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urmom fades paint

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you have to set it up on logitech ones
not on by default
yeah this channel is about the band, The Electronics
its a joke from #cars
when people ask if the channel is about automotive topics, usually someone says no
its about the band, The Cars

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who knows
look you wont know and the safe company doesnt want you to know
if theres logic and encryotion driving a circuit that moves a latchj
well you just have to find a way to hijack that latch driver
you could either go through their keypad and possibly encrypted io lines
or you can fry the shit out driving the control circuitry directly
why how does encryption on wireless mice and kb work?
well thats great

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software is per partition
you could raid multiple partitions on the same drive
with some software at least
no reason to, heh

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more than a year and it never fucked up and i brought it up several times from livecds
i just copied my raidtab to /boot so i knew what the parameters were and i could bring it up like no drama

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kastein: hahahaha
i had software raid zero running on a 40MB/s drive and a 50MB/s drive, i could get like 80MB/s
was pretty impressive, way noticable
raid 1 is weird you can run it without the raid active
i guess maybe they pack the zero partition differently?
i just did lunix kernel raid
i have my /boot partition raid 0
i could boot from either partition
i guess maybe that was a grub thing tho?
maybe grub just knows how linux packs its raid 0 arrays
i used linux raid0 on two diff type of drives for almost 2 years i think?>

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0 is stripe, 1 is mirror
0 = fuck it all, 1 = paranoid
whats 6
like youd have to loose both parity drives ?
0 doesnt maintain with drive failiure its dead

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omg fl4pj4ck on the radio it must be saturday

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haha @ cut tape of LEDs = GPS
what would hasve been neat was if they like, peeled back the tape and dropped just one of the leds in without getting the tape all bloody

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