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they prob do its just not labeled, mirror glue stuff
not surprising
you prob get stupid working at a glue factory

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youre trying to stick a mirror to something?
they prob have buckets of something at some construction supply place
for sticking bigass mirrors to walls
its glass/silver mirror?
do you have alot to play with or you need it to work
dunno if thaat mirror mastic stuff is okay for your plastic try that

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yeah i dont trust that at all
i seen some neat shit done with polyurethane and duct tape

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yeh, dried gum to hard plastic
either extreme is awesome because it pulls or chips right off
somewhere in between is a bitch
ha that prob doesnt work
its almost useless when its super brittle unless its some weird shaped thing thats all overhang and its like submerged
there is some old product, has really nice connectors, neutrik stuff
but you can hear air rushing thru them in active subs, so they like pour glue over them to make an airtight seal
use polyurethane?
i wouldnt truth the epoxy itd prob cumble

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80psi is kinda pussy
well, unless thats a tool
also, hi

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