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interitus: leakage current before reverse breakdown 'zener' voltage
5uA at 11v is more meaningful than 5ua at 1v, if theyre both for 15v zeners
timecop: 6000W(!)
in terms of reverse leakage, yeah probably
maybe not so much difference

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you take them apart, and there are slots in the scroll hub, and a light emitter on one side and pickups on the other
and some sort of detent system for the click
thats not even that dense
its prob reliable tho
and if you have two recievers out of phase, you get quadrature/grey code

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oh you can pic the sensor
optical encoder sensors
k go
are you done yet?
how about now?
they can be rotary
you mouse has one
its an led and some sort of light detectors
and you pass say a disc with holes or slots in is in between the light source and detector
and you can sense speeds and angles and distances
timecop: fool the scroll click
go die
click is something else
and you can do up and down with grey code encoders pretty easy
i think just maybe a d-ff

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maybe they put a trojan on the pc
and they waiting for you to do free dev work for them
wtf is hp
how does it connect to the actual machine
is it steppers or servos?
prob alot of cool shit

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hey dont be pasting goatse in here
well, not all the time at least
we need to like get away from this whole goatsepedoism thing
no in the channel wtf you can have any wallpaper you want as long as you dont paste screenshots of your desktop into the chan
no rainbow bright or my little pony either
you put it back to sarah palin?
the ui/programming software?

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do want
Item location: Kecskemet Victor Audio, Hungary
that system one is far
you just need up to the second QQ
wtf description is useful
get of your 80 wide terminal
so dont

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oh neat in analog aquire mode it fades after awhile and you can set its fade level
hey is there like anything new than youscope
i wonder if rigol updated their software
so what pissed me off was i couldnt pull the onboard DSO storage onto the pc

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yeah contrast control is -11 to 11
invert mode (white on black) kinda sucks, only one constrast setting its even usable and not at off angles
heh, Persist: Off/Infiniti?
that shit never fades
and i dont think there is a wipe key

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haha half price, you asshole
whats normal price, like $1500?
or its something completely more ridiculous
timecop: is the tds backlit?
the rigol has decent backlight and i think unusable to unusable contrast control

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neat, china DSO and new old smalltek both agree on 1khz/3v from the china dso cal output
i think the reason the tek 2335 was sold was because the female bnc are a bit stretched out
like someone had been jacking in wide pin china BNCs
so now you bump the scope a bit and connection gets intermittent, and the square rounds out like input gets all capacitive
trace is way cleaner than on my 2230
timecop: monochrome tds lcd is worse than this?
because that must suck

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its timecop so im assuming its pretty decent speed
tho fkr uses ie6 so who knows
maybe he is like DVD4X 4 LIF
hahaha i got this full size/speed external burner
its [whatever]x MAX SPEED (except for macs)
i got usb its mostly to use with my eee
but yeah the mac speeds were like pc speeds *.66
mines prob worse
i have a 701, celeron + 800x480 w/ 4gb SSD only
hey but my shitspeakers are right on the front bezel flanking the screen, not on the bottom
pretty fuckin pimp, imo

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he keeps bitching about lighting his fish tank
im like just use shiftbrites hes like I HAS 1000 FREE SHIFTBRITES IN FRONT OF ME BUT THEYRE NOT GOOD ENOUGH
depends on how kickass your usb controller and card reader are?
doubt the dvdr burner is the bottleneck

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magnet on a flywheel flying past a fixed coil, or what?
heh isnt that how B&S motors work
wow no shit, on a snowmobile?
i was doing a joke =\
are they even geared or its some kind of clutched CVT or what
oh so its just like, ghetto alt
or something

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watch out tc

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torrentz.com ftw
tho yeah, isohunt is good shit
is that a searcher thing or a tracker thing

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i have an eeepc 701, im pretty happy with it
everything else should be better
mine is 4gn ssd only =\
exgf just got one, has a hdd
we find out

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