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w00t i gets the real internets today
or i stay home from work for two hours and dude doesnt show up and i call TW and pretend to be the biggest asshole ever

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yo why is bender wearing clothes

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you need a warehouse and 6ft foam spikes
just move the sub
inittab: i drove like 60mi in one day on the weekend
i guess because i been moving shit back and forth
i dunno
then just move the speakers
inittab: yeah i drive like 12mi a day normlly so running out of gas in a few days was like WAT
like, i didnt even see it in the gage, hahaha
it happened again
so i floored it
and i got no revs so i knew wasnt transmission
so im like, okay no fuel then i notice the odometer says 290
i always fill up at 240 =\ =\
so like, i actually logically figured out i ran out of gas
before even looking at the gas gage
i make pork gyoza

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shit almost daily
too much power = voice coils burn up, leads crumble and set spiders on fire, surrounds rip and throw the coil into the gap walls
just move the sub
youre not going to damp it
yeah dont do that shit anymore
my volvo still hs no system
and a fucked radio
same thing
my volvo is running awesome again
all it needed was gas!
seriously if its bass resonance youre not going to be able to damp it well
unless you damp half the room
because its done it with gas
but never long enough to figure out if it was fuel or transmission
so when it happened i assumed that issue
anyway i still dont know how i drove 300mi in under a week
not really quazimod1
you can trap mids and highs
bass aint getting trapped

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my mouse doesnt do that
im think im going to just buy a real one

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that prob makes my wireless mouse less wonky
my usb jacks are on the far side on the work laptop
that would sucks

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more standoff from the back panel
the edge of the circle is same distance from the end as the square one
but the connector itself is farther away
better chance to fit oddly packaged usb flash
less likely situations prob led to buying the thing in the first place
i want a bunch to plug into my netbook
need to be black
like little usb stacks
oh shit win

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they should say RA adapter

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im on 800x480 this page is hard =(
haha it's/its

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