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instead of #10-32 screws

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i think you need more rails
for the rear mounts for the servers
the rear mounts are usually parallel with the sides of the chassis
like, the rear tabs are perpendicular to the front tabs so you need like another rail or an adapter thing
why you talking metric
f that
i dunno i dont think so in mexico?
hey are square holes standard computer shit or what?

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so i think so
blackmoon: they can throw together bed of nails setup pretty easy
so same thing less fluids/mess

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than xray?
because youd fuck it up
even with a machine tool
youd fuck it up
wtf how
because its like .004 of copper
they prob have something dissolves the layer adhesive
so the individual layers just come apart
then its just like tracing double and single sided boards
timecop: it would be almost impossible to sand even enough to expose a layer without destroying part of it
even with a precision machine tool
because it wont be perfectly flat
i think some sort of chemical that dissolves the glue
dunno if itd be acid but something like that
you cant have something that eats FR4 or copper
unless you want to dissolve fiberglass and sort through copper skeleton

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he left because he was like fuck canadia?
damn that sucks
this their job
they suck at pcb
they have a style
its not good
its just easier for everyone that way!

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wtf are you guys doing up
go back to bed wtf

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haha @ quicktime png
you guys got f'd

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sounds backwards

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i think i remember that game
NES i think?
damn i wish i could get fresh OJ delivered every day
sounds kinda like populous
but you are both sides

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23:57 < timecop> usually shit comes with support rails that lock both at front and back of the rack
big pro audio amps have the back rail mounts but no one ever uses them

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hes read all of them, you know

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what do they get focused ultrasound for mamograms or something?

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im pretty sure its saline gel of some kind
if it isnt im surprised they last a week without bursting
yeah they stopped that

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$5k for ruined boobs, sounds ike a deal
scarred gelsacs with improper angles of projection
am i supposed to be suprised or horrified or wat
like, its a baggie full of gel why wouldnt it break in all sorts of circumstances

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mfkrs i have bananas now what

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a linear amp
like a music amp
you would need to turn you panel dc into ike 380V or something tho
well itll be expensive and heavy and very hot and super unefficient, like maybe 50%
its just a big amplifier turns dc into 60hz sine
you probably want an inverter
well probably and its just not done because its a waste of power thats why everyone uses inverters

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use SLA or something dumb and heavy like that meant to float charge
i would have a diode on the battery and the solar cell, and if the solar cell diode is conducting have a circuit charge the disconnected battery
honesty im thinking in really smal power terms here if you try really try and do this on a house i gaurantee your house wil burn down and you will cry and girls will laugh at you and shit

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user1_: yes i think its called diode

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your mom is 110
and where are you thats its 110?
its always 120V here and our transformers at work are like 127V =\
i guess its actually 110 someplaces tho

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see that old man you say plasma to him hes like plasma wat
of course
me and that guy smoke bowls

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blackmoon: oxyjet ftw \o/
oh neat hes tracing a big template
i was like oh shit is that CNC
acetylene with oxygen jet
i went through steel like more than 1" thick my first try

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