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make an r2r dac
you can do it with any value resistor
use the resistors in parallel for R and just one for 2r

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in in the 2nd short circuit and thats the one in san francisco or something
without the gutenburg douchebag
just the indian

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okay so you have no magic techniques
lawlocide: wat
i like magnets
fuck this stupid stud finder thing
no i know
but its like a huge blob
where it finds a nail
so i never know where in that blob is the nail
like, okay thanks i know within 4" that sucks
im going to go buy some neos from all electronics tomorrow i guess
danielson: im 10min away from all electronics
thats not the same one

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02:44 <@seravita3> also since when was she required to care at all, you're out of her vagina
mfkr thats her only job
you have kids, thats the rest of your life
no matter what
of youre a failure fucking human being
if that sounds shitty its because it is so avoid kids
what you think youre some kinda of ascended being the whole purpose of you isnt to fuck and spread you into the future?
*kind of
thats become a typo habit
blackmoon: what do you use to find wall studs?
wtf @ eyes you have xray vision
or you look for the nails
dude apartments have been painted like 100 times
yeah my stud finder sucks

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i wonder if maybe they mean 3 phase not 3 conductor
then it maybe actually makes sense
im not even sure what were talking about btw
3 conductor is easy to get

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go find an awg table with ohms and math it

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i guess so
i mean really they were kinda dicks all along i just overlooked it for some selfish reason
so maybe not the same
but my friend and exgf were friends with this guy
and hes all buddha buddha vegan whatever
and they thought he was all this positive spirit etc etc whatever
so he did this show and my friend was supposed to get like 70% of what he sold her pieces for
maybe $200 in glass pendants and some ceramic shit
and he didnt give back any of the pendants and didnt give her any money
and wont respond to emails now and is all like I DIDNT MAKE ANY MONEY ON THAT SHIT but hes all on facebook like WHICH $800 CAM LENS SHOULD I BUY
so yeah i guess that just happened to my friend
and shes like, pissed because he could have done it diff
and they could still be cool
and not even have really paid her
just not acted like he dont owe her anything
so yeah hopefully this person is never identified to me because ill have to be all rude and fighting vegans is prob really anticlimactic and sad
dx^: that sucks
ive asked friend people to leave my house
over political shit or just saying fucked shit

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oh that sounds fun
i bought an aluminum 24" bmx frame!
it was this wonky shit where this guy was selling a list of diff size and color frames as one buy it now for $150 loaded with multiple items
and he was updating the table like SOLD! and i called but its sunday so nothing so i just paid for it and said what i wanted and said i reeeeaaally wanted it
because yeah someone else prob bought it too
or i dunno maybe no one else crazy/stupid enough to pay for something might be sold out

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hey wanna see cardboard chair?
haha wtf horse races
i know was for dx
no its obsoleted
couch and real armchair is retrieved
theyre big fat casters i think itll be ok
touring case + nice rug would be pimp tho
dude thats like 5 years old
mushroom mushroom, snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake, etc
that shit like, unmemed

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damn those pics is rapid fire
you need to center the tall pics
hey it works really fast on my opc tho
i have a quadthing, tho

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incubus: id like to think im at the forefront of timecop @ analog joke production
but really there are like 4 or 7 other people are pretty good!
dx^: hi

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can i pretend you mean PNP transistor and make some timecop @ analog joke?
i hope they are putting it on a plane
oh its coming from local, forgot
hey so you maybe have it by next weekend
whats setup like?
or you dunno yet
i bet its like, place on table, plug to pc, press teh sw
yougot that reflow oven, no?
long time ago now i guess
damn maybe i send you proto pcb assembly jobs now =D

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heh got new wireless kb and mouse
i did that line from the kitchen!
me too!
yeah but i have pc pn table in front of couch now
i just watch movies from the usenet
my cat is so happy at new place hes like 24/7 purrcat

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