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timecop: re: ie6 myspace: sounds like you win this time

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i dont even know wtf it is
if its like mail and irc why do i need it
i have those
im going to clean my mfkn b-o-n-g
wow 6
are they almost up to 9 now
how much of the internet does work for you?

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why is my place always so hot when i get home =(

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ha yeah totally
everyone knows when i gone outside to smoke
teknique: broken or shorted flexpcb lines to multiplexer or similar circuitry at the end of the panel
this is my ongoing theory on laptop lcd fail
inittab: newegg/bestbuy/frys?
theyre okay back to job thing

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longcat: wat
thats not productive!
oh this is at work?

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hers are stacked
also shes like 500mi away
neat she says she asked that guy about $$$ for the weird techy pen sketches
you prob need to boost it somehow
i made a big stick dipole for one of those to get one to interfere with a little powered speaker
but it was at like 6" range
our systems dont have recievers tho
it was just decoding the audio via magic
so maybe works better to jam shit

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if its radio sourced
damn i ate half the pizza already
exgf got an eee and shes mailing me from the laundromat

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poor kevin

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dude buy them from mcmaster
itll prob still be china shit but itll be way better china shit
maybe home depot/osh/lowes has them
i wonder when the box from cadsoft gets to work
you dont have home depot/osh/lowes?
they prob have better hardware selection and its prob better hardware

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yeah i heard 18k
that sucked
hey these speakers are okay

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that antialiasing is prob high end response
most people dont like it
so when they hear alot of it on a good reproduction, they dont like it
high end response in a system
speakers do weird shit in the high end, and most people listen to music that rolls off the high end in some way
so when they hear alot of high end from a cd quality recording, they dont like it
i can heay beyong 16
oh wait im like, 30yo
wow, *hear beyond
yeha i can hear 16 but not so much 17
its like half of the last audible octave
not even, like 1/3
no idea

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blackmoon: in soviet russia too
they still make tubes, couple factories
and some in eastern europe
kinda but it doesnt go anywhere and its for analog
there are big tubes and like, they put the analog into the space between the tubes to get to other tubes to make it analog again
old american tubes = $$$

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prob depends on company/part/price/assholes in charge
what do you mean cutting your boards they ate copper?
yeah duh theyre routing its high load
nothing else in the pcb process is
hey are your via drills lined up?
check a bunch because backlash issues maybe wont happen in all of them
yeah i think just the routing tolerance is complete ass
yeah like 3mils maybe
i think its backlash on the drill/route machines
yeah duh
did he test it

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no its shhhh
like 1M/year units and shit
but okay it does have a headphone amp =\
no hes gonna populate some proto boards
its prob gone through a ton of QA
its prob the dies
digital shit i guess maybe its speed stability
but analog shit, they usually gaurantee tighter tolerances on the electrical specs

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prefix with the
f'd by the mann
timecop: if i send you a few boards and parts in like two or three weeks can you stuff and reflow?
just to test, no schedule
k neat
heh its analog

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hey wow that was too easy
i ordered sl-1200 service parts from panasonic online from a parts list and its on its way w/ tracking number

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fucking first time it gets me someplace it paid for itself
hey man if youre working with pallets
every fuicking weekend
for kicks
well then why not get a mfkn forklift if you can afford it
even those little pallet dollys
with the forks on a little jack
everything does
i exprect him to break it in 3 days
wow neat
is there vid of that or what
blackmoon: hahaha
dont steal with rage
you will fuck it up

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actually alot of designs do that for salen key filters
salen key filter = simple 2 pole active filter
but yeah some filter alignments you have a value half of another value
so you pick caps you have and use any resistor, one set in parallel
timecop: so its working?
how long to program
he got a squirt thing

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k so where/what are you
and wtf australians have excellent grammar?
hes dead
you and half the world
wasnt that like 15 years ago now?
guess not
just stock e24 and charge for e96

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haha e96 resistor kits in 100 1k 10k values ends up being like $1200 from digikey or some shit
i think hes australian

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