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i have no more boxes
well, one but its like 90% empty
wtf big

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id use that
haha i have a fume fan on my bench
its pointed at my computer desk because it gets stuffy
like i dont even use it to solder
oh that sucks
grease + dust on fire ftl
i was thinking like inside the motor
well that sucks
my apartment is like 80% unpacked and put away
i have to sort the whole electronics bins, small tools, dumb tools situation by my work table thing

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if their tips arent awesome, the hakko is way better
if youve *had* to replace a tip, your china tips suck
kevtris said he went like 9 years with his?
and the tip wasnt that bad
ive only replaced tips because i wanted a diff shape
so yeah your china tips suck, buy some hakko tips and see if they fit
i kinda want a 913

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metal what?
the stand?
dude the hakko one is a block of metal, prob cast iron
its like, iron with a thick steel sheet base
its painted nice
my home hakko has been dropped from like 4 ft, has a cracked chassis
still works fine
ive left 2mm cylinder chisel tips on, at like 900F, for days
poke it into the brass cleaner, comes out like new
theyre like permatinned
the plating doesnt just chip away like weller tips
so yeah even if the electronics in the china stations are okay and their feedback setup is good shit

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timecop: if the china tips are same as the hakko tips, then its prob almost buying the same thing
if you put hakko tips in a china iron, its maybe the same thing
you have a 907 compatible iron, no?
its the iron the comes with the 936
theres two other irons, a smaller one and bigger, but no one gets those
936 Soldering Station
the aotue has an extra led and the switch at the front
which is kinda neat
i really like those holders
if you put the sponge dot in the little reservoir hole things the sponge will be usable a couple days

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hakko tips are the best ive used
i was thinking it would be bumping into shit but i guess it doesnt matter
if you consider like, durability, theyre prob better than metcal tips
i think aoyue is hakko factory
well, im pretty sure about it so more likely than that is like, yes
the hakko tips are the best
and i doubt china shit is up to par internally, as far as parts and shit
i dont like those things
they work really well but their smaller tips suck, they get smashed

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timecop: http://www.hakkousa.com/detail.asp?CID=52,184&PID=2328&Page=1
907 size iron/tips
timecop: haha sometimes i think those chinairons are like, night shift at the hakko contract factory
sometimes it looks like the same tooling
for the plastics
that shit looks cool
that thing would be way in the way for alot of stuff i do
i guess its not hot tho so it doesnt really matter
wont melt anything

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reza: the china screwdriver will eventually fail
wear out

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tiny ceramic heaters ftw

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like the temp range is so far beyond what youd need in a normal application is pretty much just about not chipping/breaking it from over loading it
i wonder buy HSS for the taig because itll wear down and load the steppers until they skip
with carbide, i stop using cutters because the finish isnt so great because the tips broken off, not because they wont cut anymore

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omfg 48F
well you must be a fucking anomoly
there is no reasonable explanation for why you are not dead
22:22 <@BlackMoon> Carbide is so werid
it doesnt wear down from heat really

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big silly preamp w/ headphone amp, limiter and salen key HPF gets here in maybe a week
its all like, soic/0603
maybe i can fill my failquota with that!

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yeah fuck xmas
actually i guess its kinda cool, everyone at work all going on vacation
so i get all of the office/labs/warehouse to myself
i got my PCB and parts for a chipamp thing yesterday, assembled it and it works like exactly to spec
like, wtf its a big opamp

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