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haha flagada jones is all yelling over his set
crazy french/italian sounding european mofo

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some people hate it
i dont think thats the cheapo one i looked at tho
hmm i think peoples hose is getting clogged and its making the motor burn out
the people who say they love it say they use it all the time and dump its can and clean its filter almost every time
everyone else is like, I USE IT 3 OR 5 TIME AND IT JUST STOP

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my weed is all at new place =\
i have no place to sit there, kinda sucks
wtf is that
i was looking for their cheapo bagless upright
w/ hepa exhaust filter

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youre buying or selling or what
i was thinking about making a few little rack boxes, parts express has older penn-elcom rails

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haha someone told me he said SHIT WE WERENT SUPPOSED TO SEND THAT ONE
so yeah there was this inner route
and it had a plane hugging it like .01
oh shit
hey well this non productivity maybe the most fun i had all week
tho crashing a whole matress into the back seat of the volvo was pretty neat

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wtf enco is down
someone better be in trouble
blackmoon: wasnt me and it wasnt eagle
this guy sent us a PCB with a trace outside the edge rout bye like .5" for about a 3" run
like, yeah im sure he DRC checked that

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so who knows how fast they feed
you cant load engraving tips like they use for vscore that much so they have to go slower, prob why they dont seem nearly as sloppy
a panel with adapters like that would be pretty sweet tho
haha the discontinous scores would def look cooler
fucking sucks i have to setup my machine at work my dial test indicator is broken

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but internal layers + bad edge routes is just fucked up
took a fucking microscope to find that short
macegr: ask them about the .015 thing
that way if they say they can do it and they eat the trace you can maybe send those ones back without drama
hopefully they just wont send you those
tho like i dont think itll be that bad with vscore
i think the router bits just load up the machine spindles
you can fly thru FR4 with a 10K spindle with almost anything you want to put in the spindle

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its def the sloppiest machine in the chain
so yeah maybe you discontinuous bites overshoot a bit
honestly the worst shit ive seen happen because of edge route tolerance
it was because the pcb designer was a complete retard about his edge spacing
theres a throw away rev of that board that i know that fucker canadian wasnt running DRC checks
is there copper on both sides?
dude youre not doing multilayer it prob doesnt matter unless the trace is so small it gets completely ate
on multilayer with planes, it shorts shit out with tiny little burrs
like 4 layer?
two sided you have like .06 gap it prob gets really ugly before shit shorts top to bottom
oh that doesnt count i guess thats multilayer tho

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so likely they can do whatever you want, im pretty sure alot of work stuff is routed and vscored
so like it all fits onto one panel
so you get these weird vscores sometimes on the throw away parts
yeah that should be fine
ask them how thick the vscore is so you know how much you have to keep from the edge
but like ive seen shit that much be 30 degree cutters with like ~.005 tips
yeah if you look at them from the side they barely look conical
it just looks like a missing block like .005 x .020
maybe not even that deep
i dunno what they do for routing and scores it might just be a standard NC in a jig

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with an artists mouse
nothing, its just sexy
no i dont think so
but like they suck to snap
they just hit it with a conical bit, im pretty sure its prob the same machine that would be routing it

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its transparent isnt it
this has to be getting down towards a countable thickness of molecules

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giant, metal, mechanized, rail gun toting, laser blaster ears and rocke3ts on their shoulders and comin out their calves, mechs

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zeeshan: theyre going to combine the two
or prob already happening
like if 90s black projects was mostly sats and drones, the big projects now prob weaponizing sats and drones
and mechs
boots on the ground, yo

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the 456 is one of my fav ferraris
that a custom factory thing tho
blackmoon: actually not so much!
456 was a 4 seater
i was like a family ferrari, you could get it with an automatic
dont tell them what the other one charges

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so you make a nuclear vibrator basically
and drop it to china\
sounds practical
wow i said that before i even read the second half of that
its really going to be a nuclear vibrator
its just really dense
like its not dense enough to be a black hole or start some crazy fusion/fission chain reaction
haha thats really your truck or what?
nice silver flames
like youre a gardener

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is that the paper one
oh its plastic
maybe i should do that
the rubber sheets that came with the taig actually work really well tho
kinda sucks it throws chips onto its Z screw tho
that actually sounds really smart
the poly denim thing
i think your tools would just wear too quick
and eventually youd be like, shoveling molten rock more than drilling
youd have to keep it molten
until you could get it away from the tool
so now your tool is like, pure tungsten or something
there prob not enough tungsten in the whole world to make a drilling setup for that

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tldr, pics not interesting out of context
im pretty sure
anyway i dont totally believe any of that shit
no one been there theyre just guessing
three of them

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i wish there was a more awesome way to do a sam kineson on irc
damn i butchered his name
poor dude
fuck that guy i hope they take those kids
kid all puking because his dad made him lie
am i awesome because i dont even know who cockerham is, or what
seriously fuck that guy tho
fucker needs to get the shit beat out of him

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yeah i dont know if you mean earthquakes or continental drift
can continents be coutons!?
heh this banana OG actually smells like bananas
1700 years
rab cali is going to be okay
they put edwards and dreyden on the san andreas
so no doubt the black project to control the faults of the world is long since finished
21:58 <@macegr> gay bad
no thats from last night

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LA sits in the little flat area right before where everything is crumpled into each other
like, all that shit gets crumpled up and eventually pushed underneath the continent
at the same time, the pressure is causing everything to move laterally
so like, under the ground, its all ripped apart
like, yeah we got on really bigass crack where the plates bump into each other
but we have hundreds of cracks in the land leading up to it
pacific ring of fire ftw
or ocean trenches
where basalt ocean floor is produced
thats what the epicenters in the middle of the atlantic and indian ocean are
earth is like a disintegrating ball of fire
like, when you see smelted metals
and there is this crust on top of impurities
thats us
we are just the unmelted crust on top
its convection i guess
in the mantle

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sucks i work in a fucking warehouse half the day
if we had an earthquake, fuck i dunno
i wouldnt even know where to run
dude photoshop had the same serial algorithm for like 4 or 5 versions
i had a keygen that worked with all sorts of versions it wasnt made for
im pretty sure they adore the pirating
theyve locked in their market share and they have an ocean of trained users because of warez ps
dude find a good relief map
where you can really get a feel for the geography
take a sheet and put it flat on a table
put something heavy on the sheet, then push the sheet towards it
and like it kinda crumples up in regular patterns
thats southern california

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because your body can feel shit rolling slow
even tho you cant really see or feel it
the real close ones, you hear them first
like for maybe a couple sec
then its just fucking insanity
you click into total flight mode, so your sense of time is gone, and youre basically like trying to run away from everything
youre more likely to be indoors, most people
i kinda like them
its a big rush
yeah like anything under 6.0, i dont even stop what im doing usually
the last one, i didnt even stop driving
i just kept making my left turn
my car all bouncin
laughing because the 7/11 windows were dancing
northern los angeles
basically right on top of the 94 quake epicenter
like it hit hardest in northridge but it originated under reseda i guess
what do you mean how does it feel
feels like home, lived here all my life
a little
thats really far from us
so it was just like, 0 seconds of light rolling

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dude its prob the only things that truly effective
the rollers?
they work for far away big quakes
because all the energy dissapates into rolling waves
but the shit that destroyed northridge was like, direct shocks
like, being directly over the epicenter
heh, we beat hurricane andrew for the most expensive disaster
before katrina
dude were 10x10 miles
andrew and katrina were like, 4 or 5 states wide
if northridge happened like 4 hours later in the days, prob thousands would have died instead of hundreds
commercial buildings like, just gave up
zeeshan: all the shocks are harder over a shorter period of time
like, earthquake rating is based on time and shock
thats how you sense them far away and have accurate ratings
no is the way is spreads
the energy is conserved
but its spread out over a much larger area and over a much larger period of time
so at the epicenter, instead of rolling, is jolts
i can tell if an earthquake is far or not
far one, you get sick in your stomach first

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lots of places here are on rollers
but it doesnt matter
theyre all designed for an 8.0 earthquake like 60mi away
and they discovered all sorts of faults right under LA like the northridge fault
all capable of leveling downtown
you cant do much about direct shocks from underneath
dude mount ranier is fucking scary
seattle should be thankful for the clouds
when they clear its like WTF IS THAT THING GONNA EAT US OR WHAT
shit sits like 3x higher than the rest of their mountain line
zeeshan: moon lives in BC
in vancouver
pacific rim of fire, yo
i think dormant is the word

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mmm, canadia
i really liked montreal
but yeah the people are sensitive

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why the fuck do you need an app at all

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