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you guys are practically neighbors!

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wtf @ 3 numbers, need pics
that could be totally awesome
i thought hes being with this girl for awhile now

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thats not from enter sandman

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its some kind of embedded windows
on some hp scopes you can play solitaire

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quarter supply is replenished \o/
fuck vons they wouldnt give me any
grocery store, supermarket, etc
laundry machines

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you internet provider
you tubes man jezus fuck

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unlimited isnt unlimited

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kevtris: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/11/3d_renderings_of_the_mandelbrot_set.html

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panasonics part ordering system is broken wtf
is magnavox still around?
who owns it
oh haha
oh now its working

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i use torrentz.com now
yeah same deal, searches a bunch of trackers
i think torrentz might have comments but no one leaves any
so you have to click on the tracker links and check

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haha, the scene from clockwork orange where he attacks the lady with the ceramic penis
youve never seen it?
no wasnt it
haha check out the painting on the wall

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so shes doing these giant tongues, and i guess coating some with clear epoxy to do the slober
three clicks in on the bottom right
heh i dont know if i could live with one of those on my wall
hey wtf pc and phone say 9:50 but my alarm clock said 10a like an hour ago

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no but i got her a pair of these fishnet body suits and she wrapped one of her ceramic tongues in one of them
damn google knows alot of people with exgfs name
damn they did the online gallery all in flash so you cant just link the pics

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they have exgf's giant ceramic tongues =\
damn they got none of this guys art posted
gpf: heh

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so when i went to chico and exgf showed me around the new grad studio they built, there was this guy doing big ink on paper drawings
was like HR giger sketches of his airbrushed new york series, only with curves and circle and shit
so yeah i want
haha i found the MFA gallery

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wankel rotary =D
seriously if you say rotary around the car people, most of them prob arent thinking horrible balanced radial aircraft engine
that lego thing prob is a big radial engine tho
yeah i know that, theres alot of planes use like, normal radial engines
which make alot of space for something at the front of a plance
wtf @ rotating engine block tho

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yeah most people call those rotary
isnt that a radial engine
A rotary engine is an internal combustion piston engine used in some early motorcycles, cars and aircraft. In this type of engine the radially-mounted cylinders rotate about a fixed crankshaft. Early designs also included single-cylinder and twin-cylinder configurations.
Rotary engine may also refer to:
Pistonless rotary engine - pistonless internal combustion engines, e.g. the Wankel engine used in NSU and some Mazda cars
get over it
i dont think people are mixing up giant radial aircraft engine with small wankel rotary engines for cars
thats legos

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