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inittab: small guns
sniper rigle is small guns too im pretty sure
large weapons = rocket launchers, mini nukes, flame throwers, gatling guns
oh dammn i didn't see last line you said

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i fuckin hated that shit
so you use mirc now i thought you used irssi
you gave up at irssi
you sad sad person

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inittab: i has real internets again!
wtf did xchat do for my username
this client is such bullshit
im going to end up installing cygwin just for a bash terminal so i can run a local irssi proper
oh here too
trip out at my nick lining up right next to stus
someone should take a pic or something
is that homebrew or just old?

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might as well ask us how to do yearly maintenance on a steam locomotive

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he does
like youll forget and think hes maybe a normal person
then hell freak out about some random japanese peoples

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yeah pop music is pretty bad like that
like, im awesome youre a loser and now youre dumped or im a loser i got dumped i miss you

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i honestly almost never listen to lyrics as word unless im listening to the song a bunch of times
like i usually dont remember the words, just like the melodies and kinda the mood of the guy singing

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guillotine is almost too quick
head bouncing around, you prob dont lose blood in your brain for a few sec
prob trying to scream
dude who are you and why are you making dumb generalizations
dunno its just poetry so could be anything
some shit makes so much sense it kinda changes things for me
at least for awhile
well yeah
theres alot of that
but it most likely means something just not to you
generally lyrics that work for me and make me think are somewhat ambiguous ones

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theyre just displaying him
like, dont rape peoples or else
so yeah theyre doing it wrong but its not for nothing
they should have crucified him for like a week then beheaded him then left him there
BlackMoon: who is serauni?
beheading is scary
im sure hed be dead after a week
its like worshipping a guillotine or an executioners rifle
its really fuckin warped

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shit it broke i dont have tape

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fuck lip rings
labret piercing ftw
tho if i was with a girl with one itd be weird because wed match
just go by a 2x4' work table
some shit with steel or 2" particle top

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hey did they get you your pick n place bot yet?
or they still dicking with it, its been months now no?
why not?
meh, you can prob figure it out
yeah fuck that
ours like her work?
i dont keep up with the hack-a-make types i guess
heh my coffee table is basically a crate
fuck i need a chair this is annoying
i should have brought my balcony chairs

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see thats a good fml
like, his wife is stupid and his car is fucked
thats somewhat permanent
at least its an easy fix
yeah and siphon out the disel
fill with gas, repeat siphon
dont leave the car idiot you can fix the car
you dont have to suck
they make little pumps
but yeah thats what siphon is
prob waste like 2 hours getting the siphon and pushing the car out of peoples way besides siphoningg
timecop: you could just her to siphon it with her mouth
after making her push the car out of the way
then run her over

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okay now im typing on a kb almost at chin level

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w00t i has a coffee table \o/
(40" plasma TV touring case w/ casters)

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