad
on big machines its prob steel
and some machines it maybe just clamps a bearing block against a rail harder, dunno
sure but you prob cant afford it
theyre usually ground
you need a really big grinder to do machine tool ways
yeah really
tinpony: heh neat
.02% THD turned out to be the china pot

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22:04 < TinPony> renesis what meter have you got that can measure .002 % thd?
audio precision system one and ats-2
i was tripping because i couldnt get an amp to get under .02% yesterday
like, i plugged it into itself with an XLR and did a sweep
.0006% =D
tinpony: no these are pc controlled hardware boxes
the card is just a proprietary interface
and like, economy sucks so they charge $600 for the pci card now
gibs are used to tighten the sliding parts against the ways
like, tighter you put them, the more it loads the machines but the less slack you have in the machine table
those prob push against a block
made of brass or soft steel or whatever
yeah usually its brass

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heh, i could see crossover distortion on something at work today but it was at .002% THD
ambiguous 2rd party statement is ambiguous

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silpads are pretty neat
silpads are pretty neat
I've read a review of a 'gainclone' type amplifier in a recent hifi magazine, and they mentioned that under tests there was crossover distortion present.

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looking at equiv schematic thing
If you want more class A region than add current source from output to -rail. 100-200mA seem reasonable to me, but best to experiment. Watch the temperature! It can get hot without good heatsinking!
haha you think

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heh they are importing from china to send to you
are you getting it from here or jp?
heh timecops bot on a boat
ooh, neat
i think somewhere it says A/AB
sec maybe im tripping
they have a schematic of the output section i think

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google doesnt help because itll pop up a and ab amp explanations
yeah i guess its class A for a couple watts, usually
hey ubuntu isnt so bad tc
my cnc runs on it, lately with default gnome bullshit
and fu i didnt pick the OS emc devs on
naw my cnc is awesome
i was about to pop out a proto for work tonight
i think im going to take it to work when i move
so i can have a normal person living room
timecop: status of pick n place bot?
theyre setting it up?

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haha wow
virtualized lunix
have a nice weekend
local area sneaker net ftw
yeah 2nd time
rab: wtf is class-a/ab
in context of a work amp and LM3886 is supposedly a/ab
just looks like a standard AB output section to me

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omg we have some black rubbery loctite CA at work
is like devils crazy glue
timecop: you still have eeebox?
i think i did nfs for like 20 minutes between two boxes in 2004

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its prob bad connect on a flex pcb
did you try rubbing the frame?
i usually see flex pcb wrapping around the edges of lcd panels like that
i think its however those are connected that fail alot
danielson: yeh

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