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urmom is one clock
shitty phone receptio is shitty
dude youre doing ? like that statement actually made sense

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no idea
looks like it has one for the boiler on models with the broiler pan drawer
yeah really

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and im pretty sure gas ovens always put the burner below
yeah that would suck
has a gas stove
yeah but do you have the little drawer on the bottom with a cooking tray
theres prob a steel plate above the pots
and the burner is prob above that
yeah burner looks like a thick tube with holes
part 4 page 9

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youre freaking me out
wire brush the oven burner
do you have a broiler?
if you dont have a broiler you maybe cant get to it

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squeeking mouse clicker is fucking annoying

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i just get shit sent to work now so my luck lately is double plus

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amazon search it for authors and publisher info
my books are all still in a big heavy box
its like a 2 semester textbook for non-electronic majors
my book is practically ruined i read it so much
also fedex guy threw it onto my 2nd story balcony from the street
so the binding and a corner were already fucked up when i got it
good that i found it before it rained or something

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ro12: yeah what danielson said, theyll stop clicking when they dry out
and for the oven you prob gotta clean out the burner in the broiler area if it has ones
i dont think that thing is made to come out
no idea
i learned basic shit from teachers and textbooks
and more advanced shit mostly from app notes and data sheets
if you can find 'art of electronics' in pdf, reading the first couple chapters and skimming the rest is the best thing i can think of

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i dont even answer my office phone

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your decisions made during difficult situations define you
everyone can act cool when everything going okay
he either gave the pendants away or he didnt watch them and they were stolen
and he paid the entertainment before he paid the artists
if he didnt make a profit, he obviously had the money to cover the losses but chose not to, didnt even make an effort to show he was concerned over not paying
and basically lost some friends over it
from what i gather, if he had acted almost any other way he could have prob gotten away with not paying and still been on friendly terms with these people

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hasnt responded to her emails concerning the situation, and was seen going on about which $800 camera lens he should buy after the show
so yeah, fuck that guy and since i know who it is, hopefully i dont have to see him because id have to get all very rude and possibly other things
haha if he did get with her (doubt it but who knows), hes screwed up another chance and burnt his reputation with quite a few people

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dude do i have to explain this to you every 6 months ot what
macegr: coincidentally, i discovered this weekend that the guy you said had said they had hooked up with my friend is actually the guy who screwed her out of like $180 few weeks ago
i pointed to a neat 4x6" canvas painting on exgf's wall and said that one was still my fav and she mentioned how he was the guy fucked jfur over
but yeah, he took a bunch of her pendants for a show he did on agreement that he could have 30% and didnt come back with pendants or money
didnt apologize or even fake an effort to make things good
noted he didnt really make any money of that show

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was like, 2 simulated turkey tofu italian sausages, 12oz of this tofu ground meat, one normal can each of pinto, kidney, and black beans, onion, garlic, big can of diced tomatoes, big cup of red wine, mad cayenne pepper powder, italian blend seasonings, etc
yes very
anyway everyone <3 the chili
also the salsa verde recipe i stole from exgf's mom, i was schooling people on how to do it at the motor inn we got too stay at for free for two nights
oh also celery in the chili
i upload pics from the weekend
pls hold
damn left that hdd at work
luckily i put it on both hdd

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timecop was doing little fortresses with vias last i saw =)
dx^: i made some vegan chili for the german exchange vegetarian i road tripped with last weekend
well, for all of us but it was vegan because of her

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maybe its some twist and lift deal
im not sure, but my guess is they feel glued because theyre dirty with some sort of residue, thats possibly whats causing the reduces flame
i dont have a page 17
yeah but if it dont budge and you feel like it might break call them and ask
oh, that sucks
thats so awful
yeah shows the burner cap being lifted off
so its prob dirty
bbl, phone

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yeah looks like this one all done with threaded fittings
maybe check if parts 16 and 21 are dirty
the little caps, they prob have the gas exits for the burner
if its not that its maybe the valves or pipes, that stuff doesnt look so easy to get at
can you just lift those up?
glued, weird
no i mean the pipes from the valves to the lower portion of the burner assembly is threaded
usually those pull right off and i dont see any fastening hardware in the diagrams

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and on the stoves ive had usually there was like a pipe for a pair of burners
not that one
like right at the burner right under the top surface of the stove
you can lift it up to clean underneath alot
in one stove i had, you could remove the burner assemblies and their feed pipes to clean the whole thing
dude they prob build them 100 diff ways so i dunno if you can even lift that up on yours
yeah maybe but the ones i remember using, it lifts up like on a hinge
the front
like a care hood
i was always kind of amazed how loose the mating tolerances was on all those parts
i guess because its low pressure and the burners are pretty open relative to any gaps its not a big deal
yeah maybe on your stove you cant access the stuff

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okay guys
when i said mare was evading a ban, it was a joke as i knew the bots probably reset the ban by themselves
my apologies for misleading you all, etc etc
also, hi
ro12: maybe the gas feed tubes got misaligned or something
prob more likely than the tubes being dirty
but yeah if i remember right on stoves ive had, the burner assemblies and gas tubes were somewhat floating
yeah that could be it, but i remember those tubes being huge, like .75" at least
yeah if you lift the top panel of the stove alot of times there is like pipes attaching to the burner assemblies

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ST has a cool dual chip, i like it way more than natsemi LM4780
doesnt have like 20+ pussy little pins, its in package with 11 fat pins, kinda 3886 style but wider
anyway fuck solitaire, have you played freecell?
that shit is hard yo
yeah set to like big
sometimes its like FIRST CLICK DEAD

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well you have two hours to figure it out i guess
heheh, laters
so its pretty neat im doing at work was i was doing at home for fun like 3 months ago
k bye
hahaha i copied files to my hard drive and then almost left without it =(
chan is alive again
sculptor: chipamp modules

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k tiem for werks
ha i was thinking that
is mare still here
he tab completed so i guess so
hi i already banned him hes ban evading
yeah weak ban anyway, i didnt set it irssi did

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read man pages

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so dont use them

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hey fu my best friend does spanish fansubs for bad movies on cinemageddon

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fuck EDA For Kids
what do you mean if i had my PC running all night
you turn your PC on/off all the time?
cold starts is bad for your hard disk drive bearings, sir
timecop: wake up and help danielson
wtf is bleach by db
prob shouldnt have asked that
well yeah moon said it so its likely
wtf duh timecop how is a skipping layers on a 2 layer board =(
does he still do that?

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morning hackers and hackettes
danielson: you just isolate the vias on layers you dont want it to connect to

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