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switching is always an idealized description of something
the faster you go the less shit is switching as much as its slewing
transistion time is usually relatively fixed, so at higher frequencies they become more significant relative to period
oh i thought you were like what i dont get irt
yes but its pretty on the inside

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you have to make a giant DC-DC converter, obviously
rab: ?!
wtf is up with surface mount diodes why cant they just decide on one name
i might be taking my mill to work
but i dunno really
its suck not having it on weekends
whats giant
and i can prob do it
u heh

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nipponese tv all has laser turrets

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yeah that would make sense but ive never done it
i know you can type coordinates to put it someplace

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i got driven to school a few times in a 4 seat mid engine ferrari convertible
hehe, that thing was dense
was a v8 tho, not a real ferrari =(
im pretty sure lamborghini had a bunch of butt ugly sedans before the countach

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its not so bad looking
cayenne is a travesty
but they made up for it with cayman
anyway it reminded me of a ferrari 456GTA
which was a coupe but it was full 4 seats and an automatic
which made me laugh with porsche adverts like WE ARE FIRST EXOTIC FAMILY CAR

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omg if you have move icon active in eagle
and you type the ref des of the part you want to move
it just appears under your cursor you dont have to look for it
i wonder if eagle 4 did this
hey i didnt know ok!
wow thats freakish so i could be doing stuff in eagle even faster
dude ive been using this program how many years now? =\
i was using eyeball to search
and i accidentally did search with move active
and ratwires started flying around i was like WTF ARE YOU DOING

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i should be packing and doing laundry and shit
just mold it into clear silicone

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oh wait
the slow dub was in my playlist
no wait now im confused

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fuck i love horns in dub and jungle
what are you using?
like to stream
sounds like a project

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sounds way bassy but its prob the recording
no track id
<3 biggy
west coast sucks at rap
i dont really like southern rap but like, they figured out square wave bass and LFOs and shit
thats progressive i guess, heh
`nico: it kinda chops couple times a minute
maybe every 30 sec or a min
and it didnt connect as smooth

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wait is the old dub thing the last track
because this is neat
the pendulum was too slow
haha no i dont mind ols slow dub
but i dont like slower pendulum stuff, i like dub step better and im not like all yay dubstep

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stream just got choppy
didnt drop tho
paused the torrents
the double kick bass pattern in the spectrogram kinda looks like a chicks lower back and butt
oh hey wait...
yeah i know whats coming
no faked out
yeah i thought it was something else
i think i have this on a mixed cd

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`nico: link
i dont think there is one danielson
its the same
its one of those places where electronics and mechanical physics overlaps
levels are cool
it works in foobar2000
i clicked on your link and it popped up wmp in chrome, its till like 'Connecting...' in its status bar
yeah i was going to say, music is good
quality and levels are fine

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theyve gone to plaid

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i need foods
it sucks when none of your food matches
sandwich on tortilla is not appealing

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why dont you buy that
or similar
says for UHF
zzzz: help timecop pick an swr meter
no he wants to do a tv transitter
learning to work that thing fucked me up
it was like imaginary numbers in algebra
dude id just get myself in trouble
i dont have those characters

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haha @ timecop w/ swr meter
i get their emails =\
also overstock
wtf is up with overstock.com and bedding
ty tho
timecop: do you know what swr means yet?
shit i ended up going back to schematic and didnt order the enco stuff
i bet it dumped my cart
i bet the mits arent on sale anymore =(
hmm is enco having a server error for everyone else/
yeah i dont mind shipping so much i always get ground
~$7 isnt so bad
Cannot read script output pipe.
hey fu man
they gave me a free tape measure at westec
timecop: ive only used old analog ones
mostly hp things, and only in school labs

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