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yes simple logic says so
but do you know how much CNC/electronics junk i have?
aside from just like, normal people junk

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fuck i been running over 10uF electrolytics with my chair casters
moving is hard =(

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chinese, tho?
yeah china stuff is always a deal
i got my spi ones for $30 and they still work even if theyre all fucked up looking

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made in the usa doesnt scream quality anymore
ive never held a pair of mitityos felt like bullshit
duh i know i have a pair
ha smashed dial and at some point the dial skipped a tooth on the rail
still works fine =\
see ac-130u is on my side
okay im going to buy them its settled
blackmoon: mits usually have better resale than that!
like $40-$100
he does but i dont
depends on what, so yes
heh i remember a machinist classmate all thrilled he got some ebay mitutoyo micrometers, like 2" i think, for $100

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i dont need no fucking cable guy
im hungry
blackmoon: http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRIT?PARTPG=INLMKD&PMPXNO=26184475&PMAKA=SV307-3688
look sale
i cant decide if i want to buy it or not so my enco order has taken all weekend to complete
i dont want digital
i have china piece of shit for normal use
damn so moon says dont get the mititoyos
and tejrad obviously doesnt understand the erorical appeal of black face dial
theyre japanese!
yeah starret is usa i think

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hmm neat it says i just have to hook up my modem and call a number and my life will be illuminated once more
i clicked self installation option

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fuck whats my address
the apartment is in between two streets and on one thing it has one street adress and on other stuff it has another
wow fucked up if there is more than one apartment with my number in the buildings
aaw shit

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sell everything and buy stuff
wtf is this power boost 10mbps bullshit
do they know i have 15mbps now
is that powerboost or what it was doing that way before they named it anything

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yeah i can do that now!
shit i need to call about getting cable hooked up
yeah you sound like a dork
so there will prob be a dark period of no interwebs
ill have to like, read or something

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hey i can totally work on it and install a better audio situation
maybe ill even get it a car wash

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i hit red at maybe 230
i went like 35 more then done
damn only 17.5mpg that tank
rab: im moving close to work volvo only has do stuff like 5min a day
and i might ride my bike too...
if i dont drive it will it get unhappy and soft?

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my volvo does 19.5
our cars are like mpg bruthas
mine i shorter
ow and i just poked my eyeball
i has the 89
hey i should put a system in it
smacking the side of the radio every 5min gets old
and i dont have tapes i dont even really have CDs

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it got room for another hdd
blackmoon: yeah but its totally perfect, its got suspension!
i need to refuel
rab: holy shit volvo has 15gal tank
i looked at the trip odometer and its like 266 im like OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT because like i never go past 245
and im all waiting in a small line at gas station and its all dying
no 15.1
maybe it holds a gallon in the pipe
or maybe the gas pump meter is off but i think there is laws against that
like, that they actually enforce
on the pump
i ran out of gas at the gas station, and it took 15.1g
before that ive never put more than like 13.5
yeah rly

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that guy is not ok

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heh neat

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like, im searching for steel rulers now

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yeah really
i swear their test boards are to prove like, HEY YOU CAN FUCK IT UP LIKE THIS, LOOK STILL WORKS
its a shitty chip to route
i hate how when i want to buy something from enco...
i spend like 30min or hours like looking for WHAT ELSE DO I WANT TO BUY
every 5 minutes im like HMMM NO TOO MUCH delete from cart

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haha @ dual tda feedback loop
its like, around the edge of the whole board

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