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well stop thinking that
whats x10 carrier freq?
so like, all modern households

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yeah usually
this Floridas Natural Most Pulp oj tastes like fucking oranges
no like orange juice like like biting into an orange
heh i was buying Lots Of Pulp and not shaking it up for like 2/3 the carton
i dont watch commercials
anyway, like the pulp would settle and id get like non pulpy oj
then the last 1/3 would be like Ultramega Pulp oj
omg wai

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tho when we go to italian deli for lunch i usually get cream soda =\
the best one comes in a bottle with the IBC logo molded in
and has no nutricional info on it
the one that tastes almost as good but not as sweet has like 200 calories per bottle and i usually drink two =\
im usually having a big sandwich or pizza or tortellini with it =\
ill buy croutons or gardettos snacks and eat the whole thing =\
shit is like 800-1200 calories
yeah salsa is good for you its just vegatables and peppers
sunflower seeds is weird
like 1000 calories slowly over 5 hours
least its all protein

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then brown meat, drain, add wine, soy sauce, garlic salt, lemon pepper
after you cook everything it all fits into one pan
i have 3 days worth of stir fry and sticky rice \o/
i got turkey italian sausage left
yeah i came back from long weekend vacation and none of my food matched
like, humus, tortilla chips, and pork potstickers
that sucks
volvo needs ATF
i drink filtered water and oranje juice, mostly

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wtf is bart shooting trial
maybe because were used to it
damn as fucked up as that sounds, it kinda makes sense
no other sane reason i can think of, other than convenience for the legal professionals involved
unit41: had to go shopping, and i only have one big pan and its not very big
so first stir fry broccoli, chinese peas, green ionions, garlic
then brown almonds and water chestnuts

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stirfry almost complete

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haha my shit has a drive N
stupid cardreaders
it depends how busy it is
new posts push the old ones off
yeah its like 3 to 20min
oh neat
haha yeah theyre weird to play
its so low, you feel that shit vibrating in your whole body
i bet PVC will sound like, too clean

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i need some mfkn stirfry
also milk
naw i live in LA, we prove this is not always neccessary
long as you get a few deep breaths during the winter, you good for another year
also pls2reference mexico city
smoggiest city is also the most populated
the obvious conclusion is smog increases birthrate

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you start at zero not 1
dev building binaries
theyre billions of those guys you know at least 300K do it

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well like pulls
doesnt melt tho, does it?
wrapps around the tool probably
i wonder how well it deals with finish cutting
like no depth high speed low feed
that makes sense
if youre using a 64b distro itll prob install gcc setup for 64b
if youre compiling on 32b for 64b, good luck

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i hate grinding/sanding plastic
delrin doesnt count
or acrylic/pc
everything else sucks mostly
i bet that cutting board plastic machines pretty good, tho
put it on the pcb if its in the app circuit for that chip
you can always leave it out
or like it tears in strips?
kinda like wood i guess

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danielson: all it has is free rotate, i think
they maybe changed it
yeah i remember it being like a drag to rotate thing

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rab: i think you can use it instead of flour for alot of stuff
like, weird brownies and cookies, like oatmeal
is a short list, no...
more sugar than corn syrup, neat
hey like i always forget to take vitamins but i guess i dont
i checked like most of that stuff is 25% daily value
and i eat like 2x the serving they have on the box

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i kinda wanna make chili again
me too!
rab: yeah like souffles and lots of sweet stuff
like its good with vegatables and like, cream sauce or something oily/buttery/bad for you
like those crispy onion things or those noodly crackers
hamburger/meatloaf filler for sure
it doesnt even taste like corn kinda just tastes like milk and crunch
like they rinse the corn flavor out or drying it out messes it up or who knows

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that sounds chinese for sure
i have 5 boxes of cornflakes and no milk
(target deal you had to buy 4)
no only cornflakes
has to be the kellogs shit too
no faker flakes yo
i kinda like most those granola cereals
but i cant eat more than a couple bites that shit is too sweet
cornflakes is like, neutral with perfect crunch

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you should prob ask a lawyer or cert lab
and not random lawyer like some sort of technical lawyer
rab: wow they do that?
dunno look around on kit sites theres maybe a kinda standard disclaimer
well but if you make little devices
like a fan controller, or timed relay driver
like you could standardize tho and have a reel burnt
and then use them as needed for multiple products
yeah but sometimes china factories suck at everything
too small

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hahaha @ china swapping firmware on multiple small uC on a pcb
bound to happen
yeah sucks
you pay a lab to abuse all your shit
like you make this awesome amp
then youhave to change it because it doesnt work at like 40% overvoltage with clipping signal jacked in
like, YEAH DUH
and theyre fucking cheap
id have to learn
prob take couple weeks to get confident with it
and im assuming good docs and tools which maybe isnt the case i dunno
seravita3: im pretty sure yeah

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macegr: neat i can think of like 4 or 5 things to do with them already
are they .34?
omg we have sot23 avr now?
wow .80 for a reel
whatever if its avr architecture it is win
maybe next year
it doesnt have to be powerful
just for fan controllers, led controllers, sensor comm, relay drivers
alot of that shit we end up doing with like comparators and a 10uF cap or something similar
so cost is prob comparable

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hey i did code for that once
what are pic10f, 5 pin jobs or what?
ooo, sot23-6
wow up to 24 bytes of rams
no if it was an avrfreak project leadtime on first prototype would be infiniti

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lets op avrfreak just to see wtf happens
hahahaha ya rly
half the ops are bots or inactive
also few of us dont irc from work
macegr: beep kevtris he knows more PIC stuff than any of us i think

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blackmoon: ertyu prob needed someone to babysit
i need to go purchase some cannabis
ps2 keyboard is like $6
thats hash oil
and that shit never evaporates completely
so you did, for years
good job

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mare is msging me =(
haha he wants me to msn him, i guess to help him find a replacement transistor
thats pretty impressive, asking the op who banned you for help
thats not real stu
stu is hiding on freenode
trying to act like he belongs there
like wtf i been there like 6 or 7 years
yeah charles is there with him
its funny because a lot of people in freenode/#electronics are there originally to get away from stu
i think he still has me on ignore
prob for the best
ops there know who he is
yeah im gonna have to agree with the freak on that one

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oh so i forgot to say yesterday
i got work to buy me the $500 license for eagle layout pro
same day, local management had to deliver a slap in the face from florida HR
heheh, they had to be all YOU CANT WRITE EMAILS LIKE THIS TO HR!
then they apologized alot for having to deliver said slap from HR lady
yeah they basically want me on eagle doing layout like 90% of the time
like, design a whole system in two weeks!
heh, i did a BOM from digikey, without connectors and transformer it was $9 (50% my budget)
china came back with their pricing, w/ connectors

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you can divide zero by anything
his dematerialization was just coincidental
you dont know that he was going to divide zero by zero just that he was going to divide zero by something
yo dawg is something different
k laters

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ha i dont think i set that mask
a ruler and a pipe to hold your spool?
yeah basically
well, i banned him like i dunno two weeks ago or something
but the bot undid it so someone put it back on the bot
all our shit is done in china so its prob some farmer girl with a ruler and manual wire cutter
haha and like a 6ft spool of wire

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yeah i think i seen it at osh
i got one of those crimper/stripper/cutter/boltcutter things from there, decent shit
dude dollar store ones break on 16awg
the top jaw thing just breaks off =(

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yeah but its inside the handle so its useless for alot of work
but the wtripper looks pretty neat
similar stuff ive used is either bit to simple to work consistent or its some complicated constantly breaking goofy assembly on a handle
alot of car people bitch about that
i maybe get one of those
i have an autostripped i barely use so i guess its not that awesome

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hello channel peoples

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