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that guy always beating up his gfs

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matching transformer
impedance matching transformer
maybe line balance transformer or balancing transformer
timecop: did you find on yet that sounds neat

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dude in TV shows bad guys can fire off like 1000 rounds
maybe 10 yards range
hot nothing every time
neat so like, mini vacation starts in 17 hours
aaaw, kitty is passed out on top of his catnip infused cardboard scratch box thing
pour it in
it came with the catnip that i poured in

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reza: hahahahaha
imagine doing design without the internets
like where you had to drive down to a distributor, pay a couple $$$ for a manufacturers databook
and then you have to like find these parts for real you can just like, clickclick, or you has this many i stock at this proce break
ok laundry is rescued i can go back to sleeps
heheh @ hitting snipers at 3mi w/ ak47

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im hungry

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`nico: every hacker or pirate story i seen on cable news, they always flash a screenshot of IRC on a console for credibility

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