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blackmoon: 7sec boot time, small installation footprint (limited drivers)

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my asus mobo already has that
boots before the bios/post screen
id have to use web ssh/irc?
fuck that

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woah its like theyre taking on m$ and intel all at once

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yeah im not sure it does as well as hydraulic fluid tho
anyway it should be pretty stiff after a few pumps
like you should be able to stand on it

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its because they drive the engines to hard and the bottom end just gives up
depends on the car but that sounds right, kinda long
you can do everything yourself pretty easy
except brakes
and if its all disks thats not hard either
haha go dump that
oh that sucks
prob needs bleeding
it might just be the booster tho
some are like that
pump it when the car is off
you should feel it stiffen up
yeah i guess youre discharging the booster
if its still way smooshy you need to have your brakes bled
theres air or water or something in your lines

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depends on the car
some its just channels thru the block, not open deck like that

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WARNING! Create an empty directory /data and CHMOD it to 777!
heh @ 777
heh @ hole in side of the honda block
i seen lots of dead engines like that sitting in honda shop lots

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someone decided
heh if we drop ship to other countries from china
like maqybe land shit in a warehouse
have it sit for 2 days then put it on a plane to europe
does that count as an american export?

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timecop: did you hit buy before or after their ship deadline?
like 7p CST or something
if you hit it before thats fucked up
hmm wat
hey when you ordered was their backordered parts?
then yeah wtf
macegr: i dont like blunts =(

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damn, neo magnets gonna put a hole in my fridge door

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avr or arm, dac, done
oh also add butans

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does that look like 7s to you guys or what?

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i need to make a board for that adsr dds synth code i did on stk500
8 buttons was fucked up i couldnt play anything
run out of notes =(
blackmoon: neat article, too long tho gotta go =\
itll shake just give it a year for the bearings to burn up or the chassis casting to wear or flex
maybe what killed the cap killed the IC
how come when i hit end on my new logitech wireless kb, 7 happens
but home acts like home

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he wants to like plug a power strip type deal in and thats it
so use a standard wireless solution
get avrfreak to school you on the zigbee or something
k sorry

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theyre assholes if they dont
opto driven triacs or solid state relays and a microcontroller
just do it with a comm cable
wtf like one chip
or you mean the power supply
yeah if you mean xmas 2010
debugging this should be a nightmare
if its not, you just havent tried it in enough outlets/houses

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you ac couple it
its prob just riding HF pulses on the mains, and the recievers have a narrow bandpass
its prob a few ohms
you pull amps off an outlet it will usually sag
would have too
yeah its called a cap and a load resistor
tho i bet they run a bandpass at the carrier freq

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