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i got like 70W of 660nm red on my breakfast counter

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omg two more 23W led doombars are almost complete

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have you seen exdrummer?
my friend who is ++ at movies says to see that
is like trainspotting good he says
okay tonight i am going to up the level of red in my kitchen by 300%

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blackmoon: I HATE THAT!
like, all the junk is tossed and there is still 100% clutter
i need ti fubd a stand for my 60s tube tek
my single chan X/Y diff scope
4 inputs, 1 channel
i want to use it for audio level meter
i have no resources for welding at home
i need some sort of stand
see i put this 2x4' table where i want to put it but that table is supposed to be for office clutter + racing sim and its already to small for that
tek 505 scope = -2sqft
omg the sexiest, finest blue trace tho
i cannot just throw this away or stuff in some closet
which i dont really have anyway
id be all pissed off at it for eating precious closet resources
maybe i could suspend it from the cieling on cables

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omg guys
i looked into my 5W leds with welding goggles
there is some crazy shit going on inside those emitters
wtf are you dickheads blogging about
my bench is almost recovered and usable, fear
i was all drilling aluminum and thermal gooping on my breakfast counter =\

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like normally its all awesome to see your shit assembled for the first time but with 3d view youve already seen it so you build your board up its like whatever
timecop: lots of eda apps do it
usually you can set up simple 3d stuff in the part lib
we know, shopping lists
omg are you crossing the streams again

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dioxide: omg you dont like eagle?
Both for the only $99 - you save $100!
both for the only?
neat does 3d view
hey 3d view kinda spoils it

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blackmoon: hey thats pretty neat

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blackmoon: screw the boss the city will be pissed because the fire department has to stand around and babysit it because i dont think they can put it out
do you own this already or you have time to inspect it or what?
get a dial test indicator and some linear dial indicators and a some holders and see if the thing is flat
can maybe get all that stuff from enco for under $100

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magnesium is your friend
use lots of lubricant and clean up often
if youre doing it wrong, yeah
the big ones will catch fire
it just takes alot of little ones to get them going
but by then youre prob running away
and the fire department is going to be really pissed off
yeah you cant look at it
its not super scary until like you have tons of magnesium stock lying around

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so what
pretty sure mach and emc can deal with it
turbocnc, maybe not so much

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emc is pretty neat

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like when i eat weed cookies, the whole world is slightly weird
for couple days
like, you smoke, youre faded maybe 2 hours after 30min of waiting, and by 4 hours its gone and maybe you are sleepy
like you smoke all the fucking time, you only get that all the time background weed food buzz a little bit

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i read
people fuck shit up
but like, marinol didnt hurt anyone
other than getting them waaaay to stoned to be useful
but you find some opiates pretty weak
i think its like eating weed food
a lot of people dont know itll last as long as it does
and you never feel it hit so its kinda like this background thing

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dioxide: what
dioxide: weird

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damn this xmas is awesome
im like, wakeup, smoke weed, sleep more, smoke weed, sleep more, smoke weed, vacuum, foods, sleep more

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it depends how you list shipping

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its the same
ha neat
Operating Temperature RaC - 55 to + 250

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my chinapcbs should ship on monday
if macegr didnt like distract them or something

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isnt it cold why arent you dead
do you have doors on your roof to get out when the snow gets too deep?
minnesota almost is canada

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fucked up
it says theyre closed on the phone msg =(
anal0g: where in the middle do you live?

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i hate customer people
and sales people (except one guy)
that doesnt help moon in this situation unless he gets to enforce the policy with a shotgun or something
is anything open on xmas i want a coffee grinder
Day After Christmas - 12/26/2009 - We will be Open from 07:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
does this mean they are closed on xmas or what

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yeah pretty much
sometimes no time for smoking or coffee or hangin out
depends on the work
5min every 45min is wtf
this is irc prob everyone reg has ADD
some work isnt thinking work
see thats what stupid work is for
when you are burn out on thinky work
then you go to some stupid mindless work for a bit
and you will think about all sorts of stuff while doing the stupid mindless work
well youre outside who cares

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its not that
its you cant stop what youre doing to do nothing for 5 minutes every two hours
who is this person
heh if i got bitched at for not getting shit done at my job because i went out to smoke a cig id prob laugh a bit and leave or something
i never leave more than once tho
and can prob count the times i do it in a month on one hand

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i dont do that since i moved
it kinda sucks when someone else someplace smokes
the best way to get rid of the nasty smoke smell is to smoke
=( =( =(
yeah that doesnt go away quick because it gets into filters and into clothes and beeding and drapes and shit
yeah im saying it maybe still sucks for a week after he stops
zeeshan: i havent smoked in like a week and a day

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omfg new bedroom curtains is win
kinda yeah
i dont like how lights gets thru the slots and sides of the verticle blinds

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11:12 < avrPhreaq> I donât use alcohol, street drugs, or any other recreational intoxicant. I am a control Phreaque, and I wish to remain in total control of my one brain, thank you
prescription drugs are def the hardest shit ive ever been on in my life

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