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its not riced it should be fine
how much is it?
oh, lazy mfkr

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echeck was only $2
but i had to like dig thru all sorts of shit to find my checks
they should ban these things
i have like 6 medium boxes of high density junk
somewhere in there is the rest of my checks =(

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annoying they dont take visa and if they did it would be like a $30 fee

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wait i have to pay rent and apply for college
im never going to get to go to sleep again
what do you have?
mines old already or something

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like doing jobs it would be sprays with chips
wow theyre two boards?
the graphics cards
do you guys get software to program it with??
or you have a cam package or what
oh hey i used that its pretty neat
oh wow damn

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my wheels dont go on that part of the asphault
gantry router, no?
vacuum table?
maybe i seen lots of youtube cnc so idunno rly
with spoilboards or one of those weird ones with like retractable vacuum zones
ttmustang: omg those machines are soooo much fun
hey at the pc on the edge of the machine

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`nico: it would also paste up the thru hole and plated mounting holes
how is it eagles fault
it has a layer for paste with DRC settings for gap from soldermask
um you can do that in eagle too
you set mask min diameter
and any vias under that are closed
so wtf are you guys talking about
`nico: also hi
me too i think
im just all exciting to be home and not moving
well i guess im not done i still have to unload the last trip from the failvo
what broke
and my volvo is slowly bleeding ATF =(
well then i should probably clean it
prob because the detergents and shit
its cool guys

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drill isnt gerber
well unless youre sending those goofy drill symbol files
excellon file
timecop: wtf is a proper gerber and why doesnt eagle do it wtf are you talking about?
it would be a remarkable feat of hardware reliability
how do you crash it connected to a UPS hidden under your bed?
cream layer is gapped from mask layer and only for smt pads

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what you mean for every layer or what
um youre a dork, gerber is single layer rs274

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i think i tagged two so far
i know what a stencil is i dont know what you want to do in context of it
paste layer i think
i guess the cream layers
yeah totally, its just SMT pads

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i should learn pads
they use it at the jorb
you tried it again or what?
i dont think it flickers on my box
anyway get over it
what the fuck does that have to do with makin PCBs
oh that
danielson: maybe, prob demo tho
slow cook it yo
paste layer?
i dont know what you mean
you mean actually fabricate the stencil?

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just needed the big box
squiggles for impedance matching

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i really like WA
timecop: no dork i mean like a cap symbol
like, parallel, plates, not a chip cap footprint
*parallel plates (no comma mfkrs
okay sleep is a time called now
after lasagna
so wtf at snail mail eagle license
dude stfu
i can use both
k after u
anyway, i can make shit happen with both, dicktrace is def more annoying
does cool shit but this thing fails at being fast

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it sucks to be a wet cat
whats with the ugly silk
is that supposed to be a little cap in between the pads or what
k im crashin out night

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omg monday + zero hours sleep = suck
urmom is a dominant gene in azns

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they possibly dont share current the same, but its prob not an issue with 1R emitter resistors
im pretty sure i seen it both ways in output stages
maybe, its got feedback kinda
for a follower id prob leave base resistors out

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`nerobro: just do shallow cuts
this is a mill?
naw Al would suck on a drill press
fuse to the cutter
anyway, just do shallow cuts
see how well it does with a small load
they last forever if you use them in their envelope
you push them they chip until theyre dull
hss wears down, its different
how long tho

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yay old place is empty \o/
i have to go to work with zero sleep =(

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