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hurry the fuck up some of us have to sleep
anyway wat
gas gage!
so have the eeprom externally powered and pullup to that?
anyway sleep night

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a sonar sensor is just a acoustic pickup
it shouldnt make any noise its passive
active sonar has some sort of ping generator that the sensor listens for
okay thats diff
kaybe you are hearing some subharmonic or maybe its broken

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hey that would be neat for a linear current reg

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2.2V * 2A = 4.4W = 132C temp rise
so if you were running this thing in a freezer, itll still burn
well, thermal limit i doubt it would even get hurt
at 30C/W, it cant really
.75V is the max voltage drop
thats junctions to case
enter into the huge heatsink problem
the other one was a lower ref?

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anyway package can only do 3W
so at 2A you can only drop 1.5V
and itll run at like 125C at 25C ambient
yeah rly
you can run the ldo off one of your rails
but now youd switchers has to deal with way more current to do two rails
that sounds sane
which is the 2A rail?
yeah that micrel cant do it itll just thermal shutdown when the cpu loads it up

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prob needs a huge padsink
its not 1M its maybe 3 or 4
current limit 4A min
6A typical
package thermal resistance
so what 4A * what rail?
for 4A its only gonna do like 1.25V drop
before it burns up
actually like less

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so stoppit
youre gonna die so stop
okay so chill the fuck out or go to a dr
so go to a dr
whenever i stop smoking im always like that for like a week
yes rly
just make it
get a pwm chip and put an external fet
that sounds fucked up
i smoke alot of herb tho so i maybe have a protective layer of weed
a file
tekrad: trip out but alot of people thing thats maybe why potheads dont have the lung cancer issues cig smokers do

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maybe 3A w/ a 5V drop
and a big heatsink

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this is far from sim driving
tho in san andreas you could steal a blue crx so i used to do that
and drive around on the freeway and pretend i was me
i wouldnt even kill shit or do missions id just drive all over and kinda trip out i coul be mein the game
and i got a podium tonight in fake racing!
it was totally a falcon track too, my mini had no chance
click on documents dork
so ive been driving slow ass no grip vintage cars in rfactors for a couple years now
and tigeraid was like, GET GOOD AT THIS NEW CARS WILL BE EASY
so yeah i was playing vln and its all GT versions of new cars
omg fast grippy cars is easy
like i hit the gas i turn the wheel car just goes
what man progress sucks get over it or cry

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Nurain Said, who was driving the car when it plunged, miraculously survived the 54m fall.
im not a huge GTA fan actually

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you tell it what folders you want to keep synced on multiple drives
i dunno how well it deals with removable storage
i used it at the cnc job to backup all my files to bosspc w/ the software dongle
so it works fine with network storage
kinda keep it organized
if we were linux trolls we would just script this
take us 30min to learn bash scripting again

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we decided
no rly, hi
boy/girl/engineer/manager/office/assistant to bossboss/what
copy paste
if you find something let me know?
yeah thats kinda what i do
anything that matters ends up one two usb drives and usually some sd cards
maybe on a web site or into gmail storage
it would be neat to do like a usb fileserver box
so you could have it copy shit across a few drives
just folder syncing when connected, not raid or anything
hey have you used synctoy?

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19:17 <@macegr> renesis: you lost your car?
no whip for vaporizer
like big long plastic tube with glass thingies stuck into both ends

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wheres mt whip
*my whip
found it

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rab: im not sure because new ceramic shit looks diff
this plastic i think
we have shit thats from the 70s is like the same thing, seems like ic plastic but its weird sandwich construction
call your server jane
stupid girls are stupid, make your box be unstupid then get smart and you wont argue

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so my little vishay/dale heatsink resistors say MEXICO on them now
before they didnt say anything
its kinda sad when the good shit is like, hecho en mexico
america cant make little power resistors

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EPROM = windows, eheheheh
there is a pic connected to a char display on some perfboard at work
the char display flashes the old factory address so its gotta be like 10+ years old
but the pic has a window for erasing and the char display has actualy hd44780 and driver chips, not epoxy dots
hah so that shit is probably like 20 years old
its the old style of dips where its like a sandwhich of three layers like, dark grey light grey dark grey with pins sticking out the light grey layer

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omfg stfu w/ the vanilla ice

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on the right when looking at the label side
so yes
wait looking from the rounded side, no
yeah the flat side of the to92
thats the front
pin one on the left
most of the timefront view and bottom view
because the back and the top are pretty boring
1 2 3
left to right
maxius: neat

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blackmoon: i think the little pod is like $10 and replacement coils is like $5
but you dont really have to replace the coils often you can like push them around the pod and flip them around theyre usually for years
6mo is a long time full time use
and they still work used up
blackmoon: also it doesnt cool your tip
maybe helps them last longer, not doing so much heat cycling
its a common emitter BJT in saturation
dc current gain @ 2mA = 70-700
thats good
gen purpose transistors are usually like 50-150
oh wait what
base is pin 3

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some parts will melt totally if you leave an iron on them for 3 sec
some parts, the solder wont even move until youve preheated the fucker for like 30 sec
blackmoon: iron prints in my pots and relays wtf!
yeah like soic, pin at a time, it should be like a half second
and the pin and pad should just suck up the solder
the lens pops off the fucking frame
which is like a grain of ceramic with some plating
then you have to wipe the led off your iron
hey the other reason i <3 hakko fluxed brass coil tip cleaner
when you get plastic on the iron, you can scrape it off with quickness
its really light, you dont see it flake off
but new coil def feels diff than used up coil
they scrape off the oxidized shit
but they dont scrape off the plating
yeah i guess the coils get kinda hardened and plated with solder

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do you drive stick?
its like a clutch pedal if you have the clutch slipping more than a few sec, pull off and let that shit cool off
want to go quick else the parts gets messed up the PCBs get ruined you get flux smoke in your eyes
even heat
yeah people who are like 'HEAT THE PART NOT THE SOLDER'
fuck those guys, heat the part with the solder
it like, bends and shit, will have more contact area than an untinned or thinly tinned iron
like, that stament is meant to keep people from doing cold solder joints
you should know what a bad solder joint looks like
just dont do them
all of this shit is likely
exceptions happen

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tino-: its usually between like 100 and 150C
hahaha awesome

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yeah im not saying its wrong to sell stolen oscars
im saying its high profile shit and chances you get caught are high
if it was TVs fell off the back of a truck, its not exactly the same thing
like it is
but its not going to be investigated the same
im guessing they checked him out
and decided he wasnt capable or it wasnt possible that he did it
because he would be first suspect
youd have to say it was fake
which is pretty lame
so people would know and eventually someone maybe reports it
im pretty sure its legislated, you can prob look it up
yeah but it could be 20 years,, could be 3

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tino-: its not really shit its just not for low voltage switching
i like wick better
tho solder sucker clear the through hole right the fuck out
yeah oxidized iron is 100% lose loose
sculptor: haha
then go to prison for 10 years a piece
selling known stolen property
you prob wouldnt even get 10 years i bet
you know thats illegal too right

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they maybe had them they just dont know what youre talking about
you can check online now i think
the stock for a particular store
thats better
also yeh
we can help you solder
yeah that hurts
yeah rly even i dont do that
and im good at soldering and i have a hakko

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hey it worked!
ata-33 = slow =(
because ata 100 never worked with 40 lead cables very long =(
blackmoon: i had a set of cables was like in between or something
like it was 40 lead but had the right key or something
anyway fuck flat cable
pc is no place for flast things that dont bend
hfe = 10 ftl
tino-: maybe
it prob wont work with that 10k resistor
or frys
go to elsa

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oh those will just break again
if it was like, an MTA housing or mate-n-lock, it would take like 3min
its written in the spec like that
yeah im like how does that razor blade contact not fuckup more
like, usually takes a long time before they fuckup
hard drives fine
80 lead ide cable = toast
the drives have lots internally
but i dont think it matters if the cable is bad
i dont think the mobo/software do very much integrity verification =(
the 80 lead ones were weird
thats not normal IDC i think

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also they look like totally different speed grades
or at least the abs max section and some random plot data too
i usually look on the digikey and mouser because they have links
who cares if you have them here
tino-: judging by the electrical specs the old one was higher current and faster with more gain
but maybe the new one is almost blowing up, we dont know
just find new transistors
yeah 300v wow
what are you doing with these again?
analog`: heh contact inserts = $.10 in low qty
yeah this not really a power transistor

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machining hardened metals is hard
hardening machined metals is hard
yeah thats how almost everything precision thats hardened is done
thats some shitty min hfe yo
oh wow
so the one before had excellent to heroic hfe
like sometimes it grows another transistor and darlingtons or something
new transistor has shitty hfe and shitty Vsat
this not meant for mad power application!

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