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all of them
they have led ones now theyre still more than the ccfl ones there
but everything there is few hundred cheaper

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i dont even have a tv
im going to save up for like 6mo and wait for next gen of led backlit tv to come out
also i prob build a prototype of rhettspeaker this week
so if those are awesome i will make some for me and do 5.1 from a soundcard or iunno
blackmoon: theyre cheap at costco!

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you guys are using mach or what?
o a plc

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shit i need to order metals

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or a bujillian muxes or something
yeah fine

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wtf man you dad has a fab shop
its a fucking circle cut out of a 19" aluminum plate
you could gang all the little pressure stabilization vents on the drives
with vacuum tubes
did you do the drc yet!
no i dont
its just 130 nets
so this is some crazy array thing

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yeah need more info
fin pitch, fin thickness, base thickness
thats it really
also that shit is a total bitch to machine
thats why theyre extruded

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it has an apple logo so unless shit is destroyed, nothing awesome
no i dont think so
unless you had to teach him how to work the open files dialog in the CAD program you installed for him

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or it can edit or wat
fu im reading about ejection seats

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dx^: say i says hi
testing wat
timecop: from geda or what
its just to display gerbers?

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on each side
compared to taking the side of the drill before
they take up almost 4x the space on the board =\
*size of

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the smd ones take up so much space

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dx^: i got 11" more mem foam
inittab: These pillows were made exclusively for Serta, by Sleep Innovations.

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swish: most of the stuff hosted on that site is ++awesome
want to watch have to go to work laters

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yeah thats prob better
longcat: k bye

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gnomore: used/working US stuff is probably more reliable
but new made in the usa stuff could be as shitty
and old shit is old so...
ha i have a little fan for solder smoke
if i leave it on while testing audio shit, THD floor sucks
spiky 60hz hum

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but god says danielson

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dude just use a sealed 3 pos switch?
i need coffees
hi sealed switch, done
build it into the machine and dont use steel
or dont use steel between the magnet and the ic i guess
thats a bong cleaner
magnets + velcro
its a commercial product
they make a little conical handle for one of the magnets to store extra velcro pads

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gnomore: yeah those suck
you will notice significant improvement over that
prob not
yeah easy
yeah you cant use those simple open drain ones
danielson: maybe you put the hall sensor under that
no dont do that
maybe magnet - steel piece - hall sensor
the magnet polarizes the steel
i dunno maybe that thing magnetizes over time tho

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mta + glue isnt going anywhere
the header plastic will pull off the pins first
our china factories do that shit its annoying
they work really well
if your hobby involves soldering, having a good iron will make that part 1000% less frustrating
i still like MTA100+epoxy

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not really
can you even get metcals for $100?
and i dont like their tips
oh we have mx500 at work i think
they make .1" pitch flex cable
i dunno how youre going to get it onto a mta100 plug
just use mta100 on both sides

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hakko 936
with the 907 (medium) iron
i have seen them at Fry's fpr under $80
yes but the tips are fragile vs hakko tips
hakko is like best tips, almost as good as metcal for temp regulation
make sure its new
i saw one at frys like two days ago for maybe $75
i think thats the cheapest ive ever seen them new
typical price is like $90-$110

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i turned 26 that day!
yeah that theory makes alot of mechanical sense to me
youre smoking, you got a layer of tar firm in your lungs which catches debris you breathe
you cough it up, and the debris is gone
like how does that not make sense
how much tar do you really absorb?
Even very heavy, long-term marijuana users who had smoked more than 22,000 joints over a lifetime seemed to have no greater risk than infrequent marijuana users or nonusers.
haha @ 22K joints per lifetime
1 joint a day for 60 years
i dont smoke joints
i smoke a pack ever 2 to 5 days
joints can be okay but theyre a pain
damn even @ a pack every 5 days thats still way more cigs than joints

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its not
its prob what gives people cancer from cigs
something about the fertilizer they use
i only smoke american spirits, organics if they have them
potheads dont get lung cancer
this is pretty much confirmed
it might be helpful, because you can cough up the tar layer
getting rid of some of the crap in you
danielson: google it theres a lot of articles
thats my bday

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