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arent psu a bitch
like, just when your project seemed simple and even fun
brand, model
project manager guy at works says he can get the factory to source chinagear at low $$$ for us

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so cap
i have a big dead plane on new pcb for a shield, i got parallel RLC footprints on the pcb
unless i can see it making a diff, its prob going to be populated with a 0R jumper
just coils in your grounding can lead to major problems with ESD
like if you have devices spanning the grounds

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macegr: pulldown could maybe also be led indicator resistor
dunno too tired to think

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it must mean 2Ktrillion

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they both failed?
or the raid control failed
but they both failed or what
macegr: sucks
k gotta go bye

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macegr: nomnom
mfkrs, laundry is done and its not even sunday
man fuck this giant mirror and fake electric fireplace
_unreal_: dont be mean
its right in the middle of my longest wall covering where the bigg TV should go
yeah maxtor is just rebranded seagates i think
*biggy TV

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timecop: yes it looks like it but maybe they made it bigger or smaller check datasheet duh

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i had two dual 200mhz ppro mobos, one atx, other with melted psu headers
i threw them away
hey dual ppro was pretty awesome even ran the xp!
but all the other old hardware kept failing

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rhettardo: panera bread on like corbin i think, by the northridge mall
for $9 foods its very good
but im like bread junkie so im biased
that does not sound super tasty

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anyway if you can compile c[++] apps for it and its not slow, neat
disgrunt: which public
so what geeks can put anything on a tshirt
thats why its cool because only geeks get it
tshirts with anything are not cool

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people can read what i write so its not that big a deal
and yeah
i try and ctrl-z my drawings alot
split second panic, is funny
but yeah good erasers is no big deal paper isnt ate or anything
qnx sounds like some networks or dedicated graphics workstation thing or whatever
for what
so for me its prob like, HEY LETS MAKE REALTIME SLOWER! =O =O
is it higher level like on top of a lunix kernel or its like in the guts of the conroller all asm and shit
okay if its posix this is a big system
so its basically j00nix for the microcontrollers for alot of money
ttmustang: heh can you like ssh into your cnc hardware?

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wtf fuck homework pencil is for real work
block diagrams, schematics, scratchy notes
wats visio
wasnt stu good at that
and seriously while other worker people play around with illustrator and visio and whatever the fuck they fail at
i go into office pencil out black diagram in like 10 minutes
disgrunt: no sorry i didnt go to schools for years to learn m$ office
and wtf needs block diagram is like boxes and arrows
hey ive tried that i dont like it
yeah i like dia
but honestly
working in pencil for that shit is just faster/easier

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dioxide: hey their black bean soup is pretty good
also i have their broccoli and cheddar often
also new white cheddar mac n cheese is ++
tekrad: i go there almost every day for lunch =\
me and other hacker have favorite server girls
when we dont show up for several consecutive days goofy cute server girl gets all mad at me =[
pilot g2 ftw
uniball is good classic design tho
macegr: the uniball fine is prob better i think
i usually get medium tips
uniball was first good ballpoint like a fountain pen
anyway, bic mechanical pencils #1

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jezus fuckers say something

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heh neat

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i think dx was the last person to mess with one of those

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