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oh neat
the ledengin deep red LEDs im getting say optomized for chloryphyll A absorption
me and this comany like, same brain
macegr: ha, seen it
good shit
haha at ass slapping

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stuff like that might be by hand
i thought you means when theyre spaced out along the ways
like theyll have a swoop mark every 3" or so
if thats done with an NC machine, they prob took a lot of time trying to make it look like it wasnt

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the gozer
zeeshan: its for looks
like, it helps lubrication but it doesnt have to look like that
it kinda looks like marks from a scraper, but scrapping is pretty primitive, hand scrapped ways look done by hand
the stuff youre talking about is usually so regular im pretty sure it was a CNC process
on some machines it really might be just a dude with a die grinder

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its just reliefs to hold lubrication
but its supposed to kinda have the look of hand scraped ways but it doesnt really
hand scraped ways are fucking ugly
really functional but really fuckin ugly
i think they maybe do it with a high speed grinding stone and a creative tool path

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so you can raise and lower the head relative to the spindle
to compensate for tooling and fixtures without lossing range on your Z
depends on the collet system
if you can remove that chuck and mount tools with something sturdier, and the machine doesnt have alot of play and backlash, prob make decent parts with it
its manual so its really easy to feel loading on the machine and adjust speeds and feeds as you go
how much are they
thats really fair
youll need it for tooling
dunno what you mean
in the ways?
i think so, or a grinding stone

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i need a microwave
fuck that i played with gunn diode blocks enough
i couldnt tell if i could feel that shit or not and it bothered me
space, girls
yeah you could easily impress all the girls with your ps3 cluster

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i guess it doesnt matter youre prob not going to rack them like on top of each other
yeah see those
you could prob stand heatsinks up at the sides
its prob a proprietary bus
for big cpu farms
nico maybe knows
they look like from a time when people didnt know resources were all limited and shit
like my big steel pc case
plastic wrapped steel strips ftw
i bet you can but those for like $4
i think we have a ton in a box at work

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dude its a rack chassis
no it hasnt
because you just brought it up again
you want it to end stfu about it
or change my mind
youre dont have ears
but yeah those look like strong boxes, cool score
the panels come off easy?
theyre not bent? on one edge?
ot totally
you could prob do 200W with passive cooling and vents
either way it shouldnt be too hard to get them cut
theyre all drilled tho?
same thing
is maybe like $5-10 in materials
are the bottoms flat or they have mounting dimpled or what

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spybert: youre changing the issue because you dont like the word i used for something
i could say kill instead of murder
it has the same meaning
again you are making deflective losing arguments
argue why i think its murder, dont sit there and go OMG YOU CANT USE THAT WORD ILLEGAL UNFAIR
a mfkr gets killed on the streets because people are angry and want justice, its a murder
its different because the beuracracy in power did it?
the system doesnt have the competance to make the decision to murder someone
this has been proven by mistaken executions several times
again im not even gonna touch that statement
because it has nothing to do with the content of our discussion
youre def not gonna change my mind pulling shit like that out of your ass

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look if a person is institutionalized, you can try and help them but theyve been through some bullshit
and have every right to be fucked up
the system needs to change
the same system that murders people gives drug users almost no hope
21:06 < spybert> renesis: This is a simple matter of semantics, look it up in Black's law dictionary.
seriously fuck the dictionary
you killed someone intentionally and planned it out thats first degree murder
im not saying it isnt justified
but its murder, you just ended someone on purpose
obviously you dont want to accept its the same shit
person was alive, person id dead, someone made it happen to him on purpose
rack things or what?
steel or what
i dunno i seen sig gens come in alot of diff shapes =\
thats pretty neat

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and i wouldnt be at all surprised if it was
it doesnt justify torture and murder by the judicial branch
rab: the surgurey may not work
a large chance of success means a known chance of failure in the method
no i dont think so
i dont think if they are convicted of something so severe that surgery is an option they should be on the streets
on this matter no
and thats not true
and the way you prefaced it was cute =)
yeah duh when im disagreeing with you
you are making a loser argument
cmon get real
so rehab them in prison
change the prison system to make it effect5ive rehabilitation
there is a parole review system already setup for this
it needs to be made better
courts should not be allowed to torture or murder
look if you give a person the option of torture or imprisonment
it doesnt make the torture ok
even if its consentual
they chose what they saw as the least of two evils
yes because the prison system is fucked mrtube
because the judicial system is fucked
no its murder spybert
you intentionally took a life
murder can be justified
tried to what?
parents tried to change the world?
so fucking what
when you have 1000 parents trying to change things, maybe something starts happening

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why give a mfkr a way out
its costs waaaaaaay more to kill someone
this is so documented im surprised you dont know
it should
i believe in mandatory appeals
uif youre going to be retarded enough to use a death penalty
youre murdering someone
justified or not, its murder
spybert: the court system is fucked
it will always be
it should not have the ability to murder people
based on the decision of 12 random american idiots
cutting a person as penalty is torture
if a person doesnt want surgury it should be wrong to force them
it is wrong to force them
giving them a surgury or prison option is basically coersion
mrtube: rape is bad
violent rapists should be shot in the face
the court shouldnt be allowed to impliment it
we dont torture people in america
sorry i dont find this subject all that funny im being totally serious
we shouldnt, those instances of torture were obviously wrong
for life
just like murders
those instances could be millions mrtube

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actually under 3 years most states wont prosecute
but they can its within their legal rights usually
which is why there should be no death penalty
there should be no physical modification of humans
because the laws are retarded
and the court workers are idiots
and there is literally tons of documentation to this effect
imagine all the shit that slips through the cracks
imagine all the shit where the person doesnt understand the judicial process or who didnt see their paperwork so cant even argue a typo
i totally believe in eye for an eye
even worse
if you rape my girl and i walk in and you i get to shoot you in the head
totally justified, nothing wrong with that
but courts shouldnt be allowed to make this kind of decision
rape foolio
but it should be limited
if there is a chance you can kill a person who didnt do it, you dont use this penalty
because its manslaughter
no its manslaughter
or murder
take your pick
exactly tube
which is why they should go to prison

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you would have excellent results with shooting offenders in the face
doesnt mean you should do it
wtf @ no2 injected easy chair
same with cutting off peoples balls based on the ruling of a known imperfect court system
same reason we shouldnt kill people
some people deserve to die
but the court is too stupid to decide this kind of shit
makes too many mistakes
is after all human
if youre 18 and a senior in high schoolo and you fuck your 15 year old softmore girlfriend, youre a sex offender

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hell youll prob be more pissed about the whole situation
spybert: doubtful
it prob represent the majority
people dont fuck people who dont want to be or shouldnt be fucking because they just want to fuck its because theyre fucked up
like almost every case of weird abuse ive heard of?
there are sexual addicts who dont assault and rape people

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no i want to like scrub the showerthing first
i have some sort of bathroom cleaner that is biodegradable or something and will save the earth
its made by windex
haha who is this?
i barely remember the dude

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sry i was like shopping and vacuuming and shit

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guys my new vacuum is sporty
it is like, light and low cost but not of poor quality

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