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okay so it takes half of its 85KHz period to send 1ch of data
oh nm i got to the spi section
whats mclk on this thing

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then yeah just bitbang it, no problem

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i would do that
hardware spi to the codec, run your buffer loading and overflow handling in the spi interupt
then in your mainloop, you basically wait for the buffer to fill
as it writes the last buffer locations, you signal the mainloop to start sending the buffer to the SD
and you just gotta keep the spi interrupt code short enough that your buffer unloading to the sd is faster than it takes the 85khz samples to overflow the buffer

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timecop: wait so youre going to do both these things on spi at the same time?
it doesnt matter if that worked
its about how much time it takes to dump your buffer to an sd
like if you need 300 cycles to load the complete buffer to the sd, you prob fail now
because breaking the link prob messes something up
prob need to reinit now youre falling behind
and i doubt your 85k sample thinger has any kinda of buffer
you can bitbang it to the sd probably

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well hes a fuckhead
i dunno its your data
fucker could have put a K bye all the bars
so anyway its fast enough in 128 byte blocks
also i figured this is data for some ghetto access of the mcc interface
hey thats not nice inittab
anyway its not hard you just take the data from spi and put it somewhere, loop buffer
and every 128bytes you shoot it to the sd
shooting to SD could be your mainloop code
and you would pull from spi and load into the buffer on an interrupt
easy like automatic rice cooker

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bytes per second
not k
okay then its easy man
hit a button or who knows, it dumps to sd
then youre just shoveling data from spi to some manner of ram
200 cycles is forever
even in c
because this elmchan shit says he got like .3K/s
in 2 blocks
it took him like 6sec to write a 2k block
mmc = 330 bytes/sec

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what is a sample
single channel 24b or what
youre getting it from spi?
so first thing to figure out is how fast can you pull both samples from the spi
its prob fast enough
but you may have to trigger it early like while finishing up the previous task
then just stick it in sram
dude stfu
youre pc is only doing one thing at a time on each core
timecop: do you have to write to the sd in realtime?
then i bet you fail
how fast can you write to sd?

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~200 cycles
lemme math it
235 cycles at 85KHz sampling with a 20MHz avr
thats how much time you have to do everything without running over your samples
it has to do something with the sample no?
so you have 200 cycles
to me it is, sure
what does it take to put a sample to the SD?
and how long is the total data set and is there a buffer and etc

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then you do rocket/speaker pods and machine gun/tweeter tracking
by then, arms will be cake
its cheap sometimes
you can get all sorts of profiles and fittings, prob neat to have boxes of that shit lying around

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then why dont you make something awesome
timecop: what were you saying about lol hdd
not super useful
if youre getting into robots then there is only mechs
like, 20 to 80 ft tall lumbering composite monsters
you know, for manufacturing and as an audio reinforcement platform
(subwoofer butts w00t)
anyway, figure out how to do the legs
and the ejection pod thing for the people

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1.6A one 1.5A fuses
*on on on
use toobz
most designs use rails bolted to like, tube box frames
with lots of extra vertical support under the linear rails
gnomore: im thinking lots
yeah toobz
thats pretty sexy
wtf @ crane
why are you making this harder
wtf for lols are you made of money

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needs zigbee and a train
glass eyes
urmom has less energy
she needs to eat better and be more active
prob less accurate with poorer finish capability
are you making a router
or what

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i smoked weed in college
fuck that

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whats wrong with copper

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hes not american so he cant help it

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damn i need to go buy random hardware bye
alot of soft aluminum is kinda useless

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so i put catnip in that
sometimes in hit cat tower
man he is all jumping on counters and shit

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my cat is playing with a cable tie in some tangle of cables
and he knows not to bite and claw on the cables
i didnt teach harold anything he was born knowing everything
he loves everyone
except when we leave him at the vet they call like OK CAT IS READY HE IS MEANEST MOST MISBEHAVING AGGRESSIVE CAT EVAR
and we are like, harold?
go harold
we wouldnt i feed harold =\
and no one else gives him food he is still like purrcat when people come over
especially people he knows
no he has this cardboard scratchy box thing
is like maybe 10x18" of cardboard on its side, 2" thick

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like he wants fresh water in his coffee cup every time you pass the kitchen
but like with tape water he could tell if you faked it, like turned the water on for a sec then put same water back
*tap water
roeb: sounds like phone wire to me
i got a mile of it for like $30
in 3 twisted pairs so i got like 6 colors
look on the ebay for phone wire theres lots because companies will always have extra
hehe i stole a spool of phone wire from an office supply closet for my lab hole
thats like this mogami 24ch balanced signal cable i have
i have maybe 5ft but thats like 100ft of 2ch shielded cables
hey thats kinda neat

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guys i need some sort of smalltable for my old tekscope
in color
on mouser for power leds its like
haha neat with the water filter on my tap i cant trick my cat

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all our shit is networked, half of the file servers are on the other side of the country
its prob gone now
xp install is like 3gb
ha my netbook is useless without SD cards and external HDD
wtf torrents at work =O

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they sent everyone home 2 hours early on xmas eve, i emailed hr like, yo am i getting holiday pay or do i just get screwed out of like $100
fuck man its like no one works
these people are getting paid salary they are working like 30 hour weeks
naw we sorted that if im there im getting paid
they wanted to pay me hourly so they have to deal with the OT
you f'd up sir
you windows is prob freaking out trying to write to files
prob never be okay again
might as well reinstall
heh my data storage situation is wreckless at best
the only thing i got going for my is alot of important files end up on multiple external hdd

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just dont react to it
you first response is pretty much always gonna be the wrong thing to do, you know?
i fuckin hate office bullshitting
its much nicer in the warehouse or the woodshop or my lab hole then hanging out among the cubicles and water coolers and copy machines and etc

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titles dont mean shit
experience doesnt always mean shit
ha we have a chinese manufactuing engineer like, YOU HAVE 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE OR 1 YEAR EXPERIENCE 10 TIMES!?
hehehe i <3 that shit
it matters, it sucks
yeah im the asshole like 'this sucks because a, b, c, also d... we didnt do e, they dropped the ball f, etc etc etc'
meanwhile everyone else is like WE CAN DO IT GO TEAM GO EVERYTHING IS A-OKAY YAY

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timecop: what was that pcb app
yeah fuck that
fuck geda
if they all turn ninja and code daily and nightly nonstop for years, that shit will still need polish
dude welcome to my life for the last 15 months
new round of layoffs prob coming soon, w00t

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the most amusing part of that story is stu moved out and blogged about furniture for months directly after this
charles never banned stu =(
and im like hahahahahahaha
this was like last year i think?
maybe two years who knows
yeah prob two years was before i got this job
i hate when they put it in dB
every 20 is .1
so thats almost .0001
which is .01% THD, not bad
def not good
but good enough for ears

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70W of plant optimized LEDs, what to do, what to do...
well if its blogable it something boring
longcat: this is not my blog this is lordpils blog
my notblog has sat motionless for many months or possibly even years as it may be
lordpil is lordpil
lordpil is an #electronics reg, somewhat suki but way less annoying than pitz
he got bant for blogging about furniture when he moved
i was kinda offended as the other half the time he blogged about coding c on arm
which was relevant to maybe 5 people in the channel
but not stu because of course nothing electronic is relating to stu
yeah basically

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its for sleep shit
thats a big problem, in audio
deciding what is low signal levels and what is just noise
because if you go to agressive you shit just wont ever sleep in alot of environments
doesnt exist
damn $2.50
oh only in 100
it wouldnt exist in soviet russia

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power amp what
datasheet block diagram top of 1st page right side it has a power amp block
that thing looks pretty neat
i dont really like wiretail but that looks nice
it has its own pins
gpf: neat @ sealed option
oh neat i need that
im going to end up doing it with comparators and shit

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actually wait its how many hours it can do a mA
so 500mAH, you get 500 hours at 1mA
or 1 hour at 500mA
i dunno translate that into math it should look really simple
yeah like 1200 hours im guessing
on a 500mAH charge
yeah i guess
yes if you divide it by 24 you get days
like 50 days or something?
maybe 40
52 days
its nine motherfuckin thirty

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right because wtf am i going to do with only 16gb music
or maybe you are a fan of the mp3 cdrw
i was actually
my sony was advertised as 90+ hours on a set of AA playing mp3
so like, when i did it they went like 100 hours
it makes you look like a loon tho
because youre sitting on the plane or bus or wherever
and youre rocking out with your headphones on
but people look at your discman and the cd isnt moving like its turned off
like youre just rocking out to the voices inside your head
(because it would spool up maybe 3 sec every minute to read data then sleep the disc)
so i left that shit at the airport or at the resteraunt in hollywood on the drive back
depends on battery
and what they consider dead
mAH is how many mA it can do for an hour

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i wonder how hard it would be to drop the temp of my mr coffee's decanter warmer dealy
prob just some sort of resistive heater off mains with an scr or something
maybe i can add some more resistive heater element stuff =\
what about them
opamps will not mod my mr coffee timecop
so resistive heater elements and opamps, practically the same thing to you?
also i can just drop files onto rockbox
you know like as if my mp3 players were just a hdd with some audio decoder and some analog shit attached

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i used to a bit, good vbr
but yeah nothing hardware plays it really
rockbox does probably
but im not sure that counts
hey that shit plays flac
so lolbox > almost everything else firm
unless you care about sound quality
like you work for an audio company and it matters
if you cant hear the diff between mp3 and flac your hearing is useless
or more likely your speaker solution is shitty (normal)

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charl is a spy
no i think they gave up
it was hilarious seeing stu on freenode anyway
half that chan is like, people who couldnt stand him here and went there
wasting it but whatever if you dont care about money
dont they have some waaaaaay lower end that can decode wav?
i dunno i dont do this shit
sadly, i should have by now
same thing
im sure they have something lower that does just that
yes same fucking thing it puts the data in it gets the data out or hoses and shit
well they might not but no way it doesnt exist
you want a codec that outputs wav, no?
oh you are wait wat at something else
anyway, that shit prob encodes astronaut farts into tetris patterns
you can't find shit cheaper and more basic?

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that guy is on one knee on driveway gravel
thats gotta suck

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