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early 2000s r6 are like, yamaha does 996 styling correctly
why you pasting shaans ride
id rather get a madass

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like 2000 i think
2000-2002 maybe, the ones i really like
alot of bikes after that look like theyre trying to go for the same theme
and like, now thats kinda just how most sportbikes look
like, that is conceptually sexy
but kinda retarded looking

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older r6 are like sexiest ever sportbikes
heh neat

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TechSmurf: round trip is pretty cheap
two weeks or more in advance
im going from burbank to sac for $170
round trip afters taxes and fees
yeah i just got here i didnt see why =)
burbank burbank
los angeles
you want an sv again?
i kinda want one but my hip gets all fuckey itd be useless
have to get a better car first

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i prob died im prob dead right now
yeah totally
so i was testing CRX brakes
really i was just speeding around in canyons...
but there was a li ne of four cars on a 2 lane canyon road
so i go to pass because theyre all on the right, i dunno why
like, after i look behind me there is a CHP with his lights on
he was car no 2 in the line
anyway i got on the shoulder and got into the brakes and he almost rear ended me
yeah thats nuts
interesting theory

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nothing could see tht car
volvo steering and brakes are pretty awesome in emergency shit
i can get real deep into them and they lock up gradually so its easy to brake at its limits
i need to try win7
dude it prob weighs like 2400lbs
civic front brakes arent bad
those older ones i dunno about now
but yeah maybe 3 times i thought i was going to die in the volvo
by the end it was like almost casual speeds and evasion
good brakes
i felt like i was gonna die in that crx a few times
one time a mercedes slammed on its brakes going down the hill into the valley on he 405
omfg benz can stop
so i get deep into them, im fine
but i look in the rear view and a truck is barreling down on me
and i look to the right and theres no place for it to go
and i just closed my eyes and waited
i open like 3 sec later, truck is gone

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small highways are diff
dude then out limits would prob be 85
and 95 within 3 years
it is
cars are less reliable at higher speeds
because cars are less reliable and harder to control
yeah 80 and 95 is a big diff
yeah and theyre wearing out
they have cracks, potholes
the lanes have been redone so the old seams that your wheels will kinda grb onto arent parallel
dude sorry
we dont have the money
\wont ever have the money
they wont ever get fixed proper
america was made to last 50 maybe 60 years
and thats about how long its been for alot of majot civil construction
handle it ninja
i tailgate too much recently
not bad but i used to gap myself like a paranoid
driving in the CRX, woot

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thats just her being retarded
and you need to help fix that before shes murders someone
shes prob yell at you
ive never been in an accident at higher than 3mph
and never on a road
if you new me, heh
when i drove home from the massive last time
90mph in an altima with questionable brakes
it was 4am tho
freeways are a dream before sunup
dude they do 100 in the carpool lane
freeways are a dream before sunup
mostly CHP around here grab people driving like assholes
like say everyone doing 80mph but this guy feels like people should be moving out of the way for him doing 95
so hes weaviing in and out of 2/3 car gap traffic
like, sometimes you get dudes just trying to hit their quotas
but in general in LA theyre pretty okay with moderate speeding
just on freeways tho
and not without exception

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in most situation you pick lanes based on distance to next freeway change or offramp and current density
if the left lanes are getting slow due to density, you merge right and speed up
people gotta get places
you get stuck in a pocket thats on you
yeah well it happens sometimes
also our carpool is far left
and its double yellow except for entry points
so at some point, you have fuckers who have to get off the freeway merging across all lanes
and dealing with the associated speed changes
shit works fine
it usually is innittab but sometimes shit happens
also freeways merge into each other
and split
they are
its rare but its reality
when did i say that
women are more careful but theyre usually not as good at operating machinery
so its debatable

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thats just being an asshole
and moving out of the way for assholes usually puts you in front of the asshole
sorry many of traffic is going 80
density is high
and someone wants to go 90
they can make it happen or they cant
people dont have to bend over for them
if its not dense you can pass wherever
in dense traffic at high speed, its unsafe to merge
in low density, passing is safely done anywhere
like, as a matter of actually making freeways possible
like i dont even understand how else it would get done on a 6 lane freeway
dude youre going far you get left
regardless of speed
you get out of the way of the people merging
end of dscussion
the middle is more density
because people are merging
dude merging one lane here gets you nowhere
so what
our freeways have giant char displays
for people like mare

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so its not an issue
they can go around
if they cant go around, they can slow down
because if they cant go around i cant merge right
yes in my general area
if im going faster than the lanes to the right
yes exactly
then they need to slowdown
its not unsafe to pass on the right
this comes from your jackass extra passing only lane mentality
no it isnt
you pass where it safe
dude in active traffic the lanes dont always end up fastest on the left
sorry when theres like 2 car lengths at 80mph it dont always work like that
we have freeways that dump into other freeways
on both sides
we have on and offramps on both sides
sorry dont apply
maybe on a 2 lane highway but not on freeways here
dude 4 people isnt sizeable first of all
if im going faster than traffic to the right, no i dont have to yield
if there is no traffic to the right, there is space for them to pass
dude not if everyone is going 80mph

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because its irrelavent
you drive as traffic dictates
and if you drive on the left, youre driving 80-90
if a cop is around, 75-85
dude whatever it used to be 55
im talking about how to drive on our highways safely
driving 65 isnt safe at all in many situations
merging at 65 would get your ass rear ended
and maybe a dozen people killed
well your point is left lane is for passing and slower than fastest should yield
and thats a fucking joke
yield into what, the lane going pretty much as fast at the same density?
theyre behind me
so youre saying normal driving
so im going 80
theyre going 90
and theyre ahead of me
where is he problem
no you fucking retard
fucking jackass
whgy would you ever merge in front of people going fastyer?
want to die or something?
man typing on eee 701 kb in the dark is hard
i wouldnt merge

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with extra lanes
just for passing
what youre talking about is fucking insanity
its not because theres 10M people here
like, slow lane is going 65
fast lane is going 80-90
some fucker needs to be 10mph faster, its his job to thread it
its dangerous for everyone else to react to him
if theres not alot of people
density is low
we have 4 to 7 lanes
in ech direction
you can hold your line if youre already speeding
passing lane just isnt reality here
theres fast and faster lanes
and the carpool lane where i guess you guys pass each other
dude it just isnt doable here
you want everyone to sit in 70mph dense traffic
when we could use all lanes and do 80?
we add more lanes to freeways all the time and its still pretty dense when its moving
the idea of a lane for strictly passing is laughable
cops cruise faster here
i dont know
you go as fast as is safe
75 some places
we have sreets that are 55
not where

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thats not true
if youre going faster, you need to figure it out
because its the truth
if im doing 90mph in the fast lane im not yielding to a fucker going 100mph
im holding my line
and he can deal with it
im not trying to change lanes
and have him go around me into my rear end
no my job is to drive safely
seriously im going that fast, with traffic, im holding my line
if theres on care threading traffic, thats his drama
we go fast here and it works because we all go fast
some fucker needs to be going that much faster than the flow he can deal with getting through
wtf passng laane
seriously wtf is a passing lane
where the fuck do you live where there is extra lanes
it doesnt exist here sorry
its right next to the carpool lane
its intended to be the fastest flowing lane of traffic
we dont have this luxury you speak of

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depends, if im doing like 10mph over and im being tailgated ill usually tap brakes to flash my lights
people will slow down if you dont want to go faster
if they think theyre going to die they slow down quick
dude if im doing 80 and im cruising in the fast lane, i dont have to yield
fucker can thread it through
we got 5 lanes
use them
fuck that 80mph is fast
anyone going over that is on their own trip
when i go that fast, im not being in the left lane
im being in the safest lane at that moment
or im not going that fast
dude 80mph is cruising here
anyone going over is going solo
it wont be a line behind you
and fuck if im yielding to one or two people

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merging between two semis isnt smart but its not the end of the world
just get out safely
which means not pulling in front of faster traffic
semis go slow
so people are *always* flying past them
yeah drive how you drive just be aware
and expect the worst
yeah i floor it when i merge
and i merge immediately when possible
you stay to the right you get stuck in the crowd
like 5 people trying to be in the same spot
like when im at the end of the onrampim basically looking backwards
and glacing forward for brakelights
merging means merging
people dont speed up when they change lanes
some people fucking slow down
i hate that shit

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heh, in the crx i could be next to a tall pickup and i couldnt be seen
like literally right next to it, id be invisible
then shoulder it or hit brakes
like, speed limit is 65 here, so people do that in the right lane
left lane is 80-90mph
those celicas are so ugly
ultimate jelly bean
like a wannabe miata
you have to drive with the assumption that everyone else is about to fuckup
like how you will escape
you needed to get your mirror into the lane
and loiter
and check
danielson, who cares how hes driving
thats not something you control

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thats just normal driving to me
thats why you look
then youure fine
if you were already merging while you looked you were doing it wrong
i do that shit all the time it pisses me off
then you shouldnt be merging into what you cant see
just come off the gas and fallen back
i do that shit, im being retarded
like, i always catch it before i cross lines
but if i didnt, itd be 100% my fault
its a fucked up habit
then pull ogg the gas or get on it
ive taken my car onto shoulders to get around trucks i thought couldnt see me

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he had to go through reverse
dude fuck impatient speeders
those are the fucks wreck people
impatient speeder = tailgater
you think i dont speed?
we got across the country in 40 hours and that was us driving like,normal
yeh and if someone speeding cant deal with that
they were going to fast for the conditions
no exceptions

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so i wonder what is wrong with volvo when it stumbles like that when i have gas in it
maybe fuel pump or injectors or something
haha sucks
neat cat is drinking water from his glass
everything normal again
that blew up mblunts predonk
right after he sold it
just what was left on the magnet

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inittab: i got ramps tho
to find transmission leak
so i can do o2 sensor and oil

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i was taking harold the cat to new home
no not puddles
it was dripping
no it works but i dont think about it for like a week after i fill up
i drove 300mi somehow
i usually fill up at 250
i guess all the running around shopping for new place shit
in what context
volvo was mergiing at 80mph right before it started running out
i drive to work on a 40mph surface street and everyone goes 55
i think ive done 90mph in it
it doesnt feel unstable

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kinda pointless one hour aint gonna hange much there
inittab: did you see i fixed the volvo!?
running out of gas
cuz normally i got like, weeks no filling up i guess i been driving a ton this week
*go like
but yeah its done that shit before without being low on gas
like around turns or when accelerating
so i didnt think gas when it happened
and yeah i guess it has small transmission seal leak

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k mare isnt allowed to talk about loli nutt smash
butt smash
i guess mnutt smash would make him a gay pedo
i did it last night too
why you
ask nico
you been gone
ccflman ftw
i dont either rly!

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smoke a bowl

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kids knocked on my door i was like 'OH SHIT THATS TODAY? [long pause] SORRY!'
then i shut the door and they prob heard me laughing my ass f when i told my friend
thats neat
what are the sites run on?
some manner of the j00nix?
like whats running on them to interface with it
you have like clicky dialog interfaces or cli or what

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i worked like 12 hours last thurs
extra $120 for me
everyone else gets paid flat
but half of them only work 25 hours a week

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that is nice
cnc controller
gecko servo drivers, power supplies, control relays
not really
a whole nc system has alot of io
my shit is bare minimum

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i try and carry mine in my hip pocket now
mine is like 1" thick
its prob a leather trifold
could be worse!

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so i mean thats how old this shit is
dude a coil on a nema34 size motor will blow up the uc
like possibl literally pop the plastic cover off
you prob want to use fets
whats nema34 mean?
its basically a mounting pattern
yeah theyre nice
you can drive that from uc
use real resistors for pulldowns or whatever
if its optoisolator input drive with BJT

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fuckin pitz is msging me
<SUKI^[tm]> SUKI (tm) is RELIGION
like, hes amusing in his persistence
but not really
dude he put that on urban dictionary
no wait the entry calls pitz a dumbass
or something
oh haha
dude years
same troll
almost makes timecop look mild
thats what im saying timecop actually does other shit
for like years, pitz = suki
no with lordpil i guess

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i banned mare already
hes either on a new mask or the bots undid it
i didnt i just banned him after i joined
was having a convo with kev, didnt seem inappropriate
he made a bad joke
so bots prob undid it
not like a pedo joke just a corny stupid one haha
you can set them sticky if its needed no?
yeah i guess so
yeah fuck pitz
hes not around to be helpful or social or anything
i know
i want to get my normal pc here tho
on normal connect
like who knows my free wifi is a key logging honeypot for all i know
yeah i kinda figured it would go like that
hes not so retarded he would try and make a big fight like that
chan got taken

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how did it go last tiime change?
okay fuck bots and administration
how fail did you guys do last change in spring
danielson: why
not intentionally
i only been there on bus trip stopovers
dude oakland is poor and old
its like, urban defined
= poor and desperate people = drugs and gangs
dude are you drinking?
omg inittab drunk during timechange
is life the new brand of MGD

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okay look banning you for being annoying about suki bullshit isnt one of the horrible things that stu did
no what
2 days try like 5 years or who knows
pitz stop being a troll
we have on already
gentlemans dis
why what
didnt you try some test already

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