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pcbs stopped doing circles in china, landed in SF and just got to LA
PCBs on monday

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i like those
w/ quick change post, pretty easy to use

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dx^: i bought craftsman bottom chest
i got that and top chest for $250 now my tools has home\
so i put some more stuff away and i have bench to work on
like that
for hand tools
that sucks
i got the non bearing rails
quieter, tolerances seemed tighter
they already do
but theyre new i dunno how long that lasts

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dx^: hihi
charles is charl i think
he was archels before or something
they seem to have given up on freenode/##electronics

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ragemeds = zombie blackout status

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my commute is like, 1.5mi
haha capri
oh huh
i should buy bike parks and build up this frame
i got this 6061 frame
and i got some CF forks from rhett
need some Al handlebars
nomel: this is general purpose very good aluminum
machinable weldable all that shit

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i have to change the oil like now
and i cleaned the area like a month ago
so i maybe can see where its coming from but its prob a fucked mess again
no turtles like atf rab
i find a new ghetto hoopty
haha what no smaller
or maybe you mean a new one
in which case fuck you
you guys have no taste
pitz stfu k
mthen cougar became the cheap thunderbird
wtf @ right hand drive in pacoima that cant be right

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rab: wai wai =(
else im going to do it
and it will fail and you will be right
oh shit
so prob will get worse
may have already happened
how much is a new transmission?
well rebuilt
rydawg said service guide says its only 4 hours of labor
rab: i know so i keep opping it off until it dies
unless fixing it is like under $600
rab: =(
time to buy backup car!
guys say no theyre all rusted out
what no macegr im not a douchebag i make less than normal people money maybe
okay now thats a plan
pay for a tesla someone found
rab: worst case, its not the end of the world
so im not super worried

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hey maybe judaism is why im a bread addict
maybe bread isnt a good thing
wow im sounding all crazy and shit
rab: transmission leaks
if i take it on the freeway and cruise for awhile at 90mph, like when i slow down and stop can smell/see fluid burning off the bottom of the case
and it drops maybe 1/4 quart everytime i do it
is pretty good at holding oil i maybe add 1 quart every oil change so far
but its maybe been happening the whole time ive had it
was prob why dealer was so happy to get it off the lot
my shop charges me $20
and im prob going to buy oil and do it myself now that im moved to gated parking
rab: from of the case like through the bell housing inspection plate and some open spots on the side of the bell housing
rab: why
i have dexmerc stuff or mercdex stuff i top it off with

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dont forget large mounts of pride
timecop: you can pick and place on top of the gerbers now?
im not a jew
any hardcore jew would shun me
i have more reason to be offended by jews than most of you
this is some #1 food
bagel also #1
gefelte fish: wtf
will not try
fried matzo is so win
im going to buy parts for that right now and build me some
after i lug bottom chest from volvo
rab: volvo is going to turn 200,000 this fuel tank!
no u

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yeah probably

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you can make it really easily and professional like with a 7805, 3 capacitors, and a diode
total single unit cost froom digikey is prob under $1
i dont think those supplies track though
like if you adjust one im not sure you can get the other to mirror the voltage

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they all do that
some are better than others
like we have some supplies you can stick an LED on them @ 1A
with the voltage jacked way up
and its like whatever, voltage drops, clamps to 1A
another supply, LED pops
do you do alot of digital shit?
also you can get 5V 1A super easy with a 7805
then you dont care you prob want the 50V more than then 5V/30V

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inittab: fix joellama on the botthings
yeah i seen that
youll feel ripped off until you need it
then it will be a blessing
if $50 doesnt kill you you should prob spend it
you might get less resolution on the adjust
like the steps might be more coarse but i dunno im just guess
dioxide: neat

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its like a bbq
a switch mode supply is like a catastrophy almost happening every switching cycle

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k but in smps its mostly just how fast youre switching vs how much caps you have on the output filter
like, that faster you switch, the less efficient, but the more your caps matter
like, switching noise gets through
anyway those specs prob came from the marketing peoples so both supplies prob work at least that well despite different architecture
well the higher the switching frequency
and higher freq stuff tends to be better at getting around
the linear one is prob way heavier
yeah because its like ancient technology

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for triple output (dual adj series/independent/parallel supplies + 5V fixed supply)
i dunno under $250 for sure
we were going to get those for work
we ended up getting some old Leader tracking supplies
pair of them for under $200
kinda the same thing but but controls bit more useful for bipolar audio apps
on a linear supply, ripple is PSRR related, and itll prob be 120Hz
psrr is power supply rejection ratio, its like how much of the unregulated supply ripple (which depends on current and capacitors) gets through the linear section of the power supply
60-100dB is pretty normal, in volts 20dB is 10x or 0.1x
so thats like a 1000x to 100000x ratio

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do you need adjustable?
prob get a linear supply
but if the noise wont hurt your project
then yeah just use ripple and regulation specs as your main buying specs
get linear
unless youre building projects and want some degree of EMI immunity
then get switching, and try and make your shit work well despite the switching interference
but yeah if the ripple is low, like under 50mV, and regulation is within like 3%, it prob doesnt matter much
if its fucking with your circuits bad you maybe need to adjust your circuit to stand up to it
if you want a general purpose supply try and get something with adjustable voltage and max current and <3% regulation and < 10mV ripple/noise at rated load
prob be chinese, linear, and under $150 for a single rail

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dependson application
in most cases in a lab, linear is prob better
efficiency doesnt really matter much

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yes this means you have at least 7 leds

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i need to clean up my weber grill

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