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one more trip!
maybe two =(
blackmoon: hi
throwt: also hi

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so i guess im not sleeping tonight

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yeah thats bad
just move
you dont want this to turn into some court thing
prob just for a few insertions until it wears away

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like 5 or 6 weeks now =(
im done almost
few more hours
two more trips i think
i need my bike, the weber bbq, the compressor, the bed frame pieces, the shop vac
i think thats it
wtf @ 22nd floor
2nd floor is bad enough
its prob better you leave
i know im saying its prob not a bad thing
if your cieling is falling down and shit
Deductions are allowed as follows:
A 20 percent deduction from earned income;
thats just weird
it has a table for eligibility of like, household size vs gross income and net income
then its like, hey 20% dont count

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imductors are weird yo
inductors too
and you dont use inductors over caps if you can avoid it
electron turbines ftw

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proper adj setting is somewhere in between!

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aw damn
who is in charge i dont think hes done anything oppish except maybe ban you in ever

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prob totalled it
that sucks
when my sciatica is freaking out i dont think i could drive stick

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better faster more reliable cheaper
who cares why
we dont do it
we dont tariff imports because were all greedy
so americans have to cut mad corners to make a competitive product
because people wont pay more for american
so the product will be less, in terms of actual value
its not unions fault
its everyones fault
the beaire is irrelevant
extra turning power

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you mean there are stupid people working for people who work for politicians?
also the US car industry fucked themselves for decades then bent over for the gov and begged to get fucked
a line of like 20 cars no one wants
and most people dont even know the names of

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kevtris: happy bday
u r distinctively boriung
curtain that blocks out the sun but lets light in

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and is *

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power, 2 hours, retest for th parameters, if its within acceptable ranges, another 8 hours
its thermal/mechanical ratings, if temp doesnt stabilize well run tests longer
it would be trivial to pwm an led with a fixed pattern...

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its not that bad but i think it took me a couple weeks to really do useful shit with it
and i forgot most of it

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youre better of splitting that gain between the two stages

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