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oh shit
this keygen has midi
'how is your truck machine
have him jump?

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fuck star trek

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so you cant just use other companies when you bought 10K boards
haha sucks
yeah i double you could be reading it wrong 5 times
do they have the same pinout and diff assignments?
or the actual pin landings are diff
i wonder if its because some big customer ordered them built like that
that or a patent issue is the only shit i can think of
maybe the coils are totally diff

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it was goofy

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i dont think mine was plastic
dont remember
oh right
was like button screws and then the machined chassis tube was left
heh it had that spring capacitor thing after the expansion chamber
mine didnt have the compressed air setup

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ha spyders are alot sexier now
i dunno if thats good but it looks neat
theyre decent for the $$$, but yeah
the piranha was like a nice spyder, was overunder blowback but the details were alot nicer

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`nerobro: neat you built a whole marker or just modded the electronics or what?
what gun?
oh haha
i had a piranha for a bit
i think it got stole by my sisters tweaker friends =(

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