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10b is ok
can do a 6dB step VU pretty easy
yeah need rectifier/amp to do level meter thing
kevtris: haha

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serahome: you can go faster for 8b resolution
naw its the adc subsystem clock
it takes like 13 adc clocks to convert a sample
avr im guessing
really good at 8b!

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damn thats shitty
do you use relays to switch the relay coils?
w/ relay logic backend
im moving my living room
stereo got unhooked
`nico: yes was pretty good in principle but it sounded annoying
kinda on purpose but still kinda annoying
like, dorks now you guys are the clowns

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we had to do 3 project courses
breadboard = fail

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i hope so

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if you run it in 8b you might be over the noise floor
what trick?
add 2^n number samples and right shift to divide?
decimation huh, sounds destructive
hey is a c compiler smart enough to do that?

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blackmoon: haha @ the guys writing app circuits
duh, motor controller
The Chopper

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rab: other hacker says it made his avg go nuts
macegr fed it to some online scanner thing, virus chief? who knows, it passed like whatever
it included an avg scan
tho i dunno site is probably a china troll
and yeah they did send out some flash shit last year
related: when a tech at work went to a china factory to babysit first run of something, he was giving them a usb stick to copy some driver files too
and he formatted and gave it to them 3 times
and it came back sending up mcaffee alarms
it stopped throwing up the alarm when he stood there and watched them copy the files over

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he has, macegr has, other hacker has
check this out, i didnt
and i have two orders in with them right now
obviously susan <3s me

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`nico: <3 samsung!
just do a normal one with decent reverse/overvoltage spike protection?

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teknique: rly?
i get 2 hours + playing a movie from a usb powered hdd with the speakers turned up
and gets like 4 hours doing normal stuff

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10:19 <@`nico> eee pc is crap
i have the first one, which has the smallest kb and only 4gb and a 7" 800x480 monitor
that shit is totally useable

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