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i think theyre just saying character funny, more general than adc stuff
i could be wrong but usually theyll refer to odd bit lengths as words (theyll define bit length of the word someplace usually) or blocks or packets or whatever
symbols and characters usually mean bytes
like as in 8b

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that could mean 16MB/s for a 128b burst then nothing for 100uS
you need timing diagrams or at least timing and buffering info
then it means sisteen million bytes of information per second sustained wtf
why are you asking us i know you know what stuff per second means
i dont know what youre talking abouty
16 million bits, 2 million bytes
i reread
symbols is just bytes, ascii
sometimes theyll say characters per second

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just use digikey search
discrete LEDs <75mA, i think is the category
i got those from a hong kong guy
yeah supflux package is really even light
wide, too
i know, macegrs shiftbrites use them
usb works really well
youre going to draw maybe 50mA

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you need to diffuse it
a good diffuser for something hack light that is prob going to be really inefficient
so youre going to need way more light than youre going to see
yeah but its prob not setup to deal with a single point source of light
get 90 degree radiation
then run the 20mA LED at 10mA
this is a pretty good rule of thumb
after current, you care about radiation pattern
you want like 90-120 degree LEDs
any less its maybe gonna look shitty any more youre wasting light
psi__: seen bunch of china leds burn out at 20mA
and theyre like all from china now

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depends on color and current and temp
try diff shit and take pics and come back and tell us
its mostly the leads
i think e maybe needs a fuckton of light to get even backlighting
and use it in front of white walls

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no its a shitty space heater =(
they put it on the longest wall and ruined it
i kinda like tho0se tiny electric/ceramix box heaters
with fans
you stove has pretty nice tits
heh thats the best one so far
my stoner LEDs arrive tomorrow and i still havent bought a PSU
this pic does not arouse
what do you mean
pls2be less ambiguous

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how the fuck do you hold the pipe
or youre just treading aluminum stock with it?
urmom is paste
mt fireplace is electric
it has a remote =\
electric space heater
with fake wood and glass background and like fake fire
no irts meant to look like a fireplace

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-23:19 <@BlackMoon> heh, I got one of there big ass handles too, its like 20" wide

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heh how long is the 1 1/4" tap?
and wtf kind of handle does it have

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so i put them in a stack of little boxes
tomorrow im going to try and dolly them to other hackers car
they prob all fall on top of me when i lean tha dolly back
ren = flat

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heh i filled a box with toroids today
then i couldnt move it =(

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