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omg the server for paying my rent is down

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oh neat
all our shit is big =\

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neat my chinaboards ship tonight
fuck that those things are expensive!
they look neat tho
we have alot of SLA horns for compression drivers

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spi clock
spi input
they got creative
timecop: make sure they dont have two diff variants?
'*Reading is not possible while in 4-line spi interface mode.'
see you can set it somehow
so maybe you need spi to turn on the i2c!
ok i get it this is datasheet for the driver
that sucks
tell them to fix it

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hehe or one of the packages is the die with die bond landings
maybe its configurable
find serial config bits and see if theres a switch or something

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k np

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and no i dont think so i think you can set it up on the pc side
yes if you can strobe from the pc in both directions or if it trades io simultaneously, you can do it from the pc
and just time it
theres big problems with this setup
but ill let you figure those out
what happens when you send the same thing twice
how the fuck does the avr know anything just happened
okay and i thought of that problem in like 10 sec so theres prob bigger problems i didnt think of too
i think its implimented already
even in really dumb modes
you just need to hook that pin onto the avr
im not sure if its bidirectional strobing or like, host pc controls clocking, shrug
but there is alot of control signals so prob can be done both ways so you can do this however you want
assuming you can get data into parport regs from the pc

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too bad we dont answer those anymore
from which side and no you need some kinda flow control
more pins, read about lpt modes
you can configure it output or input on the pc side then set the avr up for that
i still think you need to strobe it tho
its both on both sides?
so you have them doing some sort of flow control or you time it
i would just time it because what you want to do is prob simple if anything
tho 10 seconds in like a millenium at 20mhz
but its hard to find
because i need parport for my cnc step driver
ahmed: i dont know what you mean

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3v zener
wait im on drugs
need a snorkel and an avacado
did china go on a mini vacation?
no i mean in general one of our factories is on skeleton screw until next week or something
probably then

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my bank spams me like GO PAPERLESS
after i already did
so im like k i forgot to click submit maybe
and it takes me to the page to set my shit online online and *all* my shit is set online onle already
they could be selling me other shit i dont want
some programmer needs to be laid off

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lite-on makes them
told you that an hour ago
wtf my cat is sneezing
cat needs a cat dr
uh wtf

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timecop: i have that its neat
well not that one but same layout and mounting hardware

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so you know what would make you most er33t in this scenario?
you make you own flex pcb for the hd44780 pins
and connect that to you failboard
no cmon!
that would be so neat
hey will chinapcb do kapton flex?
yeah because its not real
thats kinda cool
how big?
like half inch damn
thats pretty fucking cool

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woodshop job was neat but that owner guy was a total douchebag
email the sure electronics guy ask him how much for qty pricing on hd44780
tell him you dont need backlight
hell prob give you a spreadsheet of prices for all his china parts and boards
if they were 2mm would it be ok?
prob not but its funnier if you say yes
yeah, sucks
FSTN - Film Super-Twisted Nematic

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its maybe not loaded enough
like they way they have it set up, the machine might be tighter so it slows itself down a bit when the motors let up
with bearings on linear rails its less likely to be that
ttmustang: have you guys been using it at slower speeds?
yeah realtime thing or servo drive thing, both will be fine at lower speeds

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possibly the machine has gibs or some sort of linear rail tensioners that can be tightened up?
thats all i would suggest trying and only if you guys have service manuals that say how
it did it right when you went slower, right?
at least it realizes and throws the error
how fast was it going when it got out like half an inch?
haha nice
i dont remember how fast the one i worked on went but it pretty much flew compared to standard machine centers
just slow it down but keep the chip size about the same
wow thats nice
anyway if there is jardware to tighten up the moving parts on the rails, id check that out

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everything else is pretty okay with it?
like its doing distances right and shit its just overshooting?
serahome: for years?
hey can you get pics of the errors?
following error on x axis
does it have a brake or something?
im thinking the servo drivers are supposed to do that
ttmustang: so my guess is theres something wrong with the motor drivers or your realtime shit aint keeping up
which shouldnt be happening servo systems are alot lower load than step/dir systems
thats cool tho so you prob have it running by next year
haha that sucks
they should have all of that dialed in for you

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oh right this is for beer people
thats someone else
or what
its overshooting?
so you maybe have a messed up encoder (less likely)
or windows cant keep up maybe
what does that mean
its a dedicated controller with an mcu
or its linux or windows running with a realtime kernel
no i know that but in what context
oh weird i dunno anything about that one

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i can hold up my copies like HEY GUYS WTF I CARDED HER
tho theyd laugh because like the concept of faking a fake ID is pretty funny actually then theyd be like stfu put your paper away
then i dunno id reach for my pockets to put it away and prob get shot 83 times because i may have been going for a weapon
goofy cute panera girl is a trouble maker

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im just confused
panera has these toffee nut cookies theyre fucking awesome
they also have this cashier girl who is goofy cute who i have a crush on
but i dunno if shes 15 or 25 or what
what if she has two forms of fake ID
=( =( =(
i guess i need to get copies so if shit goes down i cant be held liable

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hes gonna say fpga, watch
not you
at what refresh tho
like 10Hz
if this thinger is for pc why does it have to drive vid
mcu prob isnt fast enough to push video and do stuff too

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i cant even think of a smartass comment to respond to that with

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i remember when they were new and it was weird just seeing it
you need a time display?
anyway i think youre prob limiting your thinger if you go 7seg instead of char
at leasy with char you can do little status icons and shit
no you have to do =D
then when its angry be like >[
serahome: sure
serahome: almost every chip manufacturer will prove some sort of app schematic
they want their shit to work in your app
if you look stupid using their part maybe makes them look stupid
its prob in an app note
its prob half a ghz or something?
or its still 133 or something

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$870 im pissed off if i cant see that thing in the light =\
it prob doesnt do anything
prob just sits there waiting for init or it just dumps out reset or random buffers
fucking thing should wash your car or something
oh its got controllers and firmwares
thats prob why its $1000 they think its spiffy IP
looks kinda sexy
wtf thats a 7seg
haha i thought it was like a 7" panel or something
i thought those were like mounting holes
timecop: blue 7seg

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thats not a bad run for some bullshit like that
prob making like $500 a go?
shit i wonder what digikey markup is like
haha nowai
dude that thing is prob like 3 of your systems combined
@ monochrome
yeah dot matrix gas plasma, i dont think its color
wtf how many they have in stock
wouldnt it be funny if it was like 4000
hahaha ya rly
i guess for low light mil shit or something
thats seems too nuts for medical even
well its plasma so its light source not masking, i guess they have to be bright to actually see during the day

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yeah i just devided that by 240
thats why its finer than .01 really
just use a char display if you dont need res
you absolutely need graphics?
champi0n: details
you cant buy china hd44780?
i got a 2x8, i think from sure electronics
yeah i see that
wtf is that for
like who okays that for production?
timecop: you got that $16 mic or what?
im pretty sure itll be okay
wtf big
shit man
$900 and the connectors are crooked
look at the dsub
or shit maybe its just a horrible pic
else the board is warped as fuck

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~so what are you up to now
that better not be a link for a mic
ha led backlight
watch out for permanent power save mode
ha nice they use upside down triangle ground as a voltage supply symbol
anyway you cant fuck that one up looks like they put the resistor inside =)
dude that shit was still like funniest ever timecop @ analog moment
oh that is big i thought it was half that size
like .01 pitch or something?

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10:40 < quazimodo> renesis: that thingo we looked at, it is kinda lame in that the response is hardly linear
just try and linearize the pot by putting some resistance in parallel with it
try putting a resistor across the rheostat'd pot, or across the pot and the resistor in series with it

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blackmoon: omg fuck mornings

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