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i would do 0805 at least
maybe even 1206, that way you can use pretty big caps if you need to and not resort to over big resistance value
itll be easier to rework and you might need big caps
if you decide to filter down to like a few Hz or something

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you could make the argument that a higher order filter early would eliminate noise earlier in the signal chain
but whatever
anyway get ti filterpro and select salen-key filter and play around with diff filter alignments, pay attention to the delay and response before rolloff
is it analog or digital or what
oh wait you said super low speed
anyway the more you filter the slower your response
just reality
are the filter parts 0402?

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why just 2nd order
and filters average so theres delay
danielson: ti filterpro
frequency prob has to do with part tolerances and what youre filtering
just dont stack your poles
you dont put like 4 poles at the same freq in the circuit
else you get a huge spike in output level before roll off
so you use some sort of alignment
bessel and butterworth are safe

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sounds neat, how much of it have you tested or used in designs before?
uart charge pumps like you made them yourself or just the parts for the builtin pumps?
haha cool good luck
k so just big caps and shit
hundreds of ways to fuckup digital stuff!
amps is amps
unless youre trying to make them do crazy shit they usually behave
youre doing active filters?

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736 components wtf
how many IC
okay now them them all by type (not model number)
so wanna hear some lame shit
i convinced my work to get me an eagle layout license
for $500, get it worked out with the purchaser girl and approved by vp guy
so after two weeks expecting a box from germany or something, im like hey purchaser girl, what happened
so she asks accounting, which is 3000mi away from our office, like hey whats up with that check

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what is so complicated its going to take 20 hours to do?
wtf 40 hours =O

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nerobro: pics!
i have to login to see that page =(
so you just saw it and made it?
what did you use?

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hey guys its raining
rhettardo: wat!
its like pouring
i should try and beat it to your house
no ill get wet =(

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ive seen CN
there isnt one
D for diodes
J for connectors, Z for board jumpers
like, 0R jumpers

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rhettardo: that might be neat
wow those are expensive
rhettardo: i can do an amp like i did for mrtube pretty easy for a sub
you never do with music
need lots of headroom tho

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yeah so put a cap after it because it might get some current spikes from the gate driver
it being the vreg
besides that, i dont think it matters i would be surprised if they didnt mention it in some notes section at the end
neat soic8
so maybe there is something referencing the input voltage for some reason
i cant think of any reason why they would need to

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tho CNC machine is setup at work since two days ago and i tested my dual setup plates for holding very large work
like the backplates
so yeah i guess maybe i finish those up
hey you interested in 25W+25W amp?
chipamp, small
sec sec
done zener it use a small to92 reg if it has to be cheap
unless the feedback pin is ultra pussy and already on the edge of dustruction
yeah, vreg + cap
youll drop the vreg out but maybe it works anyway
yeah unless its almost blowing up in normal app
because the ref wont change

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look it up its insane
also our pollution levels have improved because we have no industry
factories close, pollution stops
obviously the opposite would be true of china
"Livestock's Long Shadow" estimates that livestock sector accounts for 9 percent of carbon dioxide, 65 percent of nitrous oxide, and 37 percent of methane produced from human-related activities. Both methane (23 times) and nitrous oxide (296 times) are considerably more potent greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide. Livestock also generates 64 percent of human-related ammonia, which contributes to acid rain.
ha no

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digi-tal: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/headphono_proto1.jpg
digi-tal: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/headphono_proto2.jpg
sounds good
well, as good as my records sound
ttmustang: how much come from american beef industry again?

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time to do some mfkn laundry
digi-tal: hey where are you
i finished the prototype, works pretty good
curve looks right, within like 1dB at 20hz, 1khz, 20khz
k hooking it up to the turntable

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/who #electronics

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you have to export eagle to png at high res w/ monochrome checked to have awesome schematics
but yeah thats the kind of schematic i was expecting before
also you have to draw your own cap symbols

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buy a linux mp3 player
look on rockbox for supported hardware and pick an mp3 player and fuck with it
or some other device with already hacked firmware

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so the remainder is 37%
(37% * .63) + 63%
you keep doing it like that
you add 63% of the remainder
so yeah after 4 or 5 time constants, youre pretty close, within 5% for sure
yeah itll look flat after maybe 3 time constants
not a mistake, simple experiment to understand something and now you understand something

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so 86% after two time constants
then 95% after three time constants
so its acting totally normal
you fail to fail, sir
cant even make a single button cap and resistor fail
how you even show you face in the public
5*.95 4.75
if three time constants is stable enough for you, sure
10:44 <@renesis> then 95% after three time constants

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cap leakage maybe
that sounds right
It is the time required to charge the capacitor, through the resistor, to 63.2 (. 63) percent of full charge; or to discharge it to 36.8 (. 37) percent of its initial voltage.
yeah but its only 63% charge
then the next time constant only 63% of the difference is charge
whats 63% of 37%

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overstock emailed me with recommendations for stuff that ive already bought and havent recieved yet
sebs89: every time constant the voltage increases like .68 of the RC input voltage
so i dunno that has some sort of math geeker name like antilog or something
like, mathamatically it never actually reaches its source voltage
it just gets really, really, really close

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that schematic is kind of a let down
i was expecting something all complicated
yeah wtf is with people complaining about making parts

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omfg find a schematic
if you look stupid they look stupid, they dont want that

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08:51 <+danielson> you ever use the 3d pcb design tools?
yeah cool shit
ultiboard has that, its pretty easy to work into the part libs
alot of times you just extrude a silk outline

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