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anyway you can ltspice it
like calc the filter poles rough, put in your ciruit, maybe sure there isnt any weird bumps in amplitude before roloff
verify youre getting 6db/oct per pole
if not tweek some of the caps so the poles are closer

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also its like earlier in the circuit
you can really just put caps across the inputs
because it maybe loads your source funny, maybe source dont care but maybe it freaks out
so in reg diff amp config you can put caps after the input resistors at the chip
or you can split the input resistor value, kill of any EMI physically earlier, ideally at the input away from the chip
*you cant really just put caps across the inputs

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well because it works
do like 150K and 1uF with .01uF and 100pF in parallel
yeah okay or do like schematics/equations/etc
see that input resistor?
in alot of pro audio shit they will split that into two resistors and stick a low value cap to ground
and then a differential cap between
but you kinda gotta watch how you stack all the caps up in your input filters
if you have like two poles right on top of each other you will get a chebychev bump in amplitude before rolloff
because its usually a diff amp input putting the cap after to ground isnt super effective
its just latency
if you slow down enough waves they stack up

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its usually not documented very well
it will be stated under certain test conditions but itll be different closer to rails and at diff freq and temps
oh shit its like 3a?
i thought it was like 5a or something this aint even late yet
go to sleep my nuts
danielson: 06:26 <@renesis> does it matter if this thing has latency?
you can put a lpf on the input, tuned very low like 1Hz

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okay explain more or something
which is
is it why some shit puts dc square pulses on ac coupled audio signals
youre not doing audio you dont care about that
common mode rejection
why because youre oversampling a billion times
does it matter if this thing has latency?
because hes timecop
common mode rejection
its when both inputs of a differential input amp go high
the output shouldnt move, the amount it does vs the amount the inputs were moved up is its common mode error

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capacitor has tiny built int turbines, no one knows why

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so it works with everything
its made of superconductor and virgin blood
like inductors work until they saturate then its just a not enough ohms fuckin resistor
okay really inductor is a turbine and capacitor is a piston or membrane
but the walls of this turbine right, they are springy like a membrane
and also this turbine has friction in the bearings and on the surfaces contacting magic electronb fluid
this is resistance

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because you select parts that are towards ideal in the application you are using them in
if your application is extreme, then you dont assume it to be zero
like, if you are using a 100uF bipolar electrolytic in series with 10K as DC blocking in a feedback divider
well the shit is in series with 10K so the ESR of the cap doesnt matter its insignificant
go ahead and buy the cheap as fuck high ESR cap
but like, same cap in a passive crossover, and your crossover sucks not doing what it is supposed to be doing
its because now you have the high ESR cap in a network with impedances in the ranmge of a couple to a dozen ohms
so now the cap ESR is bigger than the resistive elements its forming filters with
so yeah, cant use the cheapo cap unless you want your shit to suck

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a cap doesnt have freq response, an RC circuit does
okay imaginary has to do with phase right so non zero phase values probably give you fractions of the peak or average voltage, depending what you are working in
one is cycle time, other is like location in the cycle
the imaginary one represents the location in the cycle
hes talking about ideal shit tho so one cancels out

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whats O
ooh ok
like resistor cancels out time dependent component
i get it keep going
wooo fuck yeah
one of the CNC jobs is like that
another is like, 2-11p
if im not on a schedule i always stay up through the night
wake up for sunset, keep going until its blue out
bad things dont come out in the sunlight
look when you explain it with greek letters i dont know wtf youre talking about

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wat im sleeping
this is like first weeknight in like 500 days i dont have to go to sleep
im going to buy some records tomorrow
i dont remember tube marty's last name
i cant put tube marty on a resume
he took their last names off the website

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hey dont fuck around with that
didnt you see fight club

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hell if i can score a job quick, im like 3 months ahead of schedule on earnings
thats alot of shit yo
its like, getting laid out might just work out awesome

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no u
okay well s in that is 2*pi*F
besides that, youre confusing me
well thats probably part of F
but yes the real part is the frequency in radians/unit time
so i got laid off yesterday
and my life is going wonderfully

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they distort funny at mid range frequencies
the cones will warp like they have bugs inside them, or you get standing waves in the surround and spiders
also the leads will do this jump rope shit, on wome woofers the leads are long enough with enough free play they will short on each other =\
but yeah unless the speaker is a total piece of shit you have to push it pretty hard to see that kind of stuff
and you wont actually 'see' it without a slow motion strobe

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dioxide: haha i misread that as 'renesis can frequently hurt a speaker'
and i thought, yeah =(
dioxide: depends
like, sending bass to a tweeter can kill it
because they have no voice coil mass
so a bass wave might as well be DC to them because they heat up and burn up open circuit really quick
no not really
you can overheat a woofer with highs
but its hard
you can drive anything too low
you drive woofers around their resonance in a poorly tuned cab they will do all sorts of misbehaving
like that shit will physically damage the speakers, rip its suspension apart

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timecop: yeah the docs are why i havent touched pics
atmel docs are pretty well organized
i wonder if they are coming or going
timecop: i hate that you dig into the libs and they suck
rab: possibly from a video
but yeah the big circle frame does not match the little circle frame at all
dioxide: yeah but once its called out you notice it instantly
so we we should be like ty rab for looking at that ugly fucking ass so hard for us

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carnies show up at his house!
i hope not actually
cable thief took a nap?
heh @ tweekers stormin houses and rippin wires out

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ttmustang: im not sure what the deal is with their equiv input schematic, but im pretty sure its high Z input
and the 10mA max is for when you exceed the rail voltages and forward bias the protection diodes
so yeah in practice you can put a 2.2K resistor there or similar and it would keep the inputs from being blown out
like if it got signal while it was powered down
i think think stus SD raid idea was pretty pimp
like with like 20 slots so you could swap

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also some bga they do pinouts per application so it just routes easy
not if your a big company and some engineer says thats what he wants
ttmustang: no thats when the pin blows up

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danielson: can you see it on a scope?
danielson: ive seen square pulse stuff end up on signals with like ~1V offsets, shielding kinda helped but couldnt make it go away because grounding was kinda fucked
you can prob get a 3 layer easy, just sandwich a dual layer and a single layer
they are winning =\
ha i did see that, that was nuts
pfft how many failboards has timecop done bga and dual layer?

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like its optically coupled through and led or you are putting current into a transistor base or what
danielson: shielding should be connected at once side
and as close to your system ground as you can get but i dunno what that situation is like on your destructo bot thingers
danielson: heh
he has like half volt of white noise on the adc
system is sampling from a ratsnest inside a bot thing, or something

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its worse than a few mV?
thats not so bad
is this proper layout or dev kit or perfboard or what
oh wait like all 3bits?
i thought you mean 3x lsb
well thats alot
whats you reference?
tried shielding the cables to the adc?
so 4mV
so you are getting like a half volt of trash?
ttmustang: yes somewhat if you are putting current into a diode or transistor base
but i dont know what you are doing
into what tho

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you prob want to use rail to rail io amps unless you have power supply rails coming out your ass
so maybe a dual amp, one side for your buffered reference voltage and the other to amplify the input signal
you just have to sample slow
itll work at 8b waaay past the 200KHz max adc clock speed
analog filters are like this too
why how much noice are you getting

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haha slash replace someone called tracii guns
danielson: whats input signal amplitude
input is like what 5V
yeah you dont need a hero stats amp or anything

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this is something at kind of around DC?
its for instrumentation stuff so youll want low Vos and high Rin, stuff like noise and distortion should be a big deal at low freq
if your supply sucks you want high PSRR, but if its regulated prob not a big deal
if your doing differential and you know both inputs will float around you want higher CMRR but if one input if referenced to a stable voltage (like gnd), prob not a big deal
heh buckethead
took his bucket off for gnr

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ac-130u: i know i just think its funny that it works too good
and you would have to pay way more or work way harder to get the extra distortion + resonance
danielson: whatever is cheap with low Vos and high Rin in the package you want
yes i am not awesome at blowing digeridoos either way
im all like flappin at tuba rates

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at least it will be easier to clean spit off of than an unfinished wood one

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they want a bed of nails version
oh no shit
well i bet amazon is all pissed now
maybe there will be an epic war with tanks and ballistic missiles over it
probably but not completely
because they have famous people or related people do the readings for audio books thats usually why theyre neat
but yeah its like CDs, manufacturers should stop crying and just adjust
oh no now they have to make less audio books thats gonna be much work to make less
youre doing pvc didge?
haha that shit will sound too good, all wrong

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im sry but jews are kings of bread and crackers
you cant fuck with matzo and challa
also they have engineered a thing called a tam-tam which is like matzo but pocket sized
also also dont forget bagel
sesame bagel = realultimatefood
oh no shit @ newark code
unless they already cancelled it from abuse or something =(
thats where i get the 660nm special red led

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