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longcat: work joke, heh
im debating if i should redrill this entire bar, which i should
and give the resistor way more space
or like, just be like fuckit and do the other one right and run them both and see if the led at 100C fails

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ha, spit on finger test... the last led and power resistor running at over 100C

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everything is red

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wtf theyre only dropping 2.6V at 1.5A
also this design is fucked already i spaced out the leds even on the bar, with half of the pitch from the last leds to the edge
and then put the power resistor on the half pitch length between an LED and the edge
so one of the leds is running way hotter =\

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holy shit guys im blind
bright red leds ftw
24.3W according to DMM and the 1% 5R dale heatsink resistors
hey its a good fuckin thing i caled for 1.2A, all the LEDs are running low on this aluminum bar, shit is running at like 1.5A with a 1.5A fuse

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yay led bar is done!
okay no rly i have to wire it up
neat ty for theme song

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woot, Al channel bars arriced, i now has all ingredients for grow lights
wats snow
snow aint no country i ever heard of
they speak english in snow?

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its an oil pocket feature!

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well yeah your shit is kinda scaled up

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yeah thats awesome
like, it stops cutting and starts like chopping chunks out
you have an engine lathe or one of those small/medium china things?
i dont remember
yeah thats bad
i have my taig bolted to its table with cork and rubber insulators
top and bottom of the table
so if it vibrates from load, itll move the whole machine
not just the column because the table is bolted down hard
no but its the same thing
what youre talking about is why i do that
its bad for part finish/tolerances
like the cutter will dig, hop, bad shit
so my machine is small enough, i basically floated it on rubber and cork

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and then
i dont even fuck with steel anymore
that shit will bend the fucking taig, sucks
i think because steel gets so hot it just burns off the oil before it does anything
because like, perfect speed seems to be like, oil ever so slightly smoking right
but how long do you think the work is going to stay that temp before rising up some more?
yeah if the tool is strong enough and machine is stable enough, carbide is supposed to work like red hot
ive only seen that in vids, tho
i need to hack up an insert holder
your machine is pretty big tho you can prob do some pretty rough shit through steel
like, my headstock and column assembly literally bend when it fucks up on steel its kinda scary to watch

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doesnt sound like much drama
if its a to218 triac routing it should be cake

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