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fuck libraries make that shit

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we have a molex one for MTA 156 at work
omfg that thing is nice
can kinda do mta100 size stuff but you usually have to rework with the needlenose pliers

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oh ha, sucks
DRC didnt catch that?
hit ratsnest
ttmustang: open the board and hit ratsnest and look at the status bar at the bottom
DRC wont catch that
ERC and ratsnest will
dont send a board in until it says Ratsnest: Nothing to do! in the status bar
dont worry sparkfun did the same thing
then blogged about it like it was eagles fail
and theyre supposed to be professionals and shit
youre not done

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timecop: haha
wait RS isnt radioshack there?
thats the value line
then that makes no sense
sucks, later
on your fabbed pcb?
that sucks
heh drill a hole next to it and route the jumper wire thru the board?

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Copy Of [filename].ext
if you mean roots on two diff drives
i dunno, fuck windows
thats expensive
my nice tshirts cost like $7
they are prob ruined with stuff printed on them

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omg put your eye out playing squash
its fuckin raining wtf

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