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hes alaskan that counts
its kinda like an almost russian canadian amaerican

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which one are you

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what are you using timefail

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heh prob not super accurate
are you sure the soic just explode
*didnt just explode
it lives inside the over
and survives off the drippings
assy' and peeflow

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its awesome when the price breaks are so agressive like, buying 100 is cheaper than buying 25
heheh hardly ever happens tho
im surprised it ever happens you would think there would be something checking for that
blackmoon: yeah
like itll be .10 for 100 but .43 for 25
sales failure

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holy shit there is even newer eagle
omg are they using a steam powered modem wtf @ 7KB/s

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highpitch: exacto knife or tweezer tips work well
watch out so you dont fuck yourself up
or tiny tiny trimmer screwdriver
since you dont need to reuse them you can just push the latch all the way in it doesnt matter if it breaks

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this is for reworking wires onto the boards?
just tin the twisted wire and snip off the end so there is like 1/6" left and then solder that shit to wherever?
oh for connecting to a header
wtf why didnt you say at 3:15
and just use what they used
or pull out the panel led wires and mobo connectors from some dead computer
those maybe fit

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i wasnt kidding i have his chinascope -- heh shit is obsoleted now by better chinascopes

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nice finger, cracker
i have his chinascope
thing is like 5x deeper than that
oh, is that the scope you ebay scammed for like 50% discount?
it was a tek?
jes i remembers

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omg they put behringer right next to QSC
ya rly

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oh shit i have to figure out which days im going to NAMM
haha theres a booth for daisy rock girl guitars

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guys my riced out vintage speakers are loud =\
i walked down the hallway to laundry place im like omg i can still hear them wtf

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rework special tip, yo
see check it out, the long edge, you can hit like every pin on an soic or dip like whatever
then you flip it and you got that pointytip

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oh temp lock mode
ugly iron handle
yes #1 quickness timecop
hahaha what

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