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so when they fail at some task over some reidiculous period of time
i get the task with almost no time
its kinda fun but theres guys are paid salary, way more than me, and only show up like 25-30 hours a week
so theyre prob getting paid 2x to 3x more than me if you calc hourly
and they dont know *basics*
they know how i feel about it
head boss guy and HR lady
but the actual work itself and the couple people who im friends with, best job i ever had
so im pissed because incapable mfkrs fakin it gonna get the whole department shut the fuck down

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dude you can do it yourself fuckin lazy ass
hire a mexican itll be gone the next day and some mexican kids will go to college and the fridge will have beer for years
hes not a shop hes a garage
he prob likes time
half awesome half frustrating
the work is awesome, theres a few people good at what they do
most the coworkers are unqualified idiots
overpaid uncapable techs with engineer titles

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haas mini was pimp
if you get it without the little turret changer you fail at life
(we only managed to jam that thing up once while i was there!)
changes make CNC like 1000% more convenient
tool changers

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= profit
use the money to get something youll use more

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yeah i just needed a bit drivers and they were all fucking up and i decided to fix one
the other fools changed the brushes a week earlier, im like great but i dont think thats it
rab: awesome

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because theyre cheap
dewalts die tho
we have 4 dewalt drill/bit drivers at work only one always works
ripped traces on speed controller PCB
yeah well use the fuck out of it and it will fail
theres a little PCB in the trigger switch assembly that has a pwm controller and a power transistor
and the solder joints fuckup and the traces on the pcb rip and the actual switch wears
really sucks
yeah ours are abused
we have a makita too
works awesome
but maybe because its been like underused
i have a coleman!
my mom brought it home from costco years ago
its a rebranded dewalt i think
wtf no im not dewalt QA
i solder bridged them
it just breaks again
the trigger switch gets kinda intermittent too, i think

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yeah hand tools from there are ok
its the same shit as home depot
some of its is like, same china factiry
diff color handle
and that shit breaks you just feel stupid or angry you dont die
dude they just break
its shitty cast metal
maybe its central forge that sucks
dude you drop a wrench on the floor and it just breaks, its useless
inittab: we have a set of open/box end wrewnches at work
like 3 are broken, and the metal inside looks like shitty cast metal

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horror/fate tools
theres good shit there but its all fuckin chinese
so i mean like, next guy could buy the same exact thing you did, lasts 10 years for you
explodes and kills him
its funny because its sad
grinders scare me
if a wheel explodes your face is gone
dude that shield aint doing shit
it will put the shield in bits into your face

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`nerobro: heheh
what parts are you making?
i was going to put shelves up last night but i got all tired from moving shit and then the drill batteries were dead
oh sweet
what are you using for spindle motor and tool holding?
ha, fast
i wonder how much runout on one of those
thats pretty good
thats new per spec or measured or what?
after use?
thats alot better that i would have guessed
yeah i wouldnt doubt they could do it new
like, id be worried about in a year
tho the cost of dremels kinda negates that, i guess

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heheh @ timecop + compressor
also neat @ quiet
its fucking early yo
i need to setup my CNC at work
i got all my shit there but i forgot the spindle wrenches, heh

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theyre the only one besides frys

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omfg i made like one thousand trips to the volvo with the dolly

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k nite
i have to go pack more stuff and shove into volvo
with what stud finding or drilling holes?
shit i hope the drill batteries are charged

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i thought it would be more
(i has that at work)
`nico: the nails
thats how electronic stud finders work
except they beep withing like 2" of the nail from any direction, kinda useless
also you can dodge the nails when drilling into the studs

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too much $$$
also itd get fucked up way quick
its so you dont fuck up shit youre working on or shit youre working on doesnt fuck up the table
were using some short commercial carpet one some of the benches at work, doesnt seem staticy
i have a big sheet of unclad FR4 that i do alot of work on at home
so i can put that on top

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`nico: hi
i got fixins for shelves, feer
no like shelf rails and brackets and screws and screws and washers and lock washers and 18x72" MDF
for my bench
also i got neo magnets from all electronics to find studs
omg that shit is so much better than the goofy LED/beeper stud finder
need to go buy carpet to put on top of workbench

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okay so neo magnets are way more fun/accurate to stud find with than those goofy led/beep indicator toys

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