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i dont either
i think its chemical
like maybe you drill the PCB
then plate everything
then etch
then mask

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how long to program
and when are you going to buy some sort of easy bake pcb machine
then you can be chinapcb
i dunno
no i mean like, insert blank pcb go make popcorn come back to double sided thru plated PCB
im pretty amazed if no one makes that yet

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hahaha nooo
actually its prob stonger now
and when the other shelves fell off it ripped chunks of well out i had to be like splackling and sanding
but it was just like, two small screw anchors
they are kinda triangular
im not worried about the shelves coming down at all dx
im worried about the wall
inittab: hung cieling =\
so i guess i would need a super tall ladder
and id be drilling and anchoring into concrete probablt
there is wood in the roof but i dunno about where i am there is offices above me
dx^: oh shit i missed the line in between
01:19 <@DX^> you should have added hinges and springs
01:19 <@DX^> or just use triangular braces..

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guys i hung shelf rails at work with drywall anchors because steel studs
do you think all my shit will be on the floor in the morning?
whats diagonal braces
i kinda tugged on it and like the whole wall moves
so its holding on pretty good
also i got long rails so its like 5x #12 screws each
also i machine screwed the wood shelves to the backets with washers and lock washers and nuts so it kinda has some structure to it

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like, you have an input fuse or breaker or series diode or whatever
and that protects the whole them and your power source
er s/them/system
trip out how im doing typos with other correctly spelled words
anyway you can do the same thing inside your system
have fuses on your circuits to keep them from fucking up your system psu and then your power source
see its like an upside down tree or something

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you want to protect the batteries because theyre volatile and wires are fragile
like, fusing the batteries pretty much protects everything else
well, as well as a fuse can be expected to protect something
lots of audio stuff
theres is a mains fuse
user can get to this
hopefully not whiles its plugged in but anyway
but usually theres is internal fuses on the supply rails before the amps
so if the amps or speakers fuckup, it doesnt burn down the psu and maybe the house
or public venue or whatever
put normal fuses on the battery and resettables on the pcbs after the supplies and on i/o and shit

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if something cuts a wire the fuse on the pcb wont do anything
if something shorts thru the cut wire insulation the battery will explode and the pcb fuse will be fine
like if you only have one fuse, i would put it in the battery wiretail
with as little wire between the inline fuse and the battery as possible
is this a mass production no cost thing or something?
because yeah boss people wont like that idea
dude youre using deans connectors and some sort of teflon god wire
you can afford a fucking inline fuse holder
do the wires have to be that long?
i guess they already got the crimps slid into the housing so kinda

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put on on the battery terminal and one after the smps before the voltage clamping device
that way if the circuit fucks up or something short, fuse maybe saves the PSU
if the psu fucks up and overtolages, fuse blows thru the clamp device and you maybe even save the clamp
you have the battery yerminal fuse to save the psu if it fucks up
ha yerminal
the battery is prob a li high current thing?
it has terminals or wiretail?
how long is it?
is it lamp cable style or seperate?
either way get an inline fuse
like cut a section out of one wire

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what are you trying to protect
put a fuse at the battery to protect that thing
like right at the terminal if you can
and then yeah you can put fuses after the supplies to protect systems/pcb
just pick a fuse for the battery that doesnt blow up on transient power spikes
like power up or maybe something to do with the motors
its just one smps?

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its a fuse to protect your system
you should have a mains fuse to protect everything
if you put it before you prob blow them up
im saying your caps filling up will blow the fuses
you should have a fuse on the mains input

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theres a ton that no one would care about
we have lots of engineering samples
and i kinda know about pid controllers
i dont know what a fractional dirivative is
like that i shit

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kevtris: i spent the first weekend in standing around in random public places making the giant leds
then realized i had spent like 15 hours making this giant leds
i did single particle effect for the emitter
heh i even modeled the whisker
so yeah i was like FUCK I HAS REAL LIFES TO DO SL BAD
like i dont see the point of polygon sex
like, real porn is so accessible, whats the point
danielson: not really
were development, so almost everything left over had been abused
and shit that isnt fucked up is somewhat golden
like if i wanted some raw drivers, i could grab some

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in a few years, the values drop to have that
also they mandate a standby or auto off function on anything that doesnt need to be used constantly
*is, *soul
so yeah i might get to redesign power supplies soon heh

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i guess it keps the RC small
yeah because they way i was thinking youd need like 10uF or hundred megohms or something dumb
ya rly
that sucks
fuck blue
mines orange
they do green/amber or green/red leds alot
okay so i guess there is some european directive
like, everything by the 17th must take no power turned off
1W in standby mode with no indicator
and 2w in standby mode with an indicator

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they have a sound for like on and another for off im like wat
its prob built onto a normal 5mm led leadframe tho
they maybe cut out a section of the lead and stick a die thats like, few transistors a diode and an RC
prob has to reference the other pin tho
damn now i want to buy one and see how it works
even tho i think its the stupidest device ever
imagine if they made santa fe bacon sim all in a 3mm led
but kinda across it and one lead is cut?
this one isnt even rgb

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wow lite-on got chicks in their flash
3Hz nominal yo
weird uses 2mA when the led is off
33 to 67% blink duty cycle
these are not precision flashing leds
this is for low end flashing led products
i think car blinkers are like that
those little switch cans
i bet its solid state
i know thats so lame
every car has a diff fake click
you know what a blinker can is tho and thats how they work (i think)
the funny shit is its usually two clicks

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other hacker swears if you use normal cable it rolls off high end because of the inductance
an led with a part number and a clear note
timecop: they make leds with some kinda of low speed timer
they flash
ive never really seen one out of circuit up close so no idea how its done
i think all has some
thats prob where i seen it
no thats for flashes timecop
prob really high pulse current capability
thats not what he means
yeah i think
wtf no data
like they are embarassed about it

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those are the short edge connectors?
my shit has a slot for a vid card and um
yeah that might be the only card on this thing
so that shit is 16x i didnt need to know about that other pci-e shit
and im not building a computer this week so i dont gotta know about hardware at all
yeah i know im pretty much just rambling at this point
so i have to research turntable rca cables

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pinswap is bitchin too
i do placement and schema kinda at the same time
you shouldnt do finish placement until schematic is complete or close to it
and you shouldnt really route until youre mostly done with placement
youll just waste time routing early, youll end up ripping alot of it up
danielson: i usually complete sections of the circuit
and then route little blocks
and kinda import them into the layout
but im mostly doing audio shit so like, everything is kinda in little sections and wants be isolated from other stuff
a really complicated pcb, you can do that for like little power supply things but most everything else is all twisted up doing it in sections isnt going to work

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dicktrace cant do gateswap?
like if you have a quad opamp
it just changes the labels in the schema
and reconnects the airwires in the pcb
so you dont have to redraw the fucking schematic to use a different identical part of the chip
theres also pinswap, same deal
anyway when you figure out what it is and need it for something you will thank voodoos for it
whatever youll do more

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maybe they dont have way to assign values on the fly
no 4pcb trash
sounds worse than expresspcb
almost all cad has redraw issues

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so its prob an agravating mess for you to use
im not trying to use software from assholes
they sent my shit to someone else
and sent me their shit
and did folow directions on how to ship on one of two packages in an order
like they sent one package right and one package wrong, and got the tech at school in trouble
what do you mean _
is _
is there more than 'file'?
mib_n5c37: R[whatever]
why dont you draw it by hand?

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have you tried that?
i think theyre assholes so i never even looked at it
expensive asshole
wtf is right hand mouse menu
dunno the few pics look like any other eda app
seriously wtf is right hand mouse menu
wtf is right hand
and eagle 5 has that dork
i hate it
i have to hold down control now to do group operations
thats autocad standard
saying autocad is fail is fail
you have no skills

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yeah id piss myself if they were under $10
thats pretty sweet are you making a reels worth of these or what?
also that bga footprint looks pretty neat for routing
easy access, yo
mib_n5c37: hahaha
free you mean like pirate?
because yeah loltrace is not so bad to learn on
timecop: isnt demo like 100 nodes or pads or something?
i know you wont use anything else what else would it be in
just use any cad
yeah that would work
mib_n5c37: if you want decent schematics, get any 2d cad app and draw your own symbols
and load them up as blocks or whatever
any capture program is just going to be a gimp version of that, in a visual presentation context
i used it like 5 years ago it was pretty ok

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guys srs
stfu already channel gonna get juped for taking up all the server bandwidth
`nico: hi!
did you see in other chan how i almost died?
or i dunno because im driving failvo so maybe just the other person would have died and i would have suffered a papercut or who knows
ok nite
yes, late 80s 740
is like transistion between old tradition 240 tank volvo and new lame volvos
timecop: haha cool
weird BGA
those are rams?
wow no shit
china shit or what?
thats megabytes?
thats fuckin cool
haha theyre like $20 each or what?

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this like the 2nd time that happened, chicane of death =\
other time i came over a hill on the freeway doing like 60mph
and there is a fucking line to use the offramp in the right lane
slam on brakes, almost die, come off last minute to bounce the car onto the shoulder
car stopped on the shoulder 3ft past the trunk of the last car in the line =\

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omfg i <3 the failvo
excellent emergency braking and maneuvering capabilities fucking thing saved my life again
some dickhead in a 300M or similar pulls right out in front of me im doing like 40mph
brakes all squeely, come off to get the front tires to bite, failvo bounces to the left of the 300M and dodges the parked cars to the right
wait no bounces to the right of the 300M and dodges the cars on the right
anyway, yay im not dead

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