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you wires one of the rails to the common side of the pole im guessing

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unless you got a crazy machine
yeah which avr thinks im not
even tho i have an associated degree in CNC and hands on experience wth big machines and daily experience with my own
avrfreak is an expert
even tho he hasnt touched a machine tool in possibly ever
need a pan/boc brake
and a spot welder to do awesome enclosures
at least the brake
giant cap, copper terminals, switch
they maybe put a resistor, i dunno heh
Tekrad: lemme know if you find something that works
yeah that would be neat
did it wrong, usually
sometimes parts just suck, tho

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yeah try that in court
please to provide courtroom minutes of the part where you explain to the judge what efnet is
that wasnt me
i bought my CNC turnkey for $2k and still use it pretty often
that shit is square iron and steel and aluminum and can do .001 with sub mil backlash on its x axis after tuning
not really
i use it for personal prototyping
lately i do stuff for work with it mostly
avrfreak, aka machine master builder, has been talking about how hes a better machinist than me for years
still has yet to produce one part
and doesnt seem to get im not that great of a machinist
no its just got an er16 spring collet spindle
\because CNC machining is stil 95% setup

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maybe i should ban you so it can start getting better
heheh being on ignore is win
pfft this chan is weak at shit talking we need to double up on skill points next level up
uhohm santa fe bacon sim is going HF
because im an antagonizing dickhead
did i even spell that right

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flyback is flyback you cant perm ban him
i reall dont have ny good reaasons why you just cant perm ban him, shrug
dianora ftw
shes not in this chan

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free smoke yay
dehuman: stu swears this is perfectly normal
like i been in that chan more often than not for years i aint seen him say shit until now
i seen shit talked about him
charles is there sometimes
also didnt stu move out of his parents house like last year?
i wont ban avrfreak unless he fucks with me
so hell prob gett banned few times a week but i dont see any reason to make it sticky

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like, yes idiot when youre the main channel troll
and the only active op
and he doesnt have to know electronics becuse he only did 18mo of academic electronics like 10 years ago
then bitches how the people good at electronics are lame for not being good at other things
like im not sure if he knew #electronics wasn't just the channel name it was also was most of us are interested in

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so its amusing hes all trying to act like hes been there and i just joined right now, and half the people in there know me

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on freenode?

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pesto parmesan turkey burgers from trader joes are so win
whatever i eats stuff cuz its tasty
im prety sure these things arent that good for me =\

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im not trying to work on shit like that
people been ripping wires out of old phone distribution boxes

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incubus: just for a couple months
and the dread wax and soap i used was pretty high end hippy shit
i smelled better than people with normal hair, heh
like, rosemary, thyme, tea tree oil, stuff, etc
i think its like 6 or 8
Swish: i think its diff because some local laws are more strinct than national laws
wtf salon hair?
i think it has to do with how many transformers
and yeah im pretty sure theres always supposed to be a ground at the breaker panel or service entry or whatever on your building
and one at the transformer
yeah i dunno alot about that stuff

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or it can be used as a ground reference
not facility i guess because youre prob thinking of houses
one is for return current
one should be a dead line, no current
for safety purposes
like, you connect youre chassis to earth ground
and if shit shorts out, it dumps into the earth pin
and blows a fuse or a breaker
or i guess ground fault switch in some installs
neutral is the current return path for the hot line
earth is grounded at the house or business
like, big pole shoved deep into the dirt
im not an electrician, please
oh im sure
neutral is supposed to be grounded at the transformer
i dont know if they do it into the dirt or its a line going back to the distribution station
or what

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you can use that on a grounded system
its a flouro ballast
what do you mean
the neutral wire or the earth wire
oh youre doing one diode i thought you were doing a bridge because i dunno
theres two grounds
there is no cold
one is a return to the mains transformer
its basically the houses centertap
hot and cold are like, balanced signal terms
hot, neutral, and earth is how the 3 wires are in 120vac american service
240vac has two hots and an earth
LawLoCide: earth is directly grounded to the dirt at the facility
its for safety

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i hate how i look with short hair tho
is like my head is slightly to small for my body

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so i think he expected me to be embarassed or somethiing
dude this pro audio
iin the end all audio gear is about getting someone tits and ass
we basically indirectly pedal flesh
no not since right before the CNC job
i guess like year and a half almost?
no i still live in america
my hair is almost as long as when i started my dreads
babylon is much more than a city in ny ive never heard of
if this company still exists in like 6mo or a year i think im going to get new dreads

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LawLoCide: yeah they feel totally shitty
but so does dying
wtf butts = more germs
you could leak out her butt into her vag
and you end up with brown babies
i dont have a gf
heh im going on vacation to hang with exgf in two weeks
someone at work is like HAHAHA WHAT TO GET SOME NOOKIE
im like, yes.
theyre funny they get all weird about talking about sex
because its an office
like, other hacker, who is like almost 60, said he dont care as long as the tits are good
and they called him perverted
and these are like, young healthy fuckin people
so me and other hacker laughed
like wtf you guys are afraid to adit you like tits now?
and they realized how retarded they sounded

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so the funny thing is you get older and realize youre surrounded by older kids
and no one really grew up
and all these people you figured were qualified experts as a kid
well theyre just normal fuckups like everyone else who never really grew up
29 i think
but seriously i know little kids who are practical and responsible
i know adaults who are childish and just illogical, not with it
you can choose not to have them
most my friends and me are kinda like big kids
even the ones never lived at home
rugrats is lame
ren and stimpy nd beavis and butthead and rockos modern life are win
oh also aeon flux and the maxx
polyurethane ones kinda do
er dont i guess
i used to have to constantly pullout and check it was still there
they break way less during extended use than latex

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it helps her at work, shes high school staff
so kids will talk about drugs and shit in slang in front of her
and shes be like, 'i know youre talking about weed/meth/coke/whatever'
she says they look all embarassed like they thought they were getting away with something
ha she swears alot without realizing tho
because of me and my sister
like she walks around the house going WHT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK
but you tell her and she doesnt know what youre talking about
sleeping with children = bant in #electronics
im not!
so do i
theyre dumb, impressionable, no sene of responsibility
like, these are qualities you dont want in people you socialize with

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i had to do my own laundry as a teenager because of my mom did it shit would get fucked up
like she wouldnt hang up shirs right out of the dryer so they would need to be ironed
or shit would get pink
this was before all i bought was black shirts and grey socks, heh
i lived with my mom until like 3 weeks ago =\
well aside from some adventures in public funded facilities
haha paying like 1998 prices for a room was pretty awesome
oh my mom knows better
its not like i have a typical mom i walked around the house with the bong
she would only complain when i got kush
because it made the whole place stink like weed
my mom has walked in on me with girls
and my sister with guys
poor mom
hahaha @ mom walking in on myy sister getting ir doggy...

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at least thats how like everyone i know with their own machines roll

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laundry machines and parking meters need to take credit/debit cards already
vending machines do it
thats neat but i dont care so much thats the buildings problem
im sure they can cover it at $1.00 to $1.50 per wash
and $1 dry
if you have your own you prob do smaller loads way more often so youre prob burning more energy either way

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k i need to get quarters
i kinda envy the peoples with the stupid laundry cards
at lleast they can feed the card machine real money. even if it has retarded min refill amount
new place has twice the machiners but theyre top loading washers
it was silly how much you could put in the side loaders and still have them come out clean

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neat how many drives you have in it
fuck im not opped
someone ban pitz
wtf i know its pitz
smart guy, i ask why pitz isnt banned and he confirms he is indeed pitz
brand-name even
damn his name in the chan list turned red
hes tryinig to communicate to me
yeah until like wed i think
im not at other place very much, i moved my cat so new home is home
<SUKI^[tm]> oh grow up
i dont even know how to reat to that
i think he is the suki authorities

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where is the rack
should i reinstall my eeeee
onto one humongous 4gb partition
this not exciting you need to open the cabinet doors
neat ty

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but in the end you always end up adding your own nails and screws and glue or you just live with the thing kinda standing at an angle

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please reference married with children episode in which they had to fabricate L brackets from 7 brackets
foxit says i need a plugin what
i stopped at the parts page
cam and screw in dowel furniture sucks, from anywhere not just ikea
even if you can get it together right the first time, that shit usually disintegrates the wood the cams screw into
so the furniture becomes all unstable and slowly eats itself and when you try to move it, it falls apart
either while actually moving it or while trying to take it apart =(
like, its neat how you can put together complicated furniture with just a screwdriver

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whats up hackers and other people
but i has small tools box in which contains a pair of china flat pliers which i used in a perpendicular manner as if with vice grips (i just holded on real tight)
okay seriously you guys gotta talk about something before the local excitement causes personal detonation
was it cam and dowell?
they either packed too many of the same thing or they werent wrong you just did it backwards =(

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