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hiccups suck
when i worked at cnc job i was drinking tons of canada dry ginger ale

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my a/c was on and i just walked in the room =\

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eggsalad: snails
eggsalad: lame do better
eggsalad: who
hes getting way better at grammar
hahahaha cool
your mission is to throw transistors on a mobo after backing up and wiping the hdd via ftp

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yeah and theres shaan and guy from #synchro and i guess pharkus
thats 5
i think there was more black cars people
theyre gone now
maybe there is a black people cap
shaan is only half black so thats like 4.5 i guess
i hate lunch bee
italian deli has it
eggsalad runs on a black background console
eggsalad: four
eggsalad: no

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anyway im moving like 2min away from work
pfft hardly ever
acuse me of overqualifying shit fine
you mr republican, are a master of deflection
ha no why
yeah tekrad does that constantly
this is ren, thats just like ren, etc etc
i know bunch of black irc peoples
hmm, maybe bunch is a strong word
i maybe know 5 tho!
tekrad: k youre being awkward

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its also clumbsily worded
i like my sentence way better
hey hard work is hard, let the guy write his name however he wants
if youre gonna hate him do it for better reasons
like his writing skills
i dunno i can think of examples of both
okay ima buy my enco stuff and pack more
hey this my room i pay rent
also my name on the lease

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and everyone is like WOW YAY im like WTF DUH
everything down to gate logic is ifs and stuff
wtf is ladder logic
like combinational logic
or that ancient shit prob came from relays
naw its all the same dude
an or gate is two transistors in series
two switches in series
when i say series i mean parallel
but seriously its all the same shit
you can take a fucking philosophy department class about logic
its the same shit its just all in words
so half the time its ambiguous and the whole class argues about it
zeeshan: it just means signal out is a function of the sensor measurement
it means sensor is a sensor

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im like, yo it doesnt matter if technically i did all the thermal math and derating and this resistor is technically ok
by a margin of 5%
you put like 4 of them literally touching each other and you totally failed
because now the dissipation of one is the ambient of the next
hey check this out we had a servo amp problem and a power supply problem
its a to92 temp sensor
anyway, the resistor zener power supply is for the servo opamp
so i cut the overheating resistors out, no zener overheating, no resistor overheating, no servo amp problem
rework takes 20sec

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loaded voltage regulation
so yeah probably
so i figure the way i spec it, to meet the regulation spec itll just pass the thermal spec
if only you were china moon
well see
im going to test the fuck out of it when we have prototypes
yeah these people are hearing this from me

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yeah i dont care the thermal rating request will have a temp attached
thats their drama
i has a budget
its neat because itll be affordable
like i could buy them as gifts for people
yeah depends on ripple
unloaded maybe hardly at all
if your decoupling is resonable and your shit isnt class A or some follishness
yeah but i cant design for small load
i test the shit
so i know how im going to tests the shit
itll do music all day like whatever but i gotta bake it with the pink noise
of course
thats why i want regulation to be spec'd at twice what i need
thermally speaking

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doesnt matter its only using the secondaries half the time
its using one or the other, class AB
so with two amps, your max average draw is half of what your peak draw will be
i get that but the caps just average it out
the load gets 100% of the output power current but each of the secondaries only gets 50% of the current
but yeah in phase, the draw is twice that
i do that
it doesnt take half an hour
and nothing blows up
you just open a thermal switch in the toroid
2x current is 2x dissipation
voltage is fixed

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we have a main road every mile for like 100 miles
dude fuckit
conveyor belts
new cars will just big big metal blocks with doors
guys do you think if i ask a transformer vendor like, 50VA thermal rating and 100VA regulation rating they will be like what?
its china transformers
very scifi
well no because stereo class AB right
if both amps are in phase, which is likely most the time
the secondaries are at 50% duty

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the people at the bus stop could spool them up
push a cap bank in the front, one pops out the back
okay done
time = few seconds
my way you could just leave cap banks on the road
and the drivers just run into them
nom nom nom nom
giant slot cars =(
my city is big
aint gonna happen
we need the subway to go more places

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whats up with all the bans

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they turn it off
i dunno thats prob for the power company to figure out

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its called TV

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danielson: i had silver heatsink goop short pins on a chipamp
the pins didnt exist afterwards
sounds like emergency room
haha this amp i was working on went into hypersonic oscillation and im like watching the zobel resistor start glowing red
realizing, hey if that pops that and i lose my eyes its all my fault
no eye protection

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rab: ive heard more than one story of many 0 gage wire untwisting, insulation falling off and expanding to like several inches
its insanity is wtf it is
and then
blackmoon: yeah from the heat expanding the wire
it doesnt really untwist it like, stretches
so you have this very, very loose twisted mass of wires

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who cares about the battery
you can blow up the car
no exageration
rhettardo: hihi
shaan called me rendy and now my whole world is alienating to me
rhettardo: boss guy is really happy with me
he just came back from week off
and the project some other guy had and accomplished nothing on is like half done in that week
rhettardo: under the radar
vp doesnt know im working on it
and he assumes i havent because other shit has been getting done
people who knew i already have it blocked out and chipamp PCBs prototyped laughed

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