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i never thought of that

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pitz youre a troll
keepcoming back it works if you work it!
god i hate that shit
frozen mac n cheese is just better quality than powdered mac n cheese
that goo cheese n a packet is kinda weird too
the box stuff?
that stuff is tasty but it dont really taste like cheese
its like, cheese gel
stouffers frozen mac n cheese is that shit
*is the shit

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is just kinda boring
like, a bike i could totally get home in 5min and grab car if i need it
heh rainy days
in junior high i didnt want to be in the same car with my mom so i used to walk like 6mi to school
like, thru dirt roads so it was like hiking
rainy days like, knee deep in mud
paved road a block over
HAHA, after the earthquake clinton toured the valley and there is a school along my way home
i was all pissed i had to walk around like 4 blocks
fuckhead secret service
yeah rly!
i figured you were him
pitz + lordpil = suki trolls 4 life

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guys i need places to sit this sucks
yeah maybe
i have stuff at old place but i didnt wanna move big shit till all the small shit was moved
needs leds
has this shelf above the breakfast bar thing i want to put soome of those deep red 3w leds and grow some ivy
oh, yeah i just moved like 6mi away
im like 1mi from work now
still in the valley
i actually moved about as far away from rhett as possible without leaving home
yeah i need to bring my bike
or sell it
the mad max clear coated steel coolness has worn off
its jut heavy
i mean its nice it could survive falls i couldnt
but yeah want an aluminum 24" BMX again
whatever 6mi is walkable

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while this is 100% true, doesnt make it not totally illegal
kid can shoot you in the face you basically got no legal comeback
maybe you can politely tell him to stop within the law
dunno that kinda muddies the whole situation up
judge likely yo call them both retards and throw it out of court'

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hahahahaha at testing bong water in police lab

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damn lame this client didnt kick you
okay from now on, no being corny
only good jokes
well its a good thing i flush my bong water!

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there is only irc
everything else is peripheral in order to continue the irc

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jezus fuck its dead in here

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mm fallout

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fucking client put the channels in alphabetical order
thats not the order
wtf i guess it doesnt change settings until restart

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[17:53] <renesis> i have my rigol china DSO at home
[17:53] <renesis> and a tek 2230 analog/dso at work
heh its like the only DSO at work besides the scope channels on this ridiculous 80s HP logic analyzer
the 2230 is my baby, its kinda eccenric tho
the digital section will freak out sometimes, i think its thermal, gets better if you leaave it alone
i bought the service manual on CD, opened it up
got one look at the edge to edge army of DIPs on the DSO board and just slid tht shit back in, fuck all that
but yeah i kinda prefer it over straight DSO because i can hit a swith and its a normal analog scope

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im dead but i can click, listen
im on stolen wireless tho so reliability is crap
ha why
cuz nico said so
and nico is #1
what stu is gone or what
k ty
well today is a good day i guess
honey i are home
i prob be crashed out
im going to ham swap meet in the morning
hoping to pick up some tektronix carts i saw last time
theyll be gone of course
i prob just let them aop then
those little rolling carts for the scopes
usually have tilt base
they were selling them for $20 i dont know why i didnt buy them both
was dumb

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