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heh @ finish wood work while camping

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k gl
fuck my laundry

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haha it fit into the volvo
dx^: mem foam mattress
fuck thats more expensive than i thought

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dx^: omfg the 9" foam mattress just folded in half
and i wrapped it with string maybe 6 times
and like you put it on smalldolly and you can run around with it like whatever
this unforseen benefit
ima smash it into my volvo and go to new place
heh it unfolds and like it pops back like whatever and the cover creases dissapear

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fuckin around in LT spice

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hmm limiter works but def needs AC coupling

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macegr: how did movie thing work out?

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ill usually give them any loose change i got on me
like, it doesnt mean much to me
but it means alot to them
no doubt
prob spent it on tweak or something
yeah that aint gonna work two days in a row then
dunno hollywood squaters panhandling for pizza will never stop making me smile =)

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old electromechanical control is pretty crazy
18:59 <@ttmustang> but we are promoting abuse also
so fund job training or educational loans and grants and make payouts dependent on continuous training
the alternative to helping desperate people is not helping them
at which point they will help themselves to your belongings in order to survive

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