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so i have a breadboard with like, dip8 meltprints in them
like you can still use the holes but the plastic is all warped and holes all too big
sharpie comes right off with machine oil
yeah dykem works

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it depends on the opamp
most are fine they just slam to the rail
well, towards it
with a 3v rail alot of amps prob wont swing much past 1v
they usually have a graph
they wear out when you put to220s in them
youre not supposed to but the click in so nice
blackmoon: haha i had some dip8 vregs

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haha what
hey so new semiconductors are going to be gallium or something?
i guess this is what semicorp hackers are working on now, IR guy was talking about how theyre trying to finalize their process
for like, mass production qty?
doped diamonds?
hey thats what congo was about
the criten book
then they made the worst movie ever about it =(
its not rail to rail?
unless youre comparatorizing
itll get you horrible gain error

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i think it might be steel
the oven pan
and yeah but if you burn the aluminum you did it wrong
and since its non stick you use plastic tools
stainless pfft
actually i guess the thing stainless stuff
thick stainless pots and pans suck
they take forever to warm up and cool down
and they dont seem to heat super even
commercial stuff is usually thin stainless
they have really big ovens and stoves tho

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holy shit the lasagna is win
i did it with the ground sirloin
10% fat and i drained most of it
diff in taste is significant, heh
i cook at like 375/400 for like an hour
then like 450 for maybe 15 minutes
so the mozerella/parmesan/romano layer on top gets crispy
then i take it out and wrap in foil and let it sit for an hour
that sucks
my pans is italian shit from hungary
aluminum nonsticky ones
lasagna pan is one of those airgap oven pans
like double walled i guess so it heats more even

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mfkn lasagna almost in the oven
this shit is epic

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my irssi got stuck =O
i wonder if cinemageddon has this

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urmom is linux

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anyway i used a 555 once in school
so no i am not good at 555

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its those
some are bnc+stuff
yes thats a technical term
the cable?
bnc stuff is 50 ohms i think
you can get pomona banana to bnc adapters from mouser for a few $
the china versions suck
china spring steel stop springing
i dont even know how that works
with the threads?
^radient_: use an avr fuck a 555
google avr read the app notes and datasheets, go learn discrete logic and then processor programming
then come back and ask questions

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re-encrypting your encrypted cp?
what scope?
hes got chinaprobes on it
the ones he has on it are under $10
i got an 8 pack for like $70 maybe, iunno
whatever just buy the probes
im just saying the probes in the pic are chinaprobes from ebay
theyre pretty good

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because im familiar with the LEDs and i was pricing/specing them last night
if theres no resistors theyre in series
see he doesnt even have to be in the channel

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ive already taken the assembly apart and put it back together
i got one working okay
but one is all bent stupid
and the gyro mount is a little broken
but yeah compared to shit ive ripped apart at work, from several companies
this thing is fucking awesome inside
assuming theire in series or what?
like 6.3v
the red are like 2.1v nominal and hes using 3
the green and blue are like 3.2v nominal
(using the same leds for bunch of stuff)
oh nm
4 red 3 blue 3 green
so like 9.5v and 8.5v i guess
hey click on that thing for a closeup of the 5chip emitter
those things are done by hand =)
its a trip seeing it under a microscope
no i dont know if they have series resistors or what

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anyway you take apart shit that isnt an sl-1200, its usually pretty ugly inside =(
blackmoon: naw i have a service manual with blowup diagrams and pcb layouts and schematics

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i almost got the black tonearm
but they were baackordered for weeks
i should get the silvers ones like on tuesday
wtf is .za
blackmoon: so that assembly has a height adjust (twist big black ring base), counterweight for the arm (twists up and down the shaft), a little lever that drops arm (fluid damped, weird assembly), and an anti skate knob, which tensions a spring that pushed against the tonearm horizontally
lots of machine screws and cotter pins and those industrial switches in arcade buttons and limit switches

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new tonearms were $60 each, comes with the whole gyro assembly
so these things are like $600/ea new and maybe $400 in good condition used
so im doing pretty ok
so the thing is ridiculously servicable, the mechanical design is like from a diff era
the one thats got the pain worn off and cig smoke strains i think i do all red
and the other one i do all white i think
no no
it just has this two rotating axis mount
the kinda gyro like
bad pic
that drops into...

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so i have to replace the green detent led and the amber speed leds
SL-1200MK2 is like, industry standard turntable
totally servicable, technics/panasonic/matsushita/nipponese shit from the 70s
the thing has a huge rubber base
like maybe 5lbs of rubber
then its got this composite plastic frame
ridiculous heavy frame
blackmoon: just the leds
well, and replace a popup lamp for the stylus with leds
its a shitty incadescent
replacing a lamp with leds
and replacing a few other leds
buts its a 3 phase motor
like, half of the motor is built into the platter itself
so no backlash bullshit
so yeah, like maybe 30 or 40 lbs or rubber, weird heavy composite, and cast aluminum
with feet on rubber suspension
yeah this is basically direct drive standard
so i got a pair of them used, tonearms fucked up
maybe $300 for both

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hey i finally got rid of all the random underwear i had
like i didnt know which were girl peoples and which were my sisters =(
laundry gets mixed up
yes it is
do you fold your underwear too?
i just dump that shit out
like a mfkn dump truck
i fold my pants right away
and i lay all my tshirts flat on top of the basket
then hang them up
never iron and my shit is never wrinkled
i think eck0 been here longer than me
hey man
dont be loggin into that bot
guys what color should i do my SL1200s?
im going to do one full red

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see no i want someone totally smart w/ double plus comm skills because sex and dead time would be awesome
so obviously all these awesome people are taken
someone has some sort of beeping device
sometimes when beep happens it smells like burning
ice bong greater than teh liks
yeah see that never works out
because youll get bored of the sex
and then what
well thats not good
whatevers, you want sex all the time when you have sex all the time you never want it all the time
this is pretty consistent
not i

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also like her close friend is my oldest friend girl
so i cant be a total ass because i disrespect two peoples
and like there is issues because shes like DO YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR FRIEND GIRL
and im like eh eh this my oldest friend i <3 her to death, wat
i feel violated for even having to think about it on someone elses terms quite honestly
hello normal geek person
is she nice
yeah awkward

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like, hey i like you people and everything but FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
yeah me and exgf dont work really
like when i was up there two weeks ago
it was okay and shit but we didnt talk really the last hour, she was playing folk music to piss me off
like, she dropped me off at the terminal and all i said was thanks and gtfo
naw its like, hey i have 10 dogs
so what if i have 11
me and exgf are getting really good at talking about it two days later and not being angry
but fuck all that
im all afraid to be myself around her so fuckit
prob hurting her way more than me =\
i am
thats prob why it didnt work
no balance
fucking everyone used to call exgf the girl version of me
and vice versa

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because it was just thermocouple wire twisted at the end
like, shit is too slow to need PID
i just had the thing max temp adjustment on the vap bros
and it would keep the element full duty until it hit the set temp then shut off
temp would usually be stable within 10F taking bigass drags
or mine
ive been here like 6 weeks i think
my mom
we moved to diff places
no man she cant afford living there if im not helping her
thats why i had to wait until now instead of summer
yeah totally
but she drives me nuts
its be nice to try and have a friendly relationship with her
yeah no trading you keep your mom
thats cool then
yeah dogs are really good for girls
theyll totally die to protect them and it gives them something to take care of
which seems to make them way happy
dog = girls perfect man
it really sucked exgf was really close to her family
and family shit just freaks me out

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ice bong ftmfw
throwt: haha @ talked shit
throwt: my mom paid them like $80 each so they prob love her
like 4 hours of work
volcano = laughable amount of $$$
vap bros ftw
vap bros + homebrew digital temp regulation = ideal
trucks gonna cost um...
my mom only moved like 2mi from our old place
i had a friend who was having money troubles
so he moved to PA to stay with his family
she moved into his apartment building
naw its temp and my thermocouple is hella fast response

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multisim = 2much1app
if you dont understand it fully expect it to catch fire and kill urmom
blackmoon: hi
smelly day workers are smelly
but they moved like all the stuff was impressive

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its usually for multiple supply outputs
yes like bipolar center tapped supplies
k back to endless packing/moving task
this a different beast

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also i have a bunch of the leds in blue and red so i can test out light density
yeah guys where do i get cheaper perfboard
i can get the epoxy .062 .1" unclad/nopads stuff in 17x4.5" from mouser for like $15

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also just try moving the lamp and the speakers and subwoofer around
yes but hard to take seriously from a man going on like year 6 of an led pwm project
digi-tal: i can prob shoot you a rough quote including links to most of the parts for your project thing, its prob going to be bit more $$$, but not really
if i can get cheaper perfboard, should be about what i mentioned yesterday or night before or who knows when

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plugging it in far away just makes the ground loop bigger, so current wont flow as easily but you prob pickup more noise
dunno we usually call them ground breakers but thats the opposite of what theyre meant for i dont remember the real name
you want like a european version of that
yeah i dont think thats the retail name for it either!
usually [something] adapter
yeah ive heard that but if you search for that you wont get retail hits
youre isolating the earth connection
so the audio system is grounded to your PC
it might not fix it
sometimes it makes it way worse
stfu freak

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move it around
cc5: try lifting the ground
you likely have a loop from the power source to the pc to the logitech
check to see if the logitech has a three pin plug
no idea i guess those are earthed thru a ring around the plug or something?
in america, these are pretty useful
theyre 3 to 2 pin adapters with some way to ground to the outlet box
so you plug your 3 pin thing into it, and plug the 2pin adapter into the wall
and you leave the ground wire floating
and you can see really quick if youre prob is ground loops
but no idea what an EU outlet equiv would look like
hopefully not

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TVS = high pulse current zener
sometimes two zeners even
haha like theyll be rated for 500W in a do41, but its prob for half a ms

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gpf: hi

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kwangpony: woooo power testing
kwangpony: we use 6db crest pink noise at work
what does that mean i can do
NSFW tag/untag, what else
what like you review and approve all this shit?!?!

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so Q2 doesnt conduct, so its collector goes high, which means Q1 base is increasing, and so Q1 collector is increasing
er and so Q1 emitter is increasing
eventually Q1 emitter reaches ~25V, and the divider reaches 20.7V, where it is clamped by the zener and Q2 Vbe diode
this causes Q2 to conduct, unless 10K and 2.49K are too much (decrease values and keep same ratio to fix)
Q2 conducting pulled the collector of Q2 and the base of Q1 low, which drops the Q1 emitter below the output voltage
turning the series pass transistor, Q1, off
see its got feedback
zeeshan: K GET IT?

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theres 5v across Q1 CE
says so right there
R1 sets zener current
prob want that to be like 100R
R2 is like, base current for Q1 and load for Q2
try 100R
R3 and R4 form a divider
you set current thru the divider by using the zener voltage and the Vbe to get 20.7 like it says right there
so do like a 10K resistor
R3 sets your output voltage
do like a 2.7K resistor or 2.49K
when voltage on the output is low, the divider mid point is below 20.7V

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how much current?

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