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blackmoon: haha
oh btw fuck ikea
that shit closed for company event or something
fucking ikea xmas party WTF HAVE THE PARTY AFTER 9P?

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silver and stainless steal ftw
dioxide: hi

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wow they grow the fucking alloys wat

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flex issue, totally expected tho but im going to be doing 2d cuts like that so whatever
yeah just make sure it doesnt melt the acylic
that stuff usually evaporates pretty quick so maybe keeps things cool enough
ha the water soluble oil is like almost too slick
like, the cutter will suck it up
and throw it away from it
like the finish with the cutter going thru sparse puddles of cutting fluid vs being flooded was significant, you could feel it easy

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why is chinapcb taking so long to quote!
blackmoon: hi
oh haha, so i bolted those two matrix plates onto my table both parallel with the Y axis
so like i have matrix plates at the ends of the table all sticking off 10" to the front
like, with the table all the way forward they bump the 1/8" acrylic shield on my enclosure exactly
so i did some .25" acrylic on it
like a 12x12" piece, did a part, flipped the piece, did another part
looks like its gonna work out for holding big stuff

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okay im going to go to the fucking ikea
or not
they close in an hour and there is like no parking at burbank ikea
well hour and a half
its prob about the same
how is that a secret thats what i do it sucks =(
the only time worse than now is prob weekend before closing
burbank ikea has 200+ in stock, k im going

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guy doing CAM app tutorials
thats why bar stock machine centers are awesome
itll turn and machine some awesome part
then reach our and grab it, pull it out of the cuck
cut it off and machine the bottom
macegr: heh
maybe its mappable
if it was a clicker tho its be kinda lame without a trackball for your foot
ha or it could be optical on the bottom
its like an apple mouse but more awesome looking
its prob an HID thing?
if it dies i think you can rebuild it

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neat bar stock cnc
bar stock machine center is like lathe + mill + live fixtures
who cares about the final product
just some part you were supposed to be lookin at the tools
yes i do because machine centers are having awesome auto tool changers!

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or you do a near field response, so the initial signal is huge in comparison to the reflected signal
then you have to kind of splice near field (<1cm) plots into your standard spl measurement plots (>1m)

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thats pretty cool
academic labs have some of the better anechoic chambers as far as i know
you really need like a warehouse size chamber to do testing of bottom end without reflections messing shit up
all the gated sampling techniques are pretty much to reduce comb filtering from high frequency
gating usually fucks your low end data because when time domain is converted to freq, your low end plots is just splined from like 2 or 3 diff points
so you shoot the driver like 5 times get 5 diff low end rolloff plots
so you either test in a totally open area, like outdoors with no obstruction
but ambient noise is always a problem in that case

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well now they really mean it
i wonder how they defined volume anyway
tv shit is usually fed to a compressor to get more avg spl already
sound pressure level
dB unit, i dont know what the 0db ref is
comfortable listening levels are maybe 70-100 dB spl
dB A is weighting in the freq domain to match people hearing
hey neat how big is it?
wow thats pretty good
i think ours is like 50dB or something =(
ours is not huge =(
that doesnt sound huge
you need like a 747 size chamber to do decent bottom end testing

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danielson: you ask them to do it or you do it yourself with a gerber editor
alternatively you can run a script with offsets all coordinates in the rs274x files and appends them to a master file
have fun developing that
prob should wait until they finish more test flights, heh

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hey i have that onre
its better than the other cheapo style of heatgun the ceramic insulators on this break too easy

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you can always just buy a PSU with certs
if you kit

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serahome: im pretty sure to get a lab to check your shit out for major certs its prob closer to $10K
this assumes all your shit is perfect and you only need to do it once
which seems to be kinda rare

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have fun with that

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