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timecop: i cant fakerace i havent figured out to use my dfpro from a couch
need to make a small shelf or something
weird so im about to order sl-1200mk2 parts from http://www.pstc.panasonic.com/
like i somehow dont believe this is going to work so easy

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haha wat

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seravita3: hey fuck i
you can take sqrt(-1) and shove it

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i just use some K type wire twisted at the ends =\
ha i have thise monster one i got from exgf's studio
like 12" long with maybe 1/4" rod elements
hmm maybe like 3/16"
but the two rods when thru some ceramic cylinders to keep them gapped
and couple those had cracked so they didnt want it anymore
the spot welded that did the end is prob a huge monster

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ha you went from almost all right angles to almost free form
those are vertical TC connectors?
neat, how much are those?
no big deal
theyre not like more then a couple $ are they?
prob at some point i end up doing some TC based system for one of the mud peoples (ceramic artists)
thats not so bad i guess, thermocouple probes not exactly cheap
seems pretty fair

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in 5, with some thought, i think you can fix it
but when i suspect it to be an issue (whenever i cut/paste something with labled nets in schematic for example) i delete and redraw any named net
also a good reason not to name nets when you dont need to
i usually put those text labels next to my named nets
and when i copy, it doesnt change those so i know shit is about to be fucked up
but i dont know if it copies net names if you didnt text label them
i assume so, but zee germans can be eccentric
i can see their logical reason for only doing it with text labeled nets

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no this is actually someone else has broken into my house and is using my pc
eagle 5 or 4
and either delete the whole net and redraw it or load an autosave
4 has a dialog asks if you want to rename the segment or the whole net
in 4, i just remember deleting and redrawing a lot of shit
like i think it has some sort of selectable option but usage and results were random, best i can recollect
best advice, as soon as you know you did it, just hit undo until it unhappens
even in 5 i dont think its perfect, there were times it decided that two segments were one for some reason
and i needed to split those, i end up deleting, redrawing, renaming
dude ive done it like, VCC to gnd or something retarded like that
and ended up redrawing a bunch of the schema and i think the layout too

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amp didnt have an attenuator?

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these guys too
its prob horrible, heh
b&c prob making the best available 21" woofer right now
250W is like, low power where i work =\
i have a pair of 80s fishers!
they have some sort of foam/paper composite cone
old speakers are old
and big

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hahaha, I tested m-audio AV40 the other day
little active monitors with a built in passive xover
that shit would get up to clip power on the tweeter output with 1%THD
like around 24W
the low end would clip with a watt or two of the high end, but couldnt get past 3W at 1%THD
it wasnt mains hum fucking the measurement either
at 80Hz, it could only do 2W =( =( =D
so i dont think it was the ST chipamp doing that, was prob the caps in the low end xover
B&K do some neat shit
B&K yeah, B&K Precision not so much
bruel and kjaer pop up just above b&k precision when you google search b&k
buy a cap from partsexpress.com

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because they tried to use bipolars and the results were total shit and they didnt have enough time to redo the design so they went film
they prototyped in film
win for the customer, tho
fuck arguments
i did freq response sweeps of diff RC filters with them vs film
and then tested the film and the bipolar caps with an LCR bridge tester
and laughed when results were as expected
didnt need to
i could have tho its just a clicky in a dropdown and hit go again =)
they have software that will generate response/impedance plots based on measured impedance and response curves of the speakers
so like, capacitance was all off at mid and higher frequencies, so they crossovers didnt perform like the software said they should =)

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they just kill offset
normally you do with with a big series cap in the feedback
but you have to use a huge cap to get very low end response with standard feedback resistors
so servo becomes a decent option because its prob cheaper than the cap, itll have better Vos performance, and will extend freq response to subsonic
to test amp damping?
just another day
thats why your system doesnt have them
ha we have film caps in one of our systems

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which speakers
the tweeter prob wont be happy down to 1.5KHz
and if your 6" cant do decent that high youre basically out of luck
you could maybe try damping it but it prob wont help that much
if you really want to improve it, the first thing i would do is buy film caps and air core coils for it
same value
theyll be really big
but bipolar electrolytics arent linear in performance vs freq at all
massive ESR compared to the load
itll sound shit
youll have a huge gap in your response
servos are a waste for most active full range systems
unless its a bridged or parallel setup
not much

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kevtris: leads to other issues =)
maybe 2/3 of our products are active
like 9/10 of all the KRK shit is
whats a voice coil dome
anyway if its a two way, its normal for the woofer to be used up to like 2-4 KHz
thats a dust cap
metal tweeters suck
they ring
anyway, you cross those tweeters much lower, theyll likely die
the high xover freq may have been chosen because of the shitty bipolar cap
they drift so the actual xover freq can be significantly lower
much lower and youre approaching the tweeters resonant freq, and you dont want to drive it at that range
kwangpony: depends on the cone material, that type of distortion is really need to watch with triggered slow motion strobe =)
buy film caps
and an air core inductore
in the same value

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linkwitz riley is a special case of the bessel, when used in xovers you get a delay that basically phase matches your filter output
like, one cycle delayed
but since your drivers prob have inherent delay, it prob wont end up quite as magical as expected
tho i dunno maybe youre not making a crossover
did you calc that?
you need to do a freq response on the raw driver loaded in its intended cabinet to know the impedance at and around crossover to get a meaningful roloff value
sounds reasonable for a tweeter
kevtris: if the world was perfect
for making standalone speakers you got no choice
in some pro audio apps you can sell biampable speakers
but usually they need to have a built in bypassable xover to actually sell

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dunno thats kinda debatable
heh, its the only instrument that will produce a long, droning bass tone like in drum n bass
some because called the detuned competiting saw waves a 'reese bass', reese being an australian producer who did them first
so the influence is prob a dige, heh
psi_: in most cases you dont want them in sync
because it produces a bump in aplitude before roloff
tho you can take advantage of this, for example to get a bass boost before low end rolloff (google chebychev filter)
yeah butterworth or bessel is safe
one is max flat amplitude response, other is max flat phase response, i always mix up which is which
their response is pretty similar

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they sell em at venice beach pretty cheap
like $30 i think
prob sounds too good
like a horn or something
smoking frogs

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you bought an epoxy one?
you were going to wait a month
so youre enjoying yourself!
theyre weird because all bass
you can prob move it 6" and get diff sounds
you played it outside yet?
yeah theyre fun, way easier than brass instruments to play
kinda like a tuba
_unreal_: they dont have reeds, so basically same deal
prob help your concentration more
trying to do that shit hurt my brain
yeah ive not even played with them for a couple hours

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heh @ front fell off
wind instruments are pretty sloppy in this respect
heh @ spit valves on brass instruments

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USA ripe for holocaust.
Man evolves from teenager -
in cube metamorphosis
but ignores teenager to worship a male mother,
guised in woman's garb,
churchman called father.
Adult god is adult crime
upon their own children.
More holocaust deserved.
heh, awesome
okay laters people

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wtf is chiro

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youre supposed to just read the source code
all of it in a couple minutes, and Just Know

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thoughts on the ending?
i think they all got blowd up
danielson: youve seen full metal jacket, a clockwork orange, and the shining?
also eyes wide shut, but only for the shot of nicoles ass dimple when shes just in a bra

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09:22 <+TekniQue> RF is voodoo
09:22 <+TekniQue> anyone who properly understands it is properly scary
tru dat
big light = wtf
looks normal
heh dx^ has stories

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and eventually another one
and new people from farms or other city jobs take their place
but everything ive heard, you go to a china factory twice and its almost never the same people on the work floor
some of the techs and the managers/engineers stay the same
i said that

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blackmoon: heh
then do the manually one at a time
or draw diff pour areas
yeah its not a big deal
i always get those solo pads coming off
like ones that are THP but the trace hits the pins on the other side
sucks when youre doing rework soldering from the top
we got samples they had reworked from burnt boards, they lifted tons of those pads
you really think they have a guy who has done 2M pads?
they prob do 10K before finding another fucking job, job the week before was prob picking rice or some shit
zzzz_: wtf
blackmoon: no really china sucks at these things
most factory workers arent there for very long
and we never have them hand assemble proto PCB because it takes them days and they fuck it up
not odd
its all auto insertion and wave soldering
or reflow
russia is just english china
but in russian
danielson: no they find another job

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i dont do thermals to vias
you want thermals on your through hole pins in your pours
if its not thp why even bother with vias
then he prob doesnt neat thermals except around the IC
assembly, moon
so turn it off for vias
indidually if you have too
i dont know how in diptrace, but in eagle i dont do thermals or holes in the soldermask for vias
zzzz_: hi

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wtf is that lines/hatch fill shit anyway
you are trying to disperse current flow or what
the lines shit seems dumb, it drops all your returns onto the edges of the pour
like, almost def higher impedances, and youre bringing stray H fields closer to signal and power traces
least the hatches thing you have a semi direct return path
likely with less capacitance to signal and power
i think maybe its because it looks cool?
hey look what my pcb editor can do?
all the intersecting traces, id thing there would be issues with fabrication, like some hatch intersections being eaten away a bit too much

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